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I saw this commercial on TV called “Your Baby Can Read” does anyone know if this really works? Or is it a fake scam? I am a teacher, but I have not seen any evidence that it really gives babies a leg up in reading later, and although I do not have any reason to this program would be detrimental, I do not feel to comfortable with the idea of using cards or teaching a baby.

I would much rather interact and experience with my child. It’s been a while since I took a child development class, but I believe that babies can pick up a lot just from playing and interacting, noticing what they’re interested in, whether that’s words and letters, numbers, animals, whatever. So has anyone tried this or is your baby can read a scam?


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  1. Rebekah says:

    I know there are a lot of sceptics out there regarding this program. However, it worked for us. It was never intended to be the only reading time you have with your child. My husband and I constantly read to our first born and we only introduced this program right before she turned two. We followed the instructions–most importantly eliminating TV except for the program. (This has been the hardest thing for parents to commit to as I have talked to many who want to do this but feel they cannot give up TV for their kids.) After completing the program, my daughter was reading 150+ words but was not able to read the same words in other books. It truly helped her in her communication ability while she was two. Many people were amazed at how mature she was for her age and the level of conversation she was able to understand and interact with. We did another round of the program before she turned three. And that was when we started to see how she was able to recognize the same words in other books. She was independently reading by 3 1/2. Sayde is now 5 and is reading 3rd/4th grade level books. She is the top student in all the Kindergarten classes at school. There is a strong possibility that she will be promoted to first grade before the year is over.

    My second daughter started this program at 2 months. We have had to restart the program a few different times for her (since every child is different and it may not come easy for some). However, she just finished the program successfully before turning three and she is reading at least 100 sight words in other books. It greatly helped her in her speech and ability to communicate in higher level than most kids (while she was two). People are amazed at how Heidi speaks as a three year old. They see this little body and thinks she’s at least four.

    We still do not have a TV and do not miss it. Our girls love to read books and have a wonderful imagination. Most importantly, good quality time with your child is always the best way to go. Children do not need this program to learn how to read, they can learn from read-alouds as well. However, both together is a bonus. This program was something we NEVER forced on our girls. We had to back off quite a few times with Heidi since she seemed to be wired differently than her sister. As parents we know what is best for our children so we make adjustments as needed. I hope this message helps.

  2. Theresa says:

    My son is now two years old, he has been watching the video’s since he was 6 months and now he can hold a conversation with you. Every word is so clear, people are so impressed by him. Although he can’t read a book I believe the “My Baby Can Read” videos are a good learning tool for children.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am amazed by my thirteen month old grandson. He spent the night last Saturday, and I was doing the flashcards with him, but couldn’t find the “arms up” one, so I got the magnadoodle out and wrote it and even though he can’t speak, he put his arms up. Then I just started writing all the words from the program, it was so awesome. Best buy I have ever made.

  4. kym says:

    YBCR…. read what? This is one of the biggest scams. I babysat a toddler whose mom insisted I used this program twice a day with her. Shame on that mom, and those people who believe that this works. UGH!!! A 30min. video twice a day? are you serious? If you want your child to watch tv, he/she has a better outcome by watching World Word. Come on people, be real.

  5. SEKKDS says:

    SEKKDS • 18 minutes ago
    DeleteFlag as inappropriateI would like to leave my two cents here also. THEE BOTTOM LINE: IT WORKS. If you do it right, IT WORKS. Perhaps there is some scientific flaw to it or the psychological explanation is flawed, or whatever, I don’t know. However, IT WORKS. Perhaps it does a bit of the “memorization” tactic, but even that WORKS. By simply putting your child in front of the videos, and pacifying your child with it, if you are thinking your child will morph into a reader by just that alone, it won’t work. On a side note, having your child watch these videos is miles and miles a far better option than anything else on television (i’m talking to people who think Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon is fine for kids). I’ll bet that is where some of this scrutiny lies, in parents who did not do their part of the system and work at it with the child, so they are ticked that YBCR did not do the work for them. If you do it right, interact with your child, do the activities and not just sit your child in front of the video for hours… and furthermore other tv programs for more hours, and most of all have fun with it, IT WILL WORK. I love proving it to people, and it is a joy seeing my toddler amaze others when he reads. I am not sure where this whole class action stands, maybe this has all passed, but I am here to testify to you that IT WORKS.

  6. Gram 21 says:

    We bought it for grandson & started letting him watch dvd’s around 6 months. We never really tried the flash cards till he turned 3 he knows the 1st 10 words, but confuses eyes with ears but we’ll take it. Hasn’t really watched the videos for a very long time. He started about 3 weeks ago, & he’s starting to talk more. Now to start working with him on the books, excited to see how quickly he’ll pick things up. We purchsed @ $200.00 & very glad we can give him a head start.

  7. Sandra O says:

    It’s not a scam, and it’s not JUST memorization. My almost 3 year old learned to read all the words from the program..shapes, colors.. but we stopped showing him the videos at around 2 years old. Now he reads sentences and words that weren’t even on Your baby can read… He also loooves books and puzzles..I love this. program. I just bought it again for my 6 month old.

  8. Cheng says:

    i have a 5month old baby and is very curious bout everything she sees.His daddy who works abroad bought a complete set of baby can read.Am still figuring out if this method will help my baby to become smart.I started playing the first dvd and my baby seemed to be very interested while watching it.She is in her two weeks learning now and I was amazed because in a short span of period she can recognized already words from the flashcards when asked.I plan to continue the method and let my baby explore other things by reading her story books and interacting with other babies as adjuct to the method.Well,watching my baby learn is an exciting part of motherhood.

  9. Debbie says:

    I have bought this for my two newest great children soon to be born.

    I know for a fact this program works.

    My sister in law has two children. The first started the program at a few months old and she followed directiosn religiously. He is now 3 years of age and can read or sound out most any word you put in front of him. He speaks in complete sentences. He works on the computer and can do anything you can do with a cell phone. My sister in law worked with him past the Your Baby Can Read program and kept on going on her own. He knows simple math, knows all his colors, can count, knows every letter in the alphabet, knows his shapes. He does have trouble sounding out some words but she works with him in the letter sounds and once he learns it.. it’s there.

    When I said he works on the computer I mean he can pull up a browser, go to google and type in what he wants to find (which is usually Thomas the Train) and surf the internet til he finds a video he wants to watch.

    He was playing a game on my brother’s phone, sitting next to him and said to him. Daddy I need to tell you something. My brother replied what is it? He replied with “The Network is down”.. (this was before he was even three years old). He had been playing angry birds and the network had gone down, the type was on the phone screen and he had told his Dad that.

    My sister hasn’t worked much with the younger child she is now 1, (will be two in July)but she has watched the video’s. The Dr. told her she would pick it up naturally from her son and she has. The other day there was a sign on the refrigerator and my sister in law heard her daughter in there saying the letters of the alphabet.. she went in there and asked her where certain letters where and she pointed them out and said most of the letters.. my sister in law asked the 1 year old.. do you know where “i” is? Or she might have said Can you find the “i”…? I can’t remember exactly how she asked her.. but she pointed the word “is” and said “is”. So she is learning just from watching the video’s and from her older brother.

    You cannot just sit a child in front of a TV and expect them to read in two weeks. You cannot choke a child down learning this every hour of every day, but watching a video in the morning and in the afternoon is not going to harm them. There are plenty of hours left in the day for play and other things. A good time to play with flash cards is right before lunch.. only takes a few minutes.

    Most of the people saying this system doesn’t work have not tried it, or just sat their child in front of the TV and did nothing else. Bunch of hogwash, teaching your child and giving them a head start in life is one of the best things you can do for your child.

    This system is available in Walmart for about $65. That’s for the complete system.

    I wish my children had this jump early in life, sadly they didn’t. Furthermore, I had to work fulltime and didn’t have the time. These stay at home Mom deserve much praise for the wonderful and important job they are doing with their children.. you Mom’s rock!!!!

  10. Meagan says:

    I am thinking of buying this for my 11 month old but I’ve read good and bad! I don’t know if its worth spending $100.00 on?

  11. Miranda says:

    My boyfriend and I just bought our son Your Baby Can Read today for $30 at WalMart. We bought it in hopes to help our son learn a few things and hopefully encourage his need to learn later on as well. Even if it doesn’t “work” I will feel better knowing that I at least tried it and got to spend the time with my son doing it!

  12. j-nic says:

    I think it’s hilarious that most of the people that commented on buying this for their kid can’t freaking spell. Maybe they’ll come out with an adult edition for you guys.

  13. Donna says:

    Why are you teaching little babies to read? Shouldn’t they learn reality first, the physical world, relationships with people, etc.? Learning early math concepts and spatial relations is also important in life– and in finding a real-world job much later! I looked through the modules and was mystified by the choice of some words for babies to learn.

    Any interaction with parents and significant adults teaches children, that’s what they need most of all. Furthermore, there are serious studies that have raised questions about what babies really see and can learn when they look at videos. Play with baby. Show him/her things, ask questions about them, count them, make up situations with them. Babies learn what is important by watching and mimicking adults. Pick up a book at the library on child development, on how babies and young children learn, on learning enrichment and on teaching reading. Ask a librarian for help finding them, that’s why we are here.

  14. JL says:

    It is recommended by the American Psychological Association that children under the age of two should NOT BE EXPOSED TO TELEVISION. This YBCR dvd set is obviously a crock and anyone who thinks it “works” is fooling him/herself. Your child will not benefit from this program beyond what he/she would gain from interacting with a loving and caring adult on a regular basis. He/she might, on the other hand, develop a tendency to passively engage with screen media. This not only increases the likelihood of childhood obesity but has also been linked to attention difficulties. Oh…and passive media usage causes one not to engage in critical analysis of what one is learning. This, in turn, makes one highly susceptible to infomercial scams just like YBCR.

  15. Melissa Jugar says:

    If you care enough for your children and want to make learning lots of fun, your baby can read is the way to go. It isn’t a scam it’s a product that you can buy from Frys Electronics where available for $99.99 and return it if you’re not satisfied. I didn’t think I had lots of time to work with my granddaughter but I do with your baby can read and she’s learning at such an accelerated rate that blows my mind. It’s a 4 disc program with books and flash cards for each disc. My granddaughter knows disc 1, 2 and 3 so well that she’s says the words before they show and she’s learning all the songs. Niyah is only 15 months old and she can say nose, mouth, eyes, dog, duck, etc. and knows her feet, toes and fingers so she has a nice vocabulary. It’s not a scam but an opportunity to give your children tools they will use in the long run. Once I get her potty trained I’m placing her in an early head start program taking your baby can read to share with others. It’s a wonderful program and inexpensive.

  16. MJozz says:

    Wow most of the bad reviews sound like they’ve never even tried it or at least don’t interact with their kids I just bought this today for $45 and I cannot wait to teach my child, yeah it’s memarizing but who cares I don’t think my baby will be able to read at a year old but I know that I can help her be smarter by being a good dad and helping her threw the program I’ll try to remember to comment on the results

  17. Excited! says:

    My son was born with a birth defect which keep in the hospital for about 4 months. When he was released from the hospital, the doctors told me that his development may be delayed. I did not hesitate to purchase YBCR. My son makes me laught at his ability to sound out words and process information. He is a little sponge that I provide a lot of educational exposure.

    I am truly grateful. If you think it doesn’t work or it is a scam Dr. Titzer has taught his own daughters to read as babies using this program and they both have had a successful educational career. They didn’t confuse their word with letters like one person claims.

  18. cassandra says:

    Im going to buy this program i think its a good investment in my childs future… I read a few of the comments and the only one i really didnt like was the one where someone said thats what other adults in my childs life are for is to teach my child these skills…

    Your child Learns better when you the Parent interact with the child because You are there Hero and Your the one they look up to for advice and to teach them things… And I wish they would have had something like this when i was growing up maybe i wouldn’t hate reading so much, and maybe i would have done better in school had someone payed more attention to my needs growing up… Unfortunatly i didnt have the best of parents or the best education because my parents were so young… But im going to do whatever it takes to provide my child with the tools he or she will need growing up… and how can you say that its not worth the money? what more important your childs EDUCATION or it being FASHIONABLY dressed… i think education is a little bit more important and so is the time you spend with your child…

  19. scrolling banner stand says:

    I enjoy, result in I discovered just what I was looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  20. marie says:

    when i first found out i was pregnant i told my husband we need to get your baby can read .He wasnt so sure of it but we both figured we have nothing to loose but alot to gain.Money comes and goes and i much rather spend 100 bucks on something thats gonna benifit my child insted of buying expensive toys that they only use for acouple weeks before they grow tired of it ….I was very bad at school i never found it intresting becuse my parents never where on my case about doing my homework or achiving in school …and i never finish high school ….so i promised my self i would do the opposite as my parents did to me ….My daughter has been on this program since she was 3 months shes now 6 months and she loves it ,as soon as i sit her infront of the tv she gets soo exited to watch the dvds i watch her as shes learnig and i could see when she sees the word point her little finger goes up not her whole arm ,but i could see she understands the words more and more as she watches the dvds .my playtime with her is the flash cards and i also read the books that the program has before bed time thats the way i interact with her ,i also play the guitar for her and sing christian songs for her ..your baby can read is definitly working for my daughter ……we as parents might think its boring but to the kids its not .and its much better than having them watch spong bob or cartoon network witch is very unupropriate ,theres allways people that are gonna say negative things about everything ….but its our parenting choices that is gonna build are childs education and morals . i know that i made a good choice and my daughter is gonna benifit from it later .learning is another word for memorizing ….you have to memorize wich letters go in wich words in order to learn the words ….so her memorizing how the words look and sound is definitly gonna help her learn how to read . sorry i might have misspelled alot of words …but thats is the out come of wrong parenting choices ….i wish my parents would have tooken the time to help me out in my learning …i hope this review helps other parents with there doubts on your baby can read

  21. Peggy Beeman says:

    I am the grandmother of a 4 year old boy. My daughter bought this program when he was just fourteen months old. My grandosn now reads on a 2 to 3rd grade leverl. I love wathcing him read. I take him places and get him to read for people they are totally amazed. Do I think this program works? It works if you work it. Just like an exercise video they will all give you results if you do it. The same is true for Your Baby can read. I recommend it to everyone who has kids I wiish I could have done this my own children.

