Your Baby Can Read – This is not a scam !!!!

I have purchased your baby can read complete kit including Spanish

DVDs / flash cards / and books

I just had to let you know, I’m very very impressed with my granddaughters development, her speech , word recognition, colors , numbers, alphabet are so much more advanced than the other children her age, she is now 14 months and has a very clear understanding of what you are saying and doing, and can duplicate your actions, and words we started teaching her sign language at six months, she could tell you when she wanted milk by flexing her fingers open and shut, the meaning is milk, touching her finger tips together with both hands signifies more, touching her fingers to her mouth signifies eat, go on line and look up sign language for kids, you will be surprised what they will quickly pick up, if you would only spend the time with them….
By: Deborah Bush


2 Responses to “Your Baby Can Read – This is not a scam !!!!”

  1. kym says:

    This so called program is a scam. Shame on all of you who believes that this nonsense works. I’ve used it with a toddler I babysat for, and my goodness, it’s retarded. And the worse part of it is that the mom really believed her daughter could read. ugh!!!

  2. beckylou says:

    My grandaughter LOVED the Your Baby Can Read program. We started her at about 2 1/2 years of age. I didn’t know how effective it was until a truck drove by the house one day (she was 3 at the time) she pointed at it and said “cat!” The tires on the truck said “MUDCAT”. When she was about 4 1/2 she and I started her on the Bob Books because she was so interested in reading. She picked it up in nothing flat and is just now going into Kidergarten, reading at about a 2nd grade level.

    We could have spent more time with her with the program but her love of learning and of connecting the symbols of written language with their meanings was sparked and fed by the YBCR program. I thought it was a great help.

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