  22. Megan says:

    My husband and I bought this program when my son was 9 months old. He now is 16 months old. We did not buy it with the intention of him reading persay, but he is our only child and we wanted to make sure he was exposed to plenty of vocabulary.

    My son can SAY approximately 30 words, and use them in context. He can use simple signs to ask for things. And when he’s not being ornery, he follows every “command” given to him. The thing that blows my mind the most though is that he can carry out simple tasks. He will see a toy, grab it, scan the room and run and put it with it’s match. He tests at a 24 month old level.

    Am I saying “You’re Baby Can Read” is responsible for ALL of his acheivements? No, but it definately is a great tool to help get his mind working. In my mind, it is totally worth it, as long as you have reasonable expectations and don’t use it as your only source of education.

  23. Scott says:


    This is brilliant marketing. The name of the product is YOUR BABY CAN READ, but watch their infomercial for a full half hour and they NEVER MAKE THE CLAIM THAT THEY WILL TEACH YOUR BABY TO READ. They just say the name of the product over an over again, which makes it seem like they are saying your baby will learn to read.


    It’s brilliant, really. You can’t legally say that you teach babies to read, but there’s nothing illegal about naming your product “Your Baby Can Read,” which completely confuses what they’re really teaching.

    HERE’S THE ONLY CLAIM THEY CAN LEGALLY GET AWAY WITH: “Typically babies between 10 and 23 months of age who use the Your Baby Can Read program for at least seven months will learn to recognize words in the program.”

    Yes, people who buy this can have fun, kids might enjoy it, they should learn to recognize words, but there is NOTHING of cognitive developmental value here. It’s just a clever marketer trying to squeeze you for $200.

  24. I wanna Play2 says:

    As a daycare professional. I see parents buying this product and wondered if it was actually any better than taking the time to teach your child yourself. I soon found out when my own daughter spent the hundred or more $ on it for my granddaughter. She has since donated it to my daycare lol. The product it’s self is good. But parents don’t be fooled, this product in no way does the work for you! So if you do not invest the time this product requires…it’s not going to work for you.
    Personally I feel you can get the same result working with your child your own way. Repitition and interaction is the key to a child learning…throw in flash cards and you have your own “Your Baby Can Read”…your choice.

  25. Shana says:

    I brought your baby can read for my son because he’s extremely smart but these DVD’s aren’t the reason. while I believe the set can be educational I don’t believe the set is as one size fits all like they claim on TV. My son loves music and not because he watches videos because he doesn’t. In fact it’s because of me and my husband are musicians. He does not like the DVD set because its not interesting to him. The children in the video don’t look like children today because they aren’t.The music is simple and boring and there is no real structure to the set. It’s basically a very slow version of Sesame Street (which I feel is more educational) at least they stick to basically one theme of the day. Instead this set teaches a few words kids actually use and a bunch of random animals that while children should learn wouldn’t be the first words I teach my child to read. I have 99 cent flash cards and we’ve made my son his own songs to help him learn. i learned that we are their biggest teachers my nieces have never seen one of these DVD’s but they read very well one is five the other is three. My point is Your Baby Can Read has the potential to help children learn how to read but may not be worth the 100 plus dollars you spend on it.

  26. Peter Jones says:

    I have just bought this product after spending over an hour reading the reviews, Still unsure if this is going to work, but i think it will give me valuable pointers on learning my child to read, just purchased NEW from Amazon for £25 so think it may well be money well spent. I will write another review on here in 2 months and let you all know how we get on.

  27. Miss Childcare Assistant says:

    I agree with Mr Magnolia’s comment above.

    Sadly, all the people above who have complained about YBCR can’t read and write fluently themselves! No wonder you condone the program – you obviously don’t see it as something important in your own life, so why would you bother teaching your children.

    For those people out there that do acknowledge that young children can learn to read at a young age – good on you! Of course children learn from memory – we all do. We all recognised our parents faces as babies because we saw them all the time. We recognised their voice and their touch compared to another persons’. Hence, YBCR program CAN teach babies to read by helping them recognize words through a visual of the word, applying the action and using it in context.

    All children learn to read in time, given the correct education….This program just assists in fast tracking it, giving them the oppurtunity to excel.

    Before all you complainers write another intellectually deranged comment, think about what you’re really allowing your child to miss out on. I sincerely hope you are all more willing to spend $200.00 on yourselves to purchase a copy of, ‘Your Mummy and Daddy Can’t Read Or Write Program.’ – You need it.

  28. Mr Magnolia says:

    Spent an hour reading these comments.
    I’m eagerly awaiting the – Your Mummy And Daddy Can’t Read Or Write Program. I’m sure 80% of the people who commented on here should own a copy.
    I find it hard to believe that people are condoning a learning program when 80% of you all can’t read or write correct English.
    Worst of all is your spell checker is underlining a word that YOU have typed wrongly, and you still think it’s right.
    I understand the UK version was revised as most American words are spelt incorrectly, compared to the correct spelling in English.

  29. susan says:

    I have just purchased this product at Best buy for only $99.00 and I am ecstatic to start my 5 month old on this. I don’t expect much but I am happy to use this as a tool to get an early learning start for her and to use this as another activity to do with my baby. I think the people who HAVE NOT tried it but are giving negative reviews about YBCR are ridiculous. I will happily come back and give my personal experience review as to how this works out with my 5 month old :)

  30. Jeez says:

    If you have actually used this program correctly you would know that the success of your child really comprehending the words he or she is learning is to do the program with them. The product states many times in the parent instructions that you as a parent should be there with your child every step of the way. And for all those saying it doesn’t teach phonics you are simply incorrect, the videos do have sections that teach phonics, maybe if you had actually used YBCR before writing a review, you would know that. I personally liked the Your Baby Can Read quite a lot as it provides parents with great tools to assist them in helping their kids to learn to read. I think that you as a parent are responsible for making sure your child is learning correctly and you cannot rely on YBCR alone. Of course if you don’t explain to them what they are learning or go beyond what is in the program it will not be 100%, you have to be a major part of this, as you are meant to be!

    Like Nana stated above me, it’s about you interacting with your child, you can get the whole family involved, it’s fun!

  31. Sherry says:

    I think that anyone who makes a negative comment has probably not had the wonderful opportunity to teach their baby to read. We used Your Baby Can Read when my daughter was an infant. She loved it. I was looking for something else when she finished that program. My daughter started MONKISEE at 10 months. She will be 2 years old soon. She watches the MONKISEE videos every day. As soon as she wakes up in the morning, and all through the day, she wants to watch the videos and read her flash cards. She loves the music and knows the words, to the songs, and can read every word. The monkeys make her so happy. She can read every flash card that I show her, without looking at the picture, EXAMPLE – RED OCTAGON, YELLOW BANANA, TURTLE HEAD and many more! I’m so amazed, that I can place three word cards down, and ask which one is GREEN TOOTHBRUSH, and she will pick the right card, everytime. She can say her ABC’s, colors, most of her shapes, counts to ten, and can read over 200 words. The most important thing, she wants, and loves to learn.

    I have to say proudly, and it brings happy tears to my eyes, that Makenzy can read, thanks to MONKISEE and Your Baby Can Read. I can see that the results of these teaching techniques are simply outstanding. Before you make negative comments based on feelings, you should have the opportunity to see the products of these wonderful programs. My child loves to learn, I believe, because she learned early in life.

  32. Jane says:

    Anyone who has been an educator will tell you that these kids who learn to read young will be no smarter than kids who learn to read when they are older or even in school. By 2nd-3rd grade, all this evens out. So, that fact that they can “read” (which is actually memorization at that point, not reading, no matter what people say) at 18 months, they will probably not be smarter than the kids that learns to read at their developmental level rather than having it forced at them at a young age. Parents will find, also, that some children can learn younger than other children, and this is very natural. Programs like this just stress parents out when they have kids who can’t be forced to learn things at too young of an age..

    The one thing these early readers may be is stressed out by overwhelmingly demanding parents.

  33. Courtney says:

    This is not a scam!! It’s a fact that if a child sees hears and imatates things enough that they will eventually know it. If you think $200 is out of your price range than good luck raising a child because everything is expensive.Why not invest in a product that will not only teach your child but also entertain them in a healthy way.

  34. Michelle says:

    Just my 2 cents… I was on hooked on phonics as a child, and ending up testing out of first grade because I scored on a 3rd grade level. I believe in these products 100% and can still remember to this day how much time my parents spent with me on the product back then. My baby is 2 months old and I plan on ordering the product within the next couple of months because she is already so advanced and I cannot wait to see the immaculate results from this program!!!! I plan on watching the DVD’s with her and working with her everyday as my parents did with me!

  35. Nana says:

    My baby started to read simple words in a week (at 18 months of age). And she LOVED these cards and books, she would not leave home without carrying them where ever we went. And you have to work with your child (every day, constantly). We started with cards because I bought DVD player a month later. So it is not only TV or only cards. It’s YOU interaction with your child and working together, like a homework:) It’s a great program. She is 2,5 years old and can read not only the words on those cards, but recognizes words on streets, bus or train, she even has simple children books that she can read independently. I think this program is worth of every penny I paid for it and it was not cheap for me. Good luck, believers!!!

  36. Dave says:

    I’ve heard it was a scam so I downloaded it for free and will just make my own flash cards.

  37. Brooke says:

    Hi there
    I came onto this site to read reviews about if your baby can read actually works or not. I have not purchased this product yet but am definately going to. If it doesnt work oh well, there is no harm in trying to help your child learn at a young age.
    As for all these people complaining that they are being ripped off when purchasing online… why not just go buy it in the store?
    I also see a lot of people complaining that it costs way to much money. The whole kit is sold at the as seen on tv store for $100. Now I dont know about everyone else BUT $100 in my life doesnt really go all that far to begin with, therefore isnt really all that much to spend on potentially helping your baby to read early in life.

    Im also curious to the people who claim its just sitting your kid in front of the tv… does your child never watch tv?? and how old was your child when they learned to read?
    And lastly, saying your baby can read is just teaching your kid to recognize words… well so is reading your child the same bedtime story over and over again, why do you think they can “read” it??? and recognizing a word and knowing what is means is pretty impressive at a year old in my opinion.

  38. lucysmama says:

    It works! and its interactive.
    Also it’s $30 cheaper if you get it at walmart or even more so if you find a used one on amazon!

  39. Sade' says:

    I have dyslexia and I remember in school not being able to comprehend what I had read. Than me and a bunch of other kids were introduced to hooked on phonics. And an awesome teacher. He actually worked with us even when we would get made fun of and put down by other kids and teachers. we had the same teacher for about 3 years and in the end. we made higher scores than the other kids and we didnt get messed with anymore about it. They were all coming to us for help in the end. So I think as long as you are willing to take the time to do it there are many ways of learning. And just because your kid might not be as quick as everyone else.Doesnt mean they dont know how or cant do it. my daughter comprehends more and says more complex words sentences than other kids her age. But she doesnt like to talk she likes to do. they will do it when they are ready.

  40. ThornyRose1979 says:

    Ive read through the comments and the wonderful thing about it all is that at least people are taking an interest in helping teach thier child to read which is an important tool in any society. I wont call YBCR a scam but I will say Ive never been interested in using it. My daughter is now 20 months old and has quite an extensive vocabulary of words that she uses in the correct context. She is a happy well adjusted toddler who enjoys writing aka scratching (unfotunately normally on my walls or floors). I’m not here to brag that my baby can read because she cant and quite honestly Im not stressed out about it or looking for a programme to teach her to read. She is learning her letters and numbers and can recognize most of them and Im happy with that. Am I an underachieving parent? Many of you may say so. Do I care? No I dont. I know that my daughter is being exposed to a myriad of teaching techniques by all the adults around her and that in time she will be able to read.
    I wrote this review basically to say that I think any technique or tool a parent TAKES TIME to use to help thier children gets my vote. The most important thing is to understanding that
    1. every child is different
    2. it takes a combination of techniques to teach a child to read
    3. Reading is NOT just calling words out that you recognize. To say that a child can actually read means that the child can pull any word that they recognize out and use it correctly in a sentence understanding exactly what it means.
    From what Ive read most of these children cant really read they can call out words that they recognize. Yes rote memorization through the use of flash does have its place in learning but its not the total package. You can show a child a flashcard of a hot stove all you want and say hot and the child will say stove is hot but if that child does not understand that if they touch the stove they will get burnt then they dont have the total package of learning…just my humble opinion

  41. diane says:

    this programme teaches children to recognise words as they do pictures of animals etc it does not teach them to read. Example: four year old boy asking why there is a ball in the middle of dog.

  42. M Sowder says:

    I HAVE USED this producted and DID tNOT get any further than when i used regular flash cards with pictures with no dvd. i am a teacher and do know have to teach while playing. you are better of getting the original baby signs program for those with little ones.
    this is one link you should look at befor buying

  43. ANNA maldonado says:

    its only,17.99 for one addition it takes time to get use to each video . so twenty dollars a month maybe not even for your babys future?

  44. ANNA maldonado says:


  45. Wendy says:

    We ordered this product for my 2 year old grandson who was having a number of communication difficulties. This is not a program that you just plop you kid in front of the TV and presto he becomes a reader. You must follow the program outline at the specified intervals. Parent must be a part of the whole process. Long story short , the 2 year old loves the videos and still, at the age of 4 wants to watch them and use the other materials (he is about two years behind in his language development), his older and younger sisters, 10 mos. and 4 years old at the time of the purchase, both learned how to read off of the program. When the older sister started pre school her teachers were amazed!

  46. Klaus says:

    Once again – Word memorization is NOT reading. Reading is clearly defined as;
    “The cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic message.”
    You are changing the definition of reading to simply mean; sounding out words.

    Essentially, what people like Kaye are saying to me is when she sees a word like ‘café’ that means she is ‘reading’ French. To most Americans ‘café’ means coffee shop. ‘Je bois du café’ means ‘I drink coffee’. We can easily discern that ‘café’ must also mean ‘coffee’ as well as ‘coffee shop’. That’s what reading is about; reasoning and learning.*

    If your baby can’t reason between an eye being an organ, or an eye of a needle, or an eye of a storm, etc. Then they not reading.

    *I am just beginning French. Please excuse any errors.

  47. Carla says:

    I got this product froman Australian market for $35 and use it in conjuction with a well balanced approach to parenting such as plenty of active tummy time (from birth), creative play, swimming lessons, reading to your baby etc. My 6 month old son can crawl, sit up from his stomache, stand holding onto me, stand unassisted on his back legs so far. I am looking forward to seeing when he can start to read read. He looks forward to these dvds and gets excited when he see’s the little girl at the start. It keeps him actively engaged for the 27 mins it goes for. Just enough time for mum to have a shower, put the washing on and have breakfast. It ceratinly beats the mindless array of cartoons that plug the t.v.
    For those with negative comments perhaps you should vary your thinking and be realistic about your expectations – it’s not supposed to be a miracle projection but an aid to learning like the blocks your child may stack up, the floaties that support learning to swim or a toy that recites the abc.

  48. Kaye says:

    I bought the first DVD and flashcard set from wal-mart for $17. 3 days later @ watching 2 times a day and my 23 month old daughter saw a can on popeyes spinach, pointed then underlined the word Eye and said eye. She can read. Just blew me away. Your Childs education is worth more than money. Do not hesitate to get this and work with your baby every day. I’m still in Wow(!!) mode here.

  49. Eric says:

    Is $200 really that much money for a class on reading? How many of you are just poor?

  50. Ernie says:

    Scam!Sounds like alot of you people work for your baby can read!

  51. Carolyn says:

    I can’t wait to waste my money on this product! I watched a four year old read this phrase with no hesitation, “Piercing professionals for over fourty years.” I was astounded. The child’s mother told me she had purchased this product and started her daughter on it when she was 18 months old. I’m looking forward to my 17 month old daughter communicating better and my 2 month old son following in her footsteps. I will continue to read to them and play educational games with them because no one activity will teach a child everything they need to know.

  52. Klaus says:

    JE graduates from an unnamed top tier school, and then uses anecdotal data to bolster her argument. Yeah, ok.

    Anyway, I don’t consider word recognition, reading. To me a baby being able to raise his arms at the said command is no different from a dog understanding that the sound of ‘SIT’ means to place his butt on the ground. The dog doesn’t understand what ‘sitting’ is, just like the baby doesn’t know what raising his arms means. He understands that the phrase ‘Arms Up’ means raise those strange appendages he moves about, he likely doesn’t know what an arm or up is.

    Otherwise he could decipher what ‘up’ means and implies and you could teach him to raise his leg or a cup with ease.

  53. Proud Parent says:

    I’m having second thoughts of buying “baby can read for my grand daughter with ” all this negative comments. I have a son who is 7 1/2 years old and he’ll be 3rd grade this comming school year, he was only 4 yrs and 8 months old when he started kinder and he is more ahead than most his older classmates. The school had to test him and they were blown away with his test results as he excel his test.

    I started him with baby einstein when he was 6 months old. By 1 year old he’s watching leap frog everyday. Leap frog teaches phonics basic math and reading. By 2 he knows all the alphabets and their sounds and do some basic math. By 3 he’s watching Little Einstein and Word World and he can read childrens book. I also started him writing at the age of 3. By the time he’s is pre K at 3 1/2 he’s already ahead of his class and his teacher was amazed by it and suggested to send him to kinder even at his young age.

    My point is, if you let your child/ren to watch educational videos at young age instead of spongebob or other non educational and violent cartoons, they are more likely to succeed and more focus on their school.

    My son is the youngest of his class and he’s been receiving a lot of academic awards and we’re very proud of him.

  54. teach2041 says:

    I think any attempted on the part of a parent to engage some type of formative learning with their child should be commended. However, I would love to see further research on how these babies compare to other children later at the first and second grade level. I am familiar with students who read 150/220 sight words required for kindergarten, yet their reading comprehension is average. Just make sure that your child is receiving comprehension modules in addition to this program. Remember the story of Hellen Keller (a fever at age 19 months left her blind and deaf and barely able to communicate) who did not understand that W.A.T.E.R was the cold, wet substance running through her hand until that pivotal moment when she made the connection between the word and the substance. I noticed that the word (teeth) is part of the flashcards in this program. I wonder if these toddlers can recognize the word “teeth” in unknown text, other than in the set of readers that are part of this program. Also, is the child aware that mommy and daddy have teeth and can identify and locate their parent’s teeth as well, when this word is shown? On behave of all educators, we commend you. Keep up the great work parents! With the combination of your ongoing efforts and this program, your baby will truly read for a life time.

  55. Rachel says:

    I can only speak from my experience only. I started my daughter on this program right after her second birthday. She is now 4, soon to be 5, and can read at a fourth grade reading level. She also excels in addition and subtraction. She can tell time on an analogue clock. She can count money. She knows all fifty states and their corresponding capitals. She is amazing all around. This program does not tell you to plop your children down in front of a tv. I had to sit with her and watch every second of those videos with her. I would get excited reading the words, as would she. We had a lot of fun playing with the flashcards and the book. Used correctly, this program is most effective. It requires you to interact with your child very much. If your child isn’t willing to sit with you to watch the programs and play with the flashcards with you, this program will probably not work. Every child is different. This is a great supplement to teaching your children and setting them up for their future.

  56. Julian's Mom says:

    I’ve seen all of the comments as well and I understand the arguments on both sides, but a friend of mine sent me a coupon and I purchased it for $60! I never ever just plop my child in front of a tv. I watch television with him! We learn together, so I’m quite optimistic about his progression, period. He’s very smart now and although he could do without Your Baby Can Read, what would it hurt?! Nothing…..Whether you buy it or or whether you’re just complaining with detailed facts or not, good luck to all u parents! Regardless, I’m just blessed to have my son and can’t wait to see how he’ll turn out to be such a wonderful son in the near future. I’m so excited. Bless you all.

  57. Danny says:

    I would recommend against buying this program. Me and my wife recently purchased the product and my 18 month old son became bored after the 2nd DVD. It might work for some children, but if it doesn’t work for your child, you will lose out on money. They have a 30 day money back guarantee, but there is always a catch! The customer service is the worse I have ever delt with. They will not refund ANY of the shipping and handling and make you pay the return S & H, which altogether totals over $50 in the end. You are basically taking a $50 risk and if you return it a day past the 30 day trial…you are out $200 (plus shipping). This program does not work for a lot of kids (read reviews) so are you willing to take the risk of losing out on $50? The company will not budge on the S & H cost no matter what!

  58. katie sue says:

    I just bought volume one. I got it at walmart for 17 bucks. So even if it doesn’t work, there are much worse things I could of spent that money on. I say poo to all the nay sayers. It is definitely something that requires interaction with your child/children. I have a e year old and a 6 month old. My 3 year old loves it and knew the word elephant from watching the video once and seeing the flashcard once. And they do comprehend the word. They see an elephant and see the word. So they therefore comprehend that that word means elephant. And they are even starting to take out teaching phonics in schools so teaching them by sight before is just getting them a head start. I give a thumbs up to those that buy it bc they are still taking an interest in teaching their children. They could just buy useless toys or bad food but they are making an effort and that is what is important. So whether you buy it or not, as long as you take an active part in teaching and raising your child then you are on the right track.

  59. Ro says:

    I don’t have the program but I am certainly intrigued by it. I don’t necessarily agree that any other program is better that the other. I believe that it should be a combination of both, whether it is phonics, or your baby can read. The most important thing is the interaction portion, the play because I absolutely believe children learn by doing. I am to going to try all kinds of learning tools. The only thing my daughter watches is Barney and Sesame Street. Having two little ones sometimes helps me to “plop” my child in front of the ‘boob tube”. I just wished it didn’t cost so much money. Does anyone want to sell theirs for less?? :-))

  60. CORTNEY says:


  61. Lisa says:

    My daughter did the program -started around 5 months. By 10 months, she was reading (speaking with starting sounds of words). She could identify about 8 colors. I stay at home with my girls. This program is only about 30 min/ day -it does not take away from one on one time with mommy. It not only teaches to read via “immersion” technique, it is exposing your child to things they may not otherwise see on a regular basis (eg. tiger, elephant…). She would get excited the minute she heard the music start on the DVD, and later would sing the song to let us know when she wanted to see it.
    She is now 2 yrs, and is reading to herself. I watch over her shoulder, and words she does not know, she actually tries to sound out -often with success! This program is like a jump start to teaching. I teach her words all the time, and she retains quickly and easily. If anything, it has enhanced my ability to teach her and interact with her.
    What else do I say… IT WORKS !!!!! and even if you think it is expensive (I only bought the 5 DVD’s and the cheapest flash card set) It is so worth it.

  62. Jessica says:

    p.s. Does anyone remember using “Hooked on Phonics”? How is “Your Baby Can Read” a Scam in comparison?

  63. Jessica says:

    There are too many reviews from people who don’t have this product and it’s making me upset. If you are going to watch a stupid show like SpongeBob…why not just watch this instead. I’m sure this is not a miracle product, and you can’t stick kids in a box with their eyes taped open expecting them to watch this stuff. If you genuinely want your child to read, of course you will interact with them and this provides both you and your child with the motivation to do so. Interaction + Education = Growth. I know a lot of grownups that never missed a day of school and are just downright dumb! On top of that, parents ‘waist’ money on their kids anyway … candy, clothes, toys… at least there’s a possibility that this will improve memory and recognition. Words are thought and we can’t think without them. I just bought this product despite the oddly negative reviews; I’ll let you know how Ben does.

  64. Wayne says:

    After reading the reviews, Im glad to read that for the people who HAVE bought this product, it worked. It did help me make my decision. I think for those who are making negative comments, I noticed they dont have children or havent expirenced educating chidren.
    I would like to say one thing knowing a little about how the brain works, people need to understand that this does NOT teach a child to read. The children are reading from reconition. What is happening though, is what you cant see. Being able to reconize words will only make it easier for them to learn how to read later but, what is happening is in the brain. Everybody knows the brian is divided in diffrent parts. each part has its function. Everytime a neron fires or that part of the brain works, it exorcises. It would be the same as lifting weights for you muscles. After reading some of the testimonies, this product does work. It is also doing more than reading. Making your child interact with the cards is helping him understand the meaning and helping them learn to THINK. Use their brains. This helps with being indepent. Making them match the cards is making them use their barins but also develops proplem solving skills. I believe it also teaches them body language as well. In my opinion, is THE lost laguage.
    And most of all is confidence. You wont see this till later. When they realise they can read but the other kids in class cant, thats going to make them feel good about them selfs. At first it will be arrongants but as a perent you teach them through example and unspoken correction. This is where you would REDIRECT the child through problem solving or simple physical exorcises. (helping people in need, cleaning rooms WITH YOUR HELP, chores, etc…)
    I like what I read and will be INVESTING in this product for my child. For anybody els out there with dubts, nothing will work if your not willing to invest your time in it with your child. If your one of those, you shouldnt have children anyway.
    As for the price, the person who created it paid to go to college and paid in his time and sacrifice to their family. This is a person who spent years learning how the brain developes, spent alot of time researching children and how they learn. This person did the work for me and is giving me the answers. I think ill pay. Its not the same as buying flash cards. Not only that but there is a way you teach a monkey, an older person another laguage, and mentally diabled, and they are not the same. This person has figured out the best way to teach a child and put specific easy to follow directions on paper. For that, I thank them. I hope my OPINION helps you make your decision.

  65. Julia says:

    interesting about the return with the reno nevada address. i am in that same situation. although, i have DELIVERY CONFIRMATION!!! they still say they have not recieved the package. i have date of signed delivery. i WILL get my money. already charged over half for the product plus shipping back and forth. grrrr….the product itself did not work for MY children, as they will not sit and watch it. they are completely uninterested no matter what we do. good program, not sure it couldn’t be done with flash cards and tlc.

  66. Leah says:

    Every child is different and to learn to read you need a combination of memorization and phonetic skills. With our older daughter, we taught her the ABC’s and the sounds of letters and she learned them by the time she was 18 months old. After that, we got a phonics program and by 2 and a half she was able to sound out lots of words in her books, but lacked in the area of words that don’t follow the basic phonics. We then got the Baby Can Read program and although she memorized many new words, she also would sound out the letters since she had already learned to do so using phonics previously. She’s 6 now and reads at a 3rd grade level, but, she also LOVES to read. Our second daughter started out the same way, but as every child is different, she wasn’t as interested in learning the sounds of the letters. She memorized what they looked like, but that was it. We started her on the phonics at 2, but again, she was not interested and got mad if we tried to work with her. So we skipped the phonics and used the Baby Can Read – which she actually loved. She memorized a lot of words, but unlike my first daughter, still had no interested in learning how to sound them out. It wasn’t until she started preschool last fall that she showed some interest in phonics. But, overall, she’s just a different personality. She is also not as interested in sitting down and reading a book. She would prefer to do an art project or ask questions about something, rather than sit and try to read a book. I don’t think they are a scam, but a lot of people just don’t know how to approach teaching their kids these skills, so for those parents, it might be worth it. On the otherhand, it’s not a miracle program and it’s not going to work the same for all kids, no matter how intelligent they are. You just have to use your judgement. If you are on here looking for something to teach your kids to read, then you are probably a parent who is involved enough with their kids to create your own system based on the functions of this system and what your child is interested in rather than spending the money. We only bought the phonics program because I wasn’t sure what the “proper” phonetics were and at the time I heard about Baby Can Read, I really didn’t know what it was all about. If I had to do it over again, I would have just bought the phonics and then made my own flashcards for the sight words, but to each their own!

  67. Janet Lamb says:

    I visited my 1 year old grandson yesterday for the first time in several months. A gift from his paternal grandfather at birth, his parents started him with the flash cards and videos when he was born. I was dubious, but figured it certainly couldn’t hurt. Mind you, they were diligent with the system. Yesterday I saw him identify about 8 written words. His dad held up the card and he said the word. One of the cards was “Arms Up”. When he saw that one he raised both arms. This program is bound to have had some effect on his learning progress.

  68. Amia says:

    This is so crazy to me, Of course your child is not going to be able to “READ” at first. Memorization, and Reading go hand in hand. I started this program when my daughter was 2 months old, and she is 5 months today. She LOVES watching this, laughs and talks through the whole thing. Along with other short Dvd’s that have music videos, with educational value. “Science is Real” by They might be giants. The point is, Parents are the teachers. These Educational movies help make learning fun. I personally had a very difficult time learning how to read and spell when I was in school. I do not think I had enough one on one attention, There is nothing wrong with wanting to help your child have a head start in reading. This program is not a “just plop your kid in front of a tv” I does take lots of work. I do not expect this program to TEACH my child. I expect it to spark her interest, and help make learning fun.

  69. Deol says:

    I think good as this YBCR set maybe, it is too expensive, I don’t believe it is a scam it only need’s to improve it’s customer service communication skill and efficiency as well as probably add phonics and little comprehension exercises towarrds the end of the program. I wiil also advice to add parent/ teacher cognitve input along

  70. Doesn't teach reading!! says:

    This program does NOT teach a child to read. In fact, it doesn’t teach a child to decipher words at all. What it DOES teach is association and maybe whole world recognition. Reading a process that begins which teaching a child the alphabet and working to “decipher” words phonetically. House/Horse…show a child who has been using this program the word “HOUSE” and I would be my last dollar that he would say “horse”. Whole word methods have proven to fail miserably in attempting to teach children to read.

  71. JE says:

    It seems like a lot of people here are worried too much about what everyone else is doing with their kids. I am an older mom, with a few decades under my belt, and, I have had the opportunity to see many different educational methods come and go. It is a fact that all children (and adults) learn differently, and there are many roads to the same destination.

    I attended a top 5 university on academic scholarship after graduating from a math and science specialty school (public, not private.) I am a member of the national honor society, and, was a straight “A” student throughout my academic career. I have seen education based upon memorization, phonics, and immersion. All of these methods are successful, if attention is given to those for whom it is intended. For those who claim that phonics is the best way to teach reading, I was NOT educated that way, however, I managed to quite successfully master English, and several other languages. My strong academic foundation came as a result of the attention that my mother paid to me during the most important and formative years, birth through around 6 years old. She simply read, and made cards, similar to those in the baby can read program, and spent time going over them with me. We were not rich, and, all of my primary education was in public school. The important thing was that I was taught the HABIT of “loving” the time that I spent learning. It carried me through my entire academic career. At first, my reading was complete memorization, but, was later followed by total comprehension. I went to school in the dark ages, before they had “discovered” “new math” and “phonics” as teaching methods. The method that my mother used on me also guided my brothers, my grandmother and over 35 members of my family to similar academic success. We ALL were reading prior to age 3.

    I personally LOVE and have had first hand experience with the “Your Baby Can Read” system for about 3 years. Because of it’s similarity to the methods used by my mother, with the cards, and other materials, it is but one tool that I have used in teaching reading to our young family members. Several of them are quite successfully reading the included cards, AND other books. They also take great pride in their ability to read, and are CONSTANTLY demonstrating this to anyone who will listen.

    I personally can’t imagine anyone who could not benefit from this as one of many tools used to educate a child, any more than one would buy any set of utensils with which to eat, and then throw away the forks or knives, leaving themselves only the spoons. It IMHO just doesn’t make sense.

  72. Heath says:

    My inlaws bought this for our almost 1 year old a couple years ago. I cant believe how well it worked. She is 3 now and reads at a high second grade level (my mother was an elementary school teacher and has verified). Wasnt sure about if it was just her or the program. But our second daughter has picked up on it very well also. She is 19 months and can read about 100 words. On the flip side my sister tried it with her four year old and didnt have much success. I think the best age to start is between 12 and 18 months old. I am not sure how it does it, but it isnt just memorization like some have commented. My daughter now sounds out words very well. I let her try a John Grisham book I was reading and she was able to read most of a page phoentically. This is my first product to review ever and I couldnt be more happy with the product. Our only problem is trying to figure out what to do with the girls when they start Kindergarten.

  73. daniel says:

    i used to work for the company that makes my baby can read and i can tell you that it is a scam. my job while i was with them was to go onto forums and websites like this and yahoo answers and write rave reviews of the product as if a were a parent that had used the program and tell everybody that the people who said the product was a scam were just lazy parents who didnt use the program correctly. the kids in the informercial were coached.

  74. K says:

    Phonics actually does zilch–we’re not talking about, say, Japanese which actually uses a syllabary. Not only that, but English spelling is very much not phonetic: there’s approximately 46 different sounds (depending on dialect) and we have 26 letters…and most of those sounds are vowels, to boot.

    In fact, the problem given to whole-word — that you could read a Spanish text without understanding a single word — is somewhat absurd. You can do that with amazing ease for any phonetic language, with about an hour’s worth of instruction, maybe more if anybody cares if your pronunciation is decent. (In fact, that’s roughly the speed at which the first people taught to use the written form of Cherokee learned it, since the writing system is purely phonetic.) Meanwhile, I learned to read most likely through whole word–I was an automatic reader and so I actually process written English as if it was a separate language–and I have been irritated by reading books in languages I don’t speak…and still getting the general sense of what’s being said.

    That said, has anybody actually run a test to see if a child taught to read with this system does understand what’s being said? It’d be easy enough to set out a group of objects (or pictures gotten from catalogs/magazines or off the internet) and ask the child to pick out the one named on the card he or she’s being shown. It’s a pretty basic test to see how somebody’s doing in learning to read a foreign language, certainly it’d not be hard to ask a child to be able to do it in their native language. (It can also be easily turned into a game, if you make up a deck of word and a deck of picture cards to make it a matching game. This can be nice for vocabulary reviews when studying a language–nowhere near as boring as lists.)

  75. john says:

    wow i have to say i’m surprised at the close mindedness of all these reviews, people who hate it talk about people who use it like their obviously lazy and horrible parents that want an easy way out. and the people who use it talk about the others like their horrible people for expressing negative opinions on a product intended for child development. it is completely understandable to be concerned about word memorizing as a reading template because it’s obviously not comprehension based. do a little research and the scope of the situation becomes very simple. if you were to take your child through this program and then send him to school on that basis, he will have trouble because he lacks comprehensive knowledge. that is another peice to the puzzle which you will need to provide in addition. wether or not the memorization of words will affect their ability to learn comprehension of phonetics, well the system is brand new and we simply can’t know yet. unfortunately we have to wait and see how the kids develop

  76. Ryan says:

    My wife just bought this product from Walgreens for $40
    We have a 3 year old. We watched the DVD for the first time. My 3 year old and my 9 month old stayed interesed into the program. The content has words, pictures, kids talking, and songs. The instructions say the child has to watch the first lesson twice a day for 1 month. We both stated this is for a stay at home parent. The lesson is quite short though; maybe 10 or so minutes. So you can fit it in.
    My concern is that children will be learning the words as a picture instead of a word. The program did not go over individual letter recognition or sounding out the letters. It just feels very different from the conventional way of learning.
    I don’t necessarily think it is a bad product to buy; go with what you think is best. Regardless of whether you buy this or not; you child is not going to have this huge reading advantage over other children for very long. As soon as they start a public or private school they will all start at the same level since schools teach to groups and not individuals.
    Maybe I will post something different a month from now. Maybe I will learn how to read by then. LOL!!

  77. Maria says:

    I have bought this product for a Christmas present for my children. We have been following the program for almost five months now. My son Thomas whom is three now…. has no interest in it…. He refuses to sit for it after the first month. However for the short time he did watch the dvd, ectra. His purnuciation was improving that is the only thing that helped him….. I followed directions correctly…. Thomas learned the name for picture.. meaning he learned new words and to recognize animal… and actions. He in fact acted them out… BUT he was not reading. The only thing my now 10 month old Joanna has learned is to clap her hands more often.. I have seen nothing from Her and she is very smart… very responsive to me even though she watches the videos laughs at me when i pull the book out and cards out she does not respond to them…. Every word she know which is 7 she has learned from me.. I dont want to dis this program. So i will just say it has not and still is not working for my children.

  78. TMT says:

    This was after Your Baby Can Read. People need to remember that Your Baby Can Read is not a one stop shop, you need to use multiple programs to have a well rounded exposure and success.

    This video demonstrates my daughter Lily reading at 24 months old. She began sight reading at around 14 months old and started sounding out words phonetically at 19.5 months old.

    In this video she is practicing her reading with a Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten workbook. This program has been invaluable for building her reading stamina and giving her adequate practice to sound out words. We slightly modify the intensity of the program due to her age and use the workbook pages as educational coloring sheets as shown (demonstrated in the alternate video). She will bring me the HOP kits and ask “Do phonics with Mama?”

    It’s one of the top reading programs we use. We invested in the full Pre-K through 2nd Grade program and it’s been worth it’s weight in gold.

    We have used a combined approach with a variety of programs. The precursor to Hooked on Phonics has been using Little Reader since Lily was about 16 months old. I started my 6 month old son on it at the same time. The Little Reader and Little Math programs take about 10 minutes per day altogether. Download a free trial at

  79. DB says:

    I’m a teacher and have a masters in reading education. I bought this program to use with my 3 month old after a teacher cousin of mine used it with her daughter. At 2 years old, her daughter was by far more well spoken than some of the 6th graders I taught.

    I do not intend to sit my daughter in front of the tv to watch DVDs. Those of you who say kids under 2 shouldn’t watch tv- I beg to differ. With technology advancing by the second, kids are starting to learn in different ways. I am a proponent of introducing technology in healthy educational ways early on. My daughter (at 3 months) loves interacting with my iPad.

    With this program, I intend to work with my daughter–take the flash cards outside with us, explore with her. Kids learn best if they can experience all of their senses. I am also introducing sign language to her with the flash cards.

  80. Patrick Novoloso says:

    o.k. guys no slander here I am a child counselor and think you should know how many children from programs like these which have been around in years I have to work with. The first years of a child’s life are to learn speech, walking,other motor skills and social interaction. When you begin to teach them these lesson’s to early they focus to much on them and not the basic skills all children learn in the first few years. These type of programs are damaging to your child, yes it’s amazing to have a baby reading but your going to make your child either slow in basic skills or anti-social. This is why disney’s similiar program not only failed but was the result of current on going law suits. Please let your babies be babies let the reading come when there ready not when you are

  81. Denise says:

    I am looking into the program I havent yet bought it. But I hear that it slows your child down later in life beccause they never learn how to sound words out. They only learn to site read. Then they have to take remedial reading classes because they didnt learn it the right time. But that is just a rumor I have heard. Has anyone heard differently?

  82. The Truth says:

    Here’s the real truth with this product. First I apologize for any errors I may make here for I am writing this using a phone. Any tool that is used to encourage your child to read can be successful if used properly but regardless there is a misconception for enthusiatic parents. Children may learn to recognize words and it may seem as if they can read. This is great and I congratulate your success but ask yourself, ask your child, what dies this word mean; can you use it in a sentence? It is one thing to recognize a word but if your child does not know the mechanics of that specific word(s), your baby can recognize, not read am comprehend. Parents, save your money and sit down with them instead of sticking them in front of a TV. My baby can do math. Actually he’s three now and doing pre algebra.

  83. Chelsea says:

    @cluekeyjr… Your baby may have a learning disability if he doesnt talk at three. Meybe you should get that looked at instead of paying this much for this product. No disrespect… Im just stating the obvious.

  84. Chelsea says:

    I brought this set. It does not work. My 13 month old could read the words because he saw them so much. He remembered the picture with the word. He read Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3. He had no understanding of what he had just read. This was based of memory not actually reading. I know not to ever make that mistake again. My children before him were 4 when,they started reading. They understand. A baby can not comprehend things like that therefore they can not read properly. We as a society need to stop rushing our children. Hell they grow up quickly anyway and we seem to be pushing them more.

  85. tessa says:

    Isn’t it funny how people attack other peoples grammar to disprove them but do not take shots at the ones who have just as many grammatical errors who agree with their opinions. Grammar does not make a person a bad reviewer.

    Oh, by the way I used to program for my daughter and it did not work for her as she was not ready for that style of teaching a child to read. It could have worked for my oldest daughter who is a visual learner who can sit still for long period of time however, for my youngest daughter who is highly Kinesthetic it did not work So, I have had to find others ways to help her read based on her learning style.

    I know other parents who had success and others who have had no success it just depends on the child.I will not say it is a scam but i will say it does not work for everyone.

    This is just my opinion so take it or leave it but i can tell you from experience that learning to read without phonics can present a big problem because I was taught to read using memorization. While, this is ok for some words it posed a major problem in the long run for me because I never took phonics. I can agree with one person who said that it can be a draw back because i have read and met parents whose children are not doing well because of the program. Maybe it could have been better if phonics was added somehow (but on the flip side i have read overuse of phonics can lead to trouble also). My oldest daughter who is in middle school now reads on a high school level and that is because i took the time to sit down with her and made sure that i placed in a toddler program that has success with helping kids to read while i had to work. My oldest daughter was able to read by age 3. One thing the program states that i agree with is that you as a parent must sit down and work with your child.

    My words to the reader of these postings is to read them and make your own decision and don’t take the road of taking shots a peoples grammar as a means of saying that person posting is not valid. Poor grammar does not mean people can not read , comprehend or give opinions.

    P.S Ignore the grammar snubbers who clearly have more rights the the rest of us to give their valuable opinion because their grammar skills are better than others.
    Thank goodness I do not live in their twilight zone.

  86. Happy Bunny says:

    I should add we have read to him since birth and he now spots words in books and shouts them out since using the YBCR.

  87. Happy Bunny says:

    I’ve just read through most of the posts above. Honestly people, make your own minds up. It is NOT about placing a child down in front of the tv and letting them be ‘brain washed’ it’s more than that.

    My 2 year old son started this three months ago has had speech difficulties/delays due to a tongue tie. He LOVES this programme. His speech has improved no end and amazingly he is able to say the words in English with no American accent when they appear on screen! What did amaze me is he saw the word Colour in a shop and read it out loud. In the DVD it is spelt the American way Color. He makes attempts at words when he is unsure and always starts but the correct letter ie. A new word I wrote was ‘bath’ – he looked at it and said ‘B’ but no more. To test him I had not even told him the word yet!! so I believe he understands phonics just a little. He can now count to 60 (only started on numbers a month a go), He knows the difference between a letter and a number, knows shapes taught him once and, he knows colours his peer group are just starting to learn. Everywhere we go he spots words, letters and numbers and he enjoys identifying them.

    No way am I a ‘pushy’ parent and no way am I absent either. I am a regular parent who is trying to do the best I can. I am unable to be with both my sons all time (unhealthy too) and my son loves to watch it. He likes me to sit down and watch it with him and he loves to dance at the songs. How is this bad????

    What I’m trying to say is, every child is different and learns at their own speed. I can not see any reason to stop him watching something (sometimes twice a day, sometimes not at all) when he has a very social, active and happy life. I had wondered if he may be autistic or be on the spectrum, however he is very social and a teacher I know says he shows no signs of it either. It is one more learning tool and NOT a replacement teacher and certainly NOT a replacement parent.

  88. Holly says:

    I was wondering about this as well. When I searched it on here…the first thing I saw was that there is a class action law suit against your baby can read. You can look at it at The “.org” site gives this fact some legitimacy. I’ve never tried the program and don’t personally know anyone who has. However, the fact that people are so unhappy with it that they are taking legal action is enough to convince me not to buy it.

  89. JSRNB says:

    ok I’ve read some of these comments and I don’t understand how some people think it works. it’s not teaching your baby to read, it’s teaching your baby memorization. they don’t know that a “C” make a “ka” sound. they just show you the work clap, show a picture of something clapping and then the parents think b/c the baby claps that they must know how to read. Think about it! They aren’t teaching the baby different sounds the letters make.

  90. shan says:

    I suggest that if you buy this product you also purchase some flashcards that just go over the abcs so your child will learn the alphabet and learn to associated the abcs with the words that they are learning. I remember the first words I could read, I was so excited about being able to use the letters to create words. As for my son im teaching him his alphabet first and reading to him everynight. Talk to your pediatrician to see what would be best for your child.

  91. Mamamaya says:

    There are plenty of reviews by top reputable professionals that ABSOLUTELY agree that word and letter exposure DOES accelerate the learning process.

    Try to tell Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Super Why or Blues Clues and the many other programs on PBS that this kind of exposure to word learning is harming babies and toddlers. True, there is no need to buy the YBCR program to learn. NOR do they need THOSE specific DVDs. You can simply make your own cards at home. To single out Dr. Titzer and his YBCR program is despicable to say the least.

    If we do not memorize, we do not begin our journey to learning. Well, of course the babies are memorizing. That is part of ANY learning process. The learning process is to mimic, memorize, then string it all together and finally comprehend. This is how we learn a foreign language as adults…and by the way, don’t you agree that it takes much more energy to learn a new language as adults, than it does for babies and toddlers? Didn’t we learn our multiplication tables via memorization and understand its logic later? Either these programs are a proven success for me and many of my fellow moms…or our kids are just prodigies on their own right. To suggest that reading to babies and exposing them to words via TV, video or flash cards is harmful is simply ludicrous.

    The ‘Your Baby Can Read’ program offers what it says and eventually they DO learn to read and comprehend shortly thereafter. You must follow the strict rule to expose only educational material to your child. This is crucial. If fact, my son, Harrison (now 21 months) has a 150+ vocabulary span and has been comprehending words, numbers, letters, shapes and colors by using several media formats, such as: YBCR, educational PBS programs, iPad learning apps, book reading and all toys in general that have letters and numbers, etc. Again, the key is to expose your child only educational programs…and the best part is that he LOVES it and has now developed a healthy appetite for learning. Yes, this is a good thing! I have even offered him the option to watch non-educational programs, however he loses interest in anything that doesn’t have words, letters or numbers. Looks like the Backyardigans will have to take a backseat. There will be plenty of time for him to find interest in nonsensical type shows, but for now, he has the foundation so necessary for life under his belt.

    At 10 months, my son began to comprehend WHAT he was reading and calls out people and items in the physical world. Amazingly, at 16 months, he mastered his individual letters (upper and lower case). Friends and family are floored to witness his learning progress. Our teaching methods OF COURSE go beyond the program with face to face to learning and book reading (all an EXCELLENT bonding method). I have witnessed other children who comprehend reading very VERY well using the same program and methods. I have done much research on a child’s learning process before I bought this program. Bottom line…THIS or any educational program DOES work and it WILL make learning second nature. I happen to buy the YBCR program, because I don’t really feel like making 100 word cards and books with words on my own. I simply paid for the convenience that it was done FOR the consumer. As a side note, I’ve seen reviews from parents stating that the YBCR program is ‘boring.’ Yes, it is to YOU because…well, you can read! Its slow pace is deliberate for young focused learning. Remember, your child is trying to comprehend a whole new world.

    Furthermore, this is NOT about ego or a ‘my child is better than your child’ competition. It’s about giving your child the gift and advantage for easier learning and comprehension at an early age so they can focus on other exciting things. I am amazed how many parents underestimate their child’s ability to learn at a young age. I cannot stress enough, that your child is hardwiring from the moment they take their first breath. It’s a small window up until the age of four. Then it begins to close. Take FULL advantage of it! I WISH I was given the gift of easy comprehension when I was a kid. Fact is, babies will hardwire and learn just about anything they’re exposed to in any media or non-media format. If parents didn’t want their children to watch TV…well gosh, maybe it’s because they might learn something.

    …and that’s all I have to say about that! If you made it through my rant, congratulations! You are serious about your child’s learning advancements. Here’s to a healthy appetite for a lifetime of fun learning! ;)

  92. Kris says:

    Funny how mostly all of the positive comments are written with similar formatting and all have words written in all caps randomly so u know to emphasize them. Seems pretty dishonest to me… If ur dumb enough to buy it after reading these comments u deserve to loose ur 200 dollars and I can see why ur kids might need help learning to read bc u obviously don’t know how to!

  93. Barb says:

    I saw the infomertial when I was in the maternity ward having just given birth & bought the dvd’s about 6 months later purely because I did not want my child to be watching the drivel that is on kids tv channels. I was sceptical as I am a teacher who teaches 4 & 5 year olds to read( and am not a teacher who is scared of children who can already read on entering kindergarten!). I did not notice her reading until she was about a year old when the word tiger appeared on the screen and she said “tiger”. The other day she read a notice in the supermarket – not memorised words! She is 16 months old! I have been amazed by the results but it does require parental involvement, interaction with your child and a lot of commitment. It is not a babysitting service so if that’s what you want don’t buy it but if you really want to give your child a headstart then go for it – you learn to read and then read to learn, you can give your child no greater gift than the ability to read indepentently.

  94. john says:

    I have not seen nor used this system but I am an educator. This system is not a scam but it is not teaching your children to read. They see a picture and can say the word in the picture, just like an animal, but they do not understand it. In order to fully comprehend and read a child needs the phonics structure. I can “read” Spanish but I don’t understand a thing I just said but I recognize the words, and basically that’s what this is. Don’t waste your time with it, teach phonics and the words and reading will come naturally if you do it right. A child can understand and read by the age of 5 or 6.

  95. Koalawola says:

    Well as a mom who is quite frugal I just cannot fathom spending that kind of money buying a product to do something I can do myself. I was reading at age 3 and I was taught by my mother in the 80s before YBCR much of the same way this product works. Sight words and memorization, but I was taught phonics along with it. Knowing how to sound out words b-at BAT! I was taught the short and long vowel sounds, kit vs kite, etc. And by the time I was 4 in pre-k I was the only child in the class reading and was reading on a 1st grade level. I always stayed ahead of my peers throughout school and really had a love for reading at a very young age. This was done the old fashioned way, with sharpie markers and index cards, with books from the library (free), with refrigerator magnets, etc. This is the same way I have taught 2 of my children who are both in gifted programs at school, and it’s the way I’m teaching my 3rd child, albeit later than the others but he is learning quickly and can already read several of the bob books (checked out from the library) and can spell every word that he can read. He will be reading by kindergarten. My other 2 were reading by 3 and 4 respectively. I feel that 1 year old under are too young to put that type of pressure on a child to read. I taught my children sign language of the common baby words…eat, milk, sleepy, hurt…and I taught colors, shapes, and numbers at that age. I started the reading at about 2 or 3, it took about 6 months time before they were reading and learning new words on their own, that is why phonics is important, for self teaching. Yes we pretty much read from memorization but I can come across an unfamiliar word and know how to pronounce it and I can spell very well. BTW my eldest child has been district spelling bee champ once and come in second and third place I. District one time each. He surely could win if he actually trained for it but he’s more into sports. How much is this product anyway, $200? Parents save your money and work with your kids. It will bring you closer and it’s very rewarding. If need be make your own video, that would be something fun if you have older kids or family to help.

  96. TRUTH says:

    Oh and I know it works because my daughter reads random signs all over town when we are driving in the car and random words from books and magazines if I ask her. Just this week we asked her to read the caution sticker on her stroller and she read it verbatim to me without me ever reading them to her; my husband and I were floored! We have put down words on cards that she has never seen and she figures them out and read them to us.
    I wish more people worked with their children whether it be with a program like this or just more communication or cards etc. Again, children are sponges!

  97. TRUTH says:

    I also need to add in that yes it does act as a memorizing program but now that my daughter is almost 3 and reading at level 1 and 2 books she naturally has began to sound out words herself without us even explaining her how to do it. Another product that I recommend is the V-Tec Alphabet Apple and if you let your children watch TV I highly recommend shows on PBS (public broadcasting stations) like World World. Those are great for understanding phonetics.
    I think there has been a collective amount of information provided for my daughters neurological connections to come together in her brain. I feel the more you expose the better.

  98. TRUTH says:


    My brother bought this for my daughter when she was about 4 months. She would watch it once a day and we would read the cards and apply them to the objects around the house. I was a bit skeptical at first sense that is my nature but after a while I could see that it gave a foundation. I do have to add that to just plop the kid infront of the tv and not apply the concepts in everyday life anytime possible would be a wrong approach.
    I think that the program provided patterns and not only for language. It connected concepts and words together. This is how we all learn naturally. I think the first ting I noticed that she could understand which way to hold a book and would correct us at about 6 months if we held it wrong. She was speaking very early and I would say that she is about 6 to 1 year ahead of most her age. She is able to understand concepts that children twice her age have trouble grasping. I think it helped her learn the correct way to hear and pronounce words correctly. She love the animals, sing the songs, and look at the babies and learning facial expression… all things children love.
    She is going to be 3 years old and I do have to say she is highly advanced compared to many other children her age. She is visual and auditory in learning and she is very quick to catch on to concepts not only in reading, phonetics/sound of words, but she also understand more abstract concepts such as counting, colors. I think this program has taught her that there are patterns to everything in life. She still loves to watch the programs although I only do it maybe once a month now or whenever she asks. I also think that the program has helped her with her memory. It gave a abstract concept a visual association. I know most are skeptical like I was but for me I have recommended to all my friends. It is by far the best gift my cheap brother ever forked out.
    Personally I think that the more we can expose our children to the more they can learn and the faster they can progress. I think childrens understandings are many times underestimated because their communication is not always up to par with our adult advancements but I think they are a sponge and I am happy she is curious to everything in life. It is that curiosity that is the key to knowledge.

  99. Nessa says:

    After reading all the comments, I think I may try the system.

    My little one is 19 months old, now. She says approx. 200 words although, some not very clearly. Would it be worth purchasing it for her at this late stage?

  100. TMS says:

    I’m not going to bother telling you how wonderful the product is – what works for us may not necessarily work for you.

    However I am concerned by the constant quoting of “memorising not reading”.

    I am a teacher of many things and have been for seventeen years now and my observation is this:

    Whether you teach whole word or phonics and whether you teach it at 5 months or 5 years the first step will always be the same – the student will have to memorise something whether it’s their first letter and the sound it makes or their first word and what it means.

    As for children not being capable of reading – well all of that depends upon the individual child, their life experience and exposure.

    I taught myself to read as a child before I turned three and there are many many cases of children who do this each year. Some parents read to their child and he/she works it out. Other children start by recognising the Maccas sign (very sad but true) and go from there, others see the big words on the tv screen during ads and get the gist of it from there.

    By the time I went to school I had read and comprehended the entire CS Lewis Narnia series but by then I could also perform from memory on my own over twenty dance routines.

    Children are born with a brain that is virtually empty and a huge desire to fill it, sometimes what we put in can take a while to come out voluntarily from them but we shouldn’t stop inputting it. That’s like not using your manners in front of your child because they don’t understand them any way and aren’t capable of mimicking the gesture.

    The results of these DVDs are always going to vary depending on the child and their environment and in particular the input from the parents. Yes you can teach your child to read without these they are simply a compliment to what you do already and for those of you who aren’t sure where to start they are a good beginning

  101. Mother of few says:

    This program is not a scam. All my children have used it an are reading pointing you name it there doing it. not even a year old. An sure there might be memorization but isnt that how everyone learns to read to begin with. even in school they have to memorize things to remember an copy them. dont mean they understand right away. Seems like some people dont remember the things We had to memorize remember then learn in the end if we learned the meaning more than remembering to begin with.
    please people… its really pathetic saying its a scam when you have never tried it an are not willing to spend money on your beautiful children. im a full time mom an my children are learning better than any child in my neighborhood so far. people are begging me to tell them my secret not believe its from YBCR. Then WHAM!!! they try it an what do you know. it starts working. Full time or not. Sure you might teach your children to read with books an newspapers ect. But it all starts as memorization in the beginning.
    Seriously people?

  102. Mother of few says:

    This program is not a scam. All my children have used it an are reading pointing you name it there doing it. not even a year old. An sure there might be memorization but isnt that how everyone learns to read to begin with. even it f****n school they have to memorize things to remember an copy them. dont mean they understand right away. Seems like some people dont remember the things We had to memorize remember then learn in the end if we learned the meaning more than remembering to begin with.
    please people… its really pathetic saying its a scam when you have never tried it an are not willing to spend money on your beautiful children. im a full time mom an my children are learning better than any child in my neighborhood so far. people are begging me to tell them my secret not believe its from YBCR. Then WHAM!!! they try it an what do you know. it starts working. Full time or not. Sure you might teach your children to read with books an newspapers ect. But it all starts as memorization in the beginning.
    Seriously people?

  103. Sweet Treat says:

    It’s so a scam. My job is to look through advertisements and tell if they are lying, and what techniques they are using. They are using the technique of fear. They want to make parents think their child will not be properly educated if they don’t buy their product, but in reality, their product is just a scam. The thing is that babies can’t read. They’re also using fake testimonials, which are also a scam. Just remember, don’t buy this product, because the brain of a baby is not capable to read

  104. Cactus Wren says:

    The TODAY show spoke with child-development experts from Harvard, Tufts University, NYU, and half a dozen other universities and organizations, and the consensus was that “there’s no evidence at all that these cards and DVDs will teach kids to read or make them better readers later on.”

    The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has filed an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, calling Your Baby Can Read’s claims “false and misleading” and saying that by getting children hooked on television in infancy, the program “poses significant health and safety risks to infants”.

  105. Lisa says:

    It is definately NOT a scam. My daughter is 4 and she can read. She has been watching the videos on and off since she was a baby, we stopped about a year ago becasue she mastered it, and just reads regular books now. She sounds out new words like a pro. I am very proud of her.

  106. clukeyjr says:

    I’ve read almost all of the comments here. I am a college instructor of Emergency Medical Science and have one question for everyone who says that it is “horrible,” “bad,” or “inappropriate” to teach toddlers to read with out teaching phonics, and here it is; how do you read? Do you read by sounding out words or do you recognize words and know what they mean? Mnay sutdeis sohw taht msot polepe dnot raed wrods tehy olny see the fsirt and lsat ltteer. Most people who read that last sentence will make perfect sence of it. How, its obvious, you site read with the first and last letter and the middle can be all mixed up! If you read phonetically, it would take several minutes to read this paragraph, so stop judging a system that you haven’t considered completely. I plan to buy this for my son, who is 3 and, even though I am a teacher, I have not found a way to get him to talk. If it works, I will be the biggest sales person for the company. If it doesn’t, I’ll count it as one more thing I have tried, but not blame the system, as it simply teaches them to read the way everyone reads! Phonics are great for reading new words that they already can say, but useless if the word is not already in their spoken vocabulary anyway, as they will be able to say the word, most likely with poor pronunciation, but will not have any clue to its meaning anyway!!!

  107. Teresa says:

    My oldest children were taught with sight words, they read exceptionally well. My youngest two were taught with phonics, they cannot spell worth a crud, and one of them has comprehension problems. I actually bought hooked on phonics for my children when they were younger (I regret it), but the school switched to phonics when my youngest two went there. I am still disappointed to this day because I feel I let my kids down by not insisting on the memorization method for them. I am buying this for my grand daughter because I want her to have a chance to be able to read and write correctly. Vase is not spelled Vas as hooked on phonics would have you believe, my goodness if you saw how these children write you would understand my point. Oh just remembered, there must be a lot of these hooked on phonics children writing on Craigslist as the spelling there is terrible.

  108. Nick says:

    My grandfather just got this for my baby sis, she’s 9 months, i am so excited because she is so happy when watching the videos:D I think it definitely is worth investing in. He got 3 out of the 5 levels from walmart for $65… its worth it… All these negative comments, and comment containing expletives, SHAME ON YOU, you should try watching the program so you can learn real words :)

  109. L'Sean says:

    I just recently started my baby on your baby can read and from the looks of it its working. My daughter enjoys watching it. shes only 9 months and tries to repeat almost every word. so i think its worth the try. its crazy how some people complain about the cost of something educational for your child. i love it. my child isn’t even reading yet but the fact that she take interest in something that could help her succeed in life instead of something harmful is worth every penny. The way youth is today its a blessing that people still take a interest in making this world a better place for them.

  110. beau says:

    @ Jeff
    Guess what simpleton, it takes a degree in teaching to be a teacher. That means someone has had formal education in teaching youth by qualified individuals. it also means that they spend a good deal of time around kids and might just have some idea of what it takes to teach & to learn. I’m glad you had a good experience with the program, so maybe just share your experience and keep your harsh moronic judgement to yourself. I also have been wondering if the program works or not. My wife is an English teacher and also has her doubts. That’s why we ask others for their opinions. So I echo a previous comment; shut the fuck up!

  111. Lisa says:

    This is a great program to teach your child sight words (words that are used often and that the child does not have to stop and sound out). It teaches the child to memorize the words, not sound them out. You would need supplemental material on phonics and decoding. There are people out there that would say not to use the program at all because it is only memorization, but I think it’s okay to use as PART of your child’s learning-to-read experience.

  112. Bill says:

    I used this with my 3 and 1 year old for about 4 months.
    Yes, there is a noticeable improvement in their ability to recognise words, BUT I don’t think they are reading – they are memorising.
    To test this I tried changing some of the words slightly on a chalkboard, e,g changed jump to jumping. My 3 year old swore it said jump no matter how many ways I tried to explain it was actually jumping.
    I’m concerned that this may be detrimental when she starts school as they will actually teach her how to read rather than memorising spellings (which may frustrate her), so decided to stop using it.
    Each to their own though. It is a cool trick to show off to your friends that your 1 year old can “read”, but I don’t think that was the intention of the program.

  113. Danny says:


    interesting that one of you finds it appropriate to use bad language!! Here’s hoping you set a better example to your children!!

    We saw the advert this morning so we were keen to research, it would be more helpful for an objective comment re the suitability of this product!



  114. Tomkay says:

    You tell him Tom! Yea stfu Jeff!
    Btw you have an awesome name Tom.

  115. Lucie says:

    I am also a teacher, Jeff. I am NOT union. There ARE teachers out there that aren’t in a union, just in case you didn’t know. I did not get any indication that she was questioning the program (or that she didn’t have children), just asking if it works. I taught Kindergarten for 6 years, but now teach junior high. I am also wondering if it works because I am pregnant with my first child and am considering getting the program. My concern is, is phonics included in the program? For Jeff, in case you don’t know, phonics is the teacher way of saying, ‘using the sounds of letters to make a word.’ Yes, it teaches them to recognize the words, which is a huge part part of reading, but are they able to decode? Jeff, in case you don’t know what decoding is, I will use nonteacher terms again, decoding means ‘sounding out.’ Any insight on this would be appreciated. I don’t want my little girl just recognizing words, I want her to learn phonics and decoding skills. I plan on teaching her these skills anyway, but if I can get a system that is entertaining for her as well as educational then I am all for that. Learning should be fun. I am just looking for something to supplement what I plan on doing and want to make sure that it includes everything that I feel is important.

  116. Christina says:

    It’s a scam – Don’t be fooled. It is not cognitively possible, no matter how smart your child is, to learn how to read at such a young age. It is simply memorization and recognition NOT reading. Many cognitive and developmental psychologists have stated this to be the case.

  117. shawn r says:

    i think jeff should shut the **** up. get a ******’ life. don’t you love people who attack others d/t their own loneliness and ignorance??? no one wants your asshole opinion.

  118. Amy says:

    I love this system! It is not a cure all, but meant to be used as a tool to help you teach your child. My 18 month old daughter has been using this system since she was 3 months old. I have not been great about using it on a consistant basis, but she is still learning from it. She brings me the dvds off the shelf because she wants to watch them. Every morning she points to the books on the shelf. I tease her by trying to hand her other things off the shelf and she gets really frustrated. She WANTS the books. She can point to and identify most of the words, but is not speaking much yet. She loves to sit and look at any book and mumbles what sounds like nonsense to me, but she thinks she is reading. The only negative thing about the system is that the books with flaps open up and down, which is hard for my daughter to do with out ripping them, which is why I have to keep them on the shelf and only let her have them when I am helping her. It would be nice if they also made books that are more appropriate for toddlers. Overall, I highly recommend this system to anyone.

  119. momandteacher says:

    Your Baby Can Read most likely *does* work, however, your child is only memorizing sight words. This will not do your child any favors in the long run. Children who learn to read by the ‘whole word” method are considered semi-literate by the end of high school, while children who learn to read by “phonics” are able to read and comprehend at a higher level. In fact, many who are tested to read below grade level are children who learned to read by the “whole word” method.

    Save your money and spend it on some good books to read to your child.

  120. Nanny says:

    I bought this program for my granddaughter and in the first week she knew all the cards, books and the dvd for stage one! Stage 2 she worked on and the same thing in a weeks time she was ready for stage three.
    NO the program will not work if u set ur kid in front of the tv U MUST INTERACT.
    But as a former special ed. teacher who is on disability I have the time to interact and work with my granddaughter daily.
    So if the program is NOT working for u then it’s ur own fault.
    It’s a great program.

  121. Kirstyn says:

    Why do people get hostel over a children’s program? Geez

  122. TVS, Ph. D says:

    The only reason I would be upset with the teacher’s comment above is that she’s made a couple of grammar and spelling mistakes in her comment.

    As for the program: you really do not have to spend the money if you would like to teach your child to read early, all you have to do is to teach your child to read early: read books with him/her. There are many that offer one word per page. You can buy a set of index cards (usually around .99c) and write words on them.
    Children love re-reading the same book over and over again. And buy a couple of DVDs that have children’s songs on them including the ABCs.

    @Nessa: I share your concern that your child might be bored when other children would learn to read, but for this a special arrangment with the teacher can be made. For instane, when the child can be given a book to read on his/her own, and then re-tell the story to the others at the “reading” times; or a child can become a ‘tutor’.

    @commenters using “F” and “S” words: Aren’t there any other words in the English language? Perhaps, you should buy a program that would expand your vocabulary, especially if you have children. Using such language in the presence of a child never helps expanding a child’s verbal/writing/reading/expressive ability. There are several studies published about that.

  123. Reana says:

    What about if we leave our kids alone… let them be what they are kids… a 3month old watching a Dvd is too much… They are gona have all the time in the world, to learn how to read & speak… this is just crazy to me… why overdue their little brains with so much for no reason…

  124. tr says:

    I have been against this all along. I thought/think it’s a complete scam. My daughter is just over two and without the program knows her ABCs (both the song and each letter when she sees it along with most of the sounds letters make), can count to 20 and her colors… yada, yada, yada. She can do this, because I have spent the time working with her. Grandma went ahead and bought the whole $200 package without talking to anybody first. I went ahead and am giving it a try because the money has been spent and really, I don’t think it can hurt anything. We have been watching the DVDs and using the cards for two days now. In the first lesson the words range from “hi” to “elephant”. After viewing it a couple of times, she can “read” the word “hi.”

    I am concerned though, because although it states that in later lessons it will get to phonetics (so we’ll just have to wait and see), the first lessons have nothing to do with letters or phonetics and the teaching is based on getting the child familar with the shape of the word. Being that “hi” is the only two letter word in this lesson, which has 22 words. I’m not surprised she memorized the shape of it so quickly — it’s the most different.

    Now, while this may or may not be a bad thing, I’m concerned that this will not teach her to read, but to memorize, as a previous poster had said. If she is not taught to sound a word out, how is she being taught to read? I will continue to use the program, but will continue with the way I have teaching her so far, with emphasis on letters and sounds, to make a more fully-rounded program.

    Is it a scam? Yeah, of course it is. Because even if this is how you wanted to teach your child to read, you can make your own home video (yes, the video is that boring and low-end) and you can make your flash cards for a lot cheaper than $200. Since you’re a teacher, I would hope that you or any teacher would teach my child to read using the “old-school” method, which not only will give her the ability to read new words she has never seen before, but also the confidence to figure other things out in using the same step-by-step methodology.

    Hope this helps somewhat :)

  125. Jen says:

    All that was asked was if this product worked or not. Some of you do not need to criticize her because she is a teacher and asking about it. It just shows how high of an education you have by the way you snap at her about it. Grow up.

  126. j.fitz says:

    its great. i used it on my son, but not as much as i should but he still understands more words and can speek better than many 4-5 year olds, he is only 2. im going to use it on my daughter too.

  127. Michelle says:

    I started it when my daughter was 3 months old. She loved it. When we put the dvd in and she heard the beginning music she got so excited. My daughter is now 20 months old and knows her ABC’s and can read all the flash cards as well as recognize the words in books when I read to her and she loves to read herself. She can also count to 20 and now speaks and counts in German. I would recommend this product strongly! I was skeptical at first but am so glad I bought it. By the way when I bought this it was still $200. Best investment I have ever made.

  128. MD mommy says:

    I’ve used YBCR (your baby can read) with my 3yr old (as an infant) and now my 1yr old. It works great! I thought it was a big hoax as first, but it was a gift and I decided to give it a try. within 6 weeks my first son was reading 4-6words, and my second son was doing the same within 3wks of starting it. My now 3yr old was reading on his own before the age of 3. I think it’s great to have the resources to teach them the written plus the spoken word, and it gets them interested and recognizing letters as well as actions of objects that you may not have at your disposable. You have to put the time into it for the benefits, I’ve had 4 friends also buy the program after seeing my son read, but only 3 of the 4 followed the guidelines and the 4th who did not hasn’t seen much results.

  129. Tom says:


    Fellow parent, shut the fuck up. If a teacher wants insight into this program, who are you to shut her down? You don’t know if she has kids, and even if she doesn’t, she’s looking for guidance in how to help teach ours better. Like it or not, this system is what’s in place. Don’t like them? Home school your kid, no one will miss them. Until then, lets be helpful to those who are spending time teaching our nation’s youth instead of judging them for choosing a career dedicated to molding young minds. Huh? can you do that for me Jeff? Or are you too busy out there judging people that you don’t even know? What if she’s a good teacher? Or a parent herself? You don’t know. Shut the fuck up.

  130. shelly says:

    The whole system is good and like many other people I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a scam before I bought it. So I purchased the first level by itself, only to find out it didn’t have all of the same learning tools that the whole case has. To me this is so unfair! There are no workbooks and some cards are missing. I paid 30.00 for half of something. Now im not so sure I will be buying the whole system or recommend it to anyone!

  131. jeff says:

    i hate when teachers talk about your baby can read, if you really want to know have a kid and get it otherwise shut your union face. your baby can read is awesome and my 22 month old can read better then the 3.5 year old at her daycare and its because of your baby can read. Stop thinking you know everything because you hang around kids all day, that doesn’t make you a critical thinker.

  132. Nessa says:

    I haven’t used the system but I would definitely, like to have a look at it. I’m in the U.K and as far as I’m aware, there isn’t a try before you buy scheme.

    As long, as you’re not pushing the little ones against their will and, have a chilled out approach, I can’t really see what harm it could cause.

    But, should the system truly work, I would be concerned that my child may become bored in school when her peers were learning to read. And, as a result, misbehave in class or lessen their love of learning.

  133. Maddie says:

    i think it might work if you can get the child to sit down and watch it. my godson has is and he still cant read we got it back in september. but i wouldnt do business with the company they say its only 14.95 and we asked 3 times if it would ever be anymore and they said no all three times and it turned out to be 14.95 plus 199.00.

  134. longisland says:

    I am just blown away at the number of parents who are so intent on teaching their kids to read while they’re still infants. WHY, WHY, WHY does a baby need to be reading? What’s so very wrong with just reading TO them? Can’t they just be babies anymore instead of parents trying to turn them into little geniuses? I find the whole idea very creepy. Just this week a Manhattan woman filed a lawsuit against her 4 year old daughter’s preschool because she said they didn’t adequately prepare the child for the testing necessary to get her into an elite elementary school. What kind of madness is this? You all need your heads examined. Very sad.

  135. cathy w. says:

    I think your baby can read is a waste of money. And they took my money and charged me for something I didn’t ask for and made me pay to ship it back. I purchased hooked on phonics the best thing I ever did

  136. pat says:

    I was in school during a time when they removed phonics from most class rooms so I learned to read by site and memory I am now almost 40 and can read a 1000 page book in about 10 hours and comprehend what I just read. I just took the same collage placement test that my 18 year old niece has to take and scored 90% on the reading comprehension. Also for those of you who say that it does not work when you go out side with your child and they point to something and say what’s that you better not tell them what it is because they won’t comprehend it anyway I myself will use anything I can to help my child learn that include phonics or your baby can read because they both work.

  137. Sheila says:

    Your Baby Can Read is not a scam. My now almost 4 year old started the program at around 14 months and is now quite a fluent reader. He LOVES to read and also comprehends what he is reading. In fact, he reads better than some of the 11 year olds I taught! There is lots of interaction involved with this program- you don’t just let them watch a video. He takes so much pleasure in reading everything around him. I find nothing wrong with this program.

  138. Jimbo says:

    Whoever thinks this program is a scam will be sadly mistaken if they give it a chance. I started this program with my daughter at 9 months old. By 1 year old she could read more than 20 words. She is now 2 years old and not only can she read every word in this entire program (well over 200 words) but she understands the meanings of the words too. She knows past and future tense of words as well. It might not teach your baby to read an actual book from the start but it teaches them how to enhance their memorization skills. I see some people are negative about this because you are forcing your child to sit in front of a tv to learn instead of interacting with others. How i look at it is, a child most likely will always watch tv. If this is the case, why not use this educational program. My daughter asks to watch “dvd” before anything else. This is a perfect program for young children. At 2 years old my daughter, can read, speak in full sentences, uses proper tenses, sings full songs. I have seen other babies her age that cant not only read but can babble only a few words. If you make this program fun for your baby, put time and effort into it, you will see great success!!! People calling this program a scam without trying it is absolutely ridiculous!!!! If the program doesn’t work for your child, it’s only because parents didn’t put time and effort into it!

  139. Danielle says:

    My baby is 6 months old. We have been watching this video together since he was three
    Months old. He absolutely loves to watch and try to interact.
    I sit with him and interact and sing the songs as well. He is too young to point to the
    Tv when the word games come on, so I use the cards. I place two cards on the floor in front of him and ask him which word is “clap” ( or which ever cards I choose). He slaps his hand down on the correct card! This video DOES WORK of you work with your child and watch it faithfully! It IS NOT A SCAM! the DVDs are reasonably priced and you cam find them sold individually at walmart! You do not have to buy the set if you are skeptical! I was a huge skeptic and now I feel stupid for being such a jerk about it!

  140. Candice says:

    Don’t buy this program.
    Children learn to read step by step. If you skip the building blocks e.g. phonological awareness(awareness of sounds), decoding(ability to see it and break it down) and sight words (basic words) then sure they will be able to read at an earlier stage but they will generally struggle once they reach year 3 as the difficulty of vocabulary and books will increase and they will not have those basic skills to assist them.

    All this program does is get children to memorise pictures and words, it doesn’t teach them the skills to break down the words, sounds so that they can read.

    Play is much more benefical for babies and children. Much research and educators stand by this.

  141. Larissa says:

    We received the Your Baby Can Read videos second hand. My daughter loves watching them. She is 7 months old and she has been watching them twice a day for about 2 months. We know that she recognizes some of the words that she sees (like baby – this always makes her laugh) and now she will clap when she sees the word clap. Whether she recognizes the words, associates with the pictures or understands what they are saying on the video, I’m not sure. Since I didn’t spend $200 on the program I’m sure that I’m not as invested as some others. We read to our daughter everyday, she watches these videos twice a day and occasionally Baby Einstein too. She loves both. We feel that if it works and she can be a superstar reader by the time she’s a year old GREAT but if not that’s just fine too. If nothing else it will be a great stepping stone for her when she’s ready for it.

    Now after reading some reviews about the company itself I’m glad I didn’t purchase this product. If their business practices are really as bad as some say then I would say “Buyer Beware”. If you really want to try the product I would recommend that you go through a 3rd party seller like E-Bay. You’ll get it cheaper anyway.

  142. ATLANTA MOM says:


  143. Shelby says:

    I just got the your baby can read system less than a month ago and it seems to be working with my kids who love watching it. My son actually asks for it.
    I was annoyed with the comments about people who use the system just plopping their kids down and ignoring them. Thats not how it works. There are dvds, yes, but you have to work with them with the flashcards and books provided. The system encourages you to read to/with them during the dvds, make up games with the keywords, read books from the library, watch other shows that aid in reading (Word world on KET), and many other things.
    To me the system is mostly about getting the parents moving on teaching their kids to read because most parents dont even think about reading with work and everything they have going on.
    I think that this system can and will work if you follow the instructions AND help your child along by participating. Your child is going to mimik you so set a good example! When I asked my son if he wanted to learn to read he said yes very enthusiasticly but his father and I read ALL OF THE TIME. Set a good example thats the best thing you can do.

  144. Courtney says:

    Actually, this product has the *potential* to be dentrimental to your child’s learning abilities. Of course, I’m not saying it’s bad; however, those who claim it “works” are, in truth, being scammed. You’re child isn’t “reading,” they are simply being conditioned to repeat “tiger” when they see the same letter formation over and over again. The problem here is that by “teaching” your child in this way, they aren’t learning the building blocks needed to be able to sit down with a book you haven’t read to them 20 times and sound out words themselves. To quote Dr. Steven Novella, “Some even caution that by taking an extreme whole word approach, phonic understanding can be delayed and the net result can be negative.” I would also like to add that as far as Baby Einstein goes, a study was done at the U of Washington, and the baby’s who watched the videos learned, on average, six to eight less vocabulary words than the control group (those that did not watch the videos).

    I am by no means trying to criticize those who claim it work. I just feel that people are aware that it is NOT worth all the money you are paying. And even if you have the nagging desire to take this approach with your child, you can gather/make your own materials to do so for a much lower price.

  145. Jenna says:

    I would just like to know from a parent who has purchased this program… Can your child actually read or is your child memorizing only the words from the program. There is a very big difference between reading and memorizing. Can your child read a word that he has never seen before by sounding out the letters? I’m not trying to put the program down, but it just seems like it’s full of memorization rather than actual reading skills. I want my daughter to learn that letters make sounds and when you put those sounds together you can form words. In other words, I don’t want to have to teach her how to read every word in the English language. I want her to learn reading skills and be able to read new words on her own.

  146. Isabell says:

    I’m a mother of one and primary school teacher. I’ve seen YBCR advestised but thought $200 was too much money, however I’ve recently purchased the 3 volume kit at Walmart for $25. My son is 15 months and doesn’t watch tv — his choice (not mine LOL), he is not interested in the DVDs but he does enjoy looking, sliding, flipping up, and reading the pages of the flashcards and books. So for $25 — I’d say it was a good buy — my son loves it!

  147. Sarah says:

    We got this program as a gift from my grandma for our daughter. We love it so much. I do believe it works and it comes with a dvd that is a whole interview with Dr. Titzer where he explains his research on how the baby’s brain works and how his program is set up. It is very intriguing and logical when you listen to what he has to say. Everyone has there own opinion of course, and every child learns differently so chances are people who love or hate the program are biased for or against it based on how their child learns uniquely. I think it is an excellent program though and has helped my daughter a lot. She says many words at 22 months and has been picking up on words since about a year. She talks better than most of the 2 year olds I have ever worked with in a daycare. But of course I will say I think my child was already advancing quickly, so that may be the reason why she took so well to this program. Like I said, everyone will get different results because their children are different. But I do think the overall result is about the same in the long run. It will ultimately help children to, at the very least, stay up to speed with their class and not be straggling behind once they begin reading and school, and, at the very best, will help them excel and surpass average expectations with flying colors. It is at least worth trying the trial out for only $15. At any rate if you don’t like the set up or don’t think it is starting to show any signs of being helpful, you have spent very little on it. However I will see, I have met a few parents that didn’t like it and said it didn’t work, but when you asked them why it really turns out that they did not use the flash cards or books but rather left the kids to watch the videos by themselves and the didn’t integrate what was being learned on the dvds through interactive play. I am saying this because they seem to have just used it as a way to occupy their child while they were busy with other things, rather than actually try to teach them anything. It is a lot like putting your child in pull-ups and talking about the potty but not actually taking the time to stop what your doing and help your child learn how to use it or make time for them to use it often. This is most definitely an interactive tool and is not meant to be just cards and monotonous reading. If you are worried about experiencing and interacting with your child through play and fun activities, I promise you this program is meant to be this way, not boring or strictly by the book. Hope this helped you some. Also, I recommend their your baby can speak program as well. It uses music videos that say phrases in english and whatever other language you want to teach your child how to distinguish the meaning of different words. It has all different topics like the zoo, the beach, the grocery store, etc. etc. Good luck to you, I assure you it’s not a scam but you will just have to try it to decide for yourself.

  148. Jasmine says:

    I am a mother of a 10 month old I tryed the home made flash cards but I could tell I was missing something untell two months ago I got the your baby can read and I started useing it and my son is picking up on more even faster the your baby can read does not discourage parint child interactshion it incoureges you to wach the movie with your child but it is also good it you need to get house work done I am the only one takeing care of my house and my baby so I need time to get stuff done that does not mean I do not interact with my baby on the contrary I interact with him 95% of the day he is awake and my parints as teacher counselar is amazed with how smart he is. Yes reading to your child is a great thing I do it erey time I put him down for a nap but the your baby can read has inhanced our reading expeareance and yes my sister did learn how to read from books but I did not even though we grew up in the same house with the same parints who did the same thing some children need more help then others expeashaly if you have disabilities that run in your family it took me tell I was in 4th grade to learn how to read and I remeber just feeling so stupid and hateing myself that is one thing I would never wish on anyone els it was so hard to learn how to read that I would break into tears after the first page cus I could not do it and pritty much everyone had given up on me… anyways if you do the home flash cards I would sugest that you do your reserch exstensively cus I would hate for you to miss something… also if you have got the your baby can read fallow the directshions and interact with your child also dont do what my husband trys to do and play it more thin once in a row

  149. SIMONE says:


  150. NewMum says:

    I am 25 years old. I never grew up with this “sit your kid in front of the tv and learn” crap. I excelled well in school and can read like a champ. I dont see why we need to be lazy when it comes to our children. I dont want to know what the future will be like in 20 years.

  151. Shuanmotherof1 says:

    I purchased the program for my son when he was 5 months old. He is now 13 months and can read at least 20 words without pictures. We use a number of different flashcards, so he knows some words that were not included with the program. He can also point and recognize many other words just from hearing us talk to him and describe what we see and what we do. He loves books and points out and says words he knows when we are reading. He can say and recognize 7/10 1-10 numbers and recognizes a few alphabet letters. He surprises me everyday. For example, we were in the store this weekend and a lady put a toy (in a box packaging) on the counter. My son looked at the box and the object in the box and said, “toy”. My mom and I looked at each other. The lady asked how old he was and was amazed that he is only 13months. Toy is not in any of the flashcards we have, but he knew he was looking at a toy in the packaging. My son’s nanny kept logging all of the words he could read, but I really thought she was exaggerating. She captured a video and then I was a believer that he knew so many words. We reinforce his learning at every opportunity. The videos and flashcards from the program are great, but I think consistency and reinforcement play the major role in how quickly they learn. We practically turn every play session into a learning session. It’s fun for him. Remember, children learn at different speeds. Just know, that the words will come eventually.

  152. david eats garys asshole says:

    David i like how you are fighting against this program, and your fight about the 2.50 in overdue charges came from a great movie about a janitor that was nuts and could do great things with his mind plagerism is a crime so die.

  153. Sandy says:

    I am considering trying this product but would like everyone to know that I seen the product at a Meijer’s Store in Ohio for 89.00

  154. Joyce Bryant says:

    My grandson started the program at 2 he is now 3 and he can read…yes it works if you work the daughter was sceptical until she acutually started taking the time to work the program..

  155. Newmommy says:

    Well after reading some of the comments both good and negative I’m riding on buying this product! I feel as though regardless of how much time it takes for them to sit in front of the television and how much time I would need to teach my soon to be born son! I would would ride to heaven and back if necessary and I would do it! I see that this has worked, and for those who are still struggling trying to teach there children how to read at the age of 4 then something you were doing obviously hadn’t worked before! My boyfriends 3 oldest children 17, 11, and soon to be 5yr old are all failing school, now what does that say about the parent! If you were a great student then teach or give your kids the tools they need to be successful! Sometimes flash cards just won’t help so use a proven system! Just b/c they go to school everyday doesn’t mean they are getting what they need! Trust me I see it, and I REFUSE for my son to be like his 3 older siblings! He WILL be smart academically and common sense wise!

    God bless take care of your children!

  156. STFU says:

    All i can say is stfu as parents why fight about what it does just do it if u see things helping out your child thats great and if its not ok didnt work stop haven this talk about being right everyone cant be right just enjoy your damn children my lord people no child is greater than the other everyone is different and im young i bet you cant guess >:/ am i 10..11..or 12 you guess now really do i sound older than u guys thats fighten >:/

  157. Jessika says:

    I purchased baby can read when my son was 3 months old. We figured it couldn”t hurt to try. We showed him flash cards before he could even talk and the videos. At 6 months old he was saying more words than and average child of that age and clearly. He also could read some of the flash cards as well. It helped alot with comunicating with my child he didn”t seem to cry as much since he could tell me what he wanted.
    So not only did the product work but he is now 20 months old and can read all flash cards and more he also can point and tell you what things are he knowes all his shapes and colors and can say his alphabet and can point out all the letters if asked as well. He can also count to 20. He is already speaking in clear sentences. The best way I can describe what has happened is , It is like baby can read opened up a whole other side of his brain and now he is learning and comprehending at a rate that is remarkable. He also can point to people that he has only met one time from a picture and he remembers the person”s name. His memory is also very advanced. He is very polite and says please and thank you and ask for things as well. Remind you he has not even turned two yet.
    To all the parents who feel it takes away from teaching your child I dont agree at all. We are always playing with the flashcards together and we have little sticky notes all over the house that he reads if anything it has made learning for the whole family alot of fun . It has also made my seven year old interested in reading more because he loves to teach the little one. He also likes the dvd’s as well. We are going to take it further and go ahead and purchase your child can read and see what happens. We also read to him at least two books a day.
    Your child can never have to much input !!!!!

  158. Mommy in WI says:

    I find flash cards and reading worked just as well for my 20month old and 7yr old. I had done this with my 2 older chldren who are not 18 and 17. They both were able to read at 3 years and I did not have to pay a ton of money.

  159. Joanna McCain says:

    I am looking into getting YBCR for my son who is Autistic. He “thinks in pictures” and has a horrible time with a “typical” spelling list and then testing on Friday’s. Any comments or opinions if this could be helpful to him? He is extremely smart, and extremely high functioning, just needs a little help with words and reading because of recieving no education for the first 5 years of school…(long story)…..think it could help??? Phonics aren’t the best for him either…you would be amazed at how much our English language DOES NOT make sense when your only answer to a a 11 year old super smart child asks “why” is “because”….ex: more than one goose is geese, then why isn’t more than one moose, meese? why do we have to have the a and the e when we say “are” we don’t hear them so why spell it that way? Would love to hear comments and opinions. Thanks

  160. nancy says:

    Amen, Teacher and Mother!

  161. Joe says:

    Of course it is a scam! If it wasn’t a scam, they’d be very open and up front about the actual cost of the product. Most all of TV deals like these are scams. It is a way of separating you from your money. It is worth noting that some of the positive comments on this site seem to have come from plants, that is, people who are affiliated with the company selling this garbage. It is a common tactic used by scam artists. It is an utter shame that this garbage is advertised on PBS Sprout. SAVE YOUR MONEY! Do not fall for this trick.

  162. Master Chief says:

    Bushra says:
    January 20, 2011 at 3:46 pm
    Hya evry1, I av read all the reviews, and what I want to say is that YOU WONT KNOW UNTIL YOU DONT TRY THIS PRODUCT, so really you should buy it and try it, if your not happy then YBCR does have a thirty day money back guarantee, So if I was you I would giv it a go, I have just purchased one online for my 7 month old baby boy.

    Well Bushra, looks like you should look at the videos with your baby too! Learn to write! Oh by the way, YBCR works 100%!!!!

  163. Tom says:

    I was up early this morning with my 6 and half month old son. The advert was cleverly timed for blood shot eyed parents awake at the crack of dawn. We watched it together. It looks like a good way of teaching him to learn in a fun way. It also looks like something I can do. He’s just started saying “dada” so it would be nice to direct him to expand his vocabulary. My spelling and English is pretty bad as is my wife’s so it would be nice to start him early as he’s probably dyslexic like us. The main issues with people here seem to be wether it’s worth the money. Wether it works or is a scam and wether it only teaches your child to memorize words without understanding their meaning. To me it will be worth the money if the value it gives helps him excersize his mind, learn, play, memorize and keep him entertained. Have ordered one for us to give a go. We then watched match of the day which he loves! I have decided to take the same approach as the YBCR course. There will be flash cards of premiership club badges which he will have to memorize as in Cockerell = Tottenham, Gun = Arsenal etc.. There will be object interaction mainly focusing on balls and short 15 min burst intervals of Michael Owens soccer training school! but first he has to learn to read.

  164. ERICA PURCELL says:


  165. Bushra says:

    Hya evry1, I av read all the reviews, and what I want to say is that YOU WONT KNOW UNTIL YOU DONT TRY THIS PRODUCT, so really you should buy it and try it, if your not happy then YBCR does have a thirty day money back guarantee, So if I was you I would giv it a go, I have just purchased one online for my 7 month old baby boy.

  166. Jodeana says:

    I started my daughter on YBCR when she was 3 months old. I followed all their instructions (i.e., no other TV, flashcards & picture books daily, watch with the child & interact, read other books together, talk about & describe their environment, label objects throughout the house, etc.). I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that IT WORKS. By the time she was 12 months old she had all 150 or so words memorized; at 14 months she had another 200 or so flashcards (not part of YBCR) memorized; at 16 months I taught her the alphabet and phonetics which she picked up rapidly. Now, at 2 years, she reads complete, simple toddler books and full sentences with words she’s never seen before. BUT the key is to go beyond, and consider YBCR as a tool among other tools in a dedicated process. You can’t just sit them down in front of the DVD and leave the room and expect them to learn. Teaching her to read was a very time-consuming, tedious process using many different methods and tools, but it certainly paid off.

  167. nicole says:

    YOUR BABY CAN READ IS A SCAM. WE RETURNED ALL OF THE PRODUCTS AND THEY CONTINUE TO BILL US. dont waste your time or your money on this nonsense crap!

  168. Tammie says:

    This could be the best program in the world, however, the company who sells it is a complete unprofessional thief!! They ship kis out without products & deny it, fraudulently overcharge customers’ credit cards, ships orders (from China) that weren’t actually clicked “OK/finalize order”, refuse to replace warranted products, accuse customers of not returning products that they have actually returned & then turn them into collection agencies, etc. I could go on & on. Anyone considering ordering anything from this company should at least first inform themselves with what they are up against by visiting:

  169. Tracy says:

    I myself am homeschooling my oldest child. He is in Kindergarten and most of his classes are 1st grade level. He is very smart. He has 2 younger sisters and I thought about helping them out with the Your Baby Can Read program so I’ve been researching. I’ve found most professionals, including one specializing in infant development from Harvard, say it is memorizing not learning. I teach phonics with flash cards, magnetic letters (upper and lower), books, and parts of speech. My son has to sound out his words and only memorize words such as “the”. Your Baby Can Read program teaches whole words and not phonics. When the children get older and need to sound out words it will cause problems. I was crushed to learn about the program in such a negative way, but it just means more phonics for my girls. I don’t agree a child can’t learn before the age of 5. My son was starting to read at age 3 and my 4 year old is starting to read a little, but only after phonics. Even my 2 year old loves to play phonics bingo and guess the letter sound. I don’t like to put my children in front of the tv anyway so I guess it works out. You never know how long you have so spend every second you can with your little miracles.

  170. Jennifer says:

    I learned to read off of flash cards and read way ahead of schedule. Sure, it wasn’t “Your Baby Can Read”, but very much the same concept. Later on, I learned hooked on phonics. My mom didn’t pick up hooked on phonics for me until I was about 8 and we just used it so that I could learn how to ‘sound out’ words and figure them out on my own. I have 4 younger siblings that primarily learned to read with hooked on phonics and no flash cards.
    The difference between us all? I’m still the fastest reader nearly 20 years later AND I’m the only one in my family who spells well enough to have made it to the national spelling bee.
    Memorization is how you remember the spelling of words that are not spelled the same as they sound.
    I have a 6 week old and will probably use flash cards like YBCR to start out and then eventually add hooked on phonics. Memorization is an important skill to learn, so I see no reason not to start out with that and then add hooked on phonics at a later time. Flash cards/memorization alone won’t teach your child to read effectively, but they can certainly be a good start. They do still need to learn how to ‘sound out’ words they haven’t seen before.
    I probably won’t be purchasing the YBCR set from the site since they don’t have upfront pricing. I really dislike trial periods and things you have to remember to cancel, so I’ll probably just buy from a store that has upfront pricing.

  171. Janieherc says:

    What I wish parents would recognize about teaching you child is that you must move at his pace. You must be willing to work with him on a consistent basis. Babies thrive on routine. Here is what to do. The program absolutely works if you work it.
    1. Sit, interacting with your baby twice each day and watch the DVD’s.
    2. Once each day go through the cards and/or books with him.
    3. Capitalize on the three learning styles used in the program: visual, audio, kinesthetic.
    The program will become a welcomed and fun part of every day and within a few weeks you will see him making progress.
    I do this with children from ages 3 mos. to 3 years in my home childcare. As children learned the words for animals, I purchased realistic animals they could pick up and place on word cards. They do it beautifully. It is a game. Children learn through play.
    The childrens’ parents love to see their children reading. You will see, if you make the commitment, that your child will learn early to love reading.
    I have a graduate degree in reading and have been teaching it in public schools to children with learning differences.
    I commend the author of the program for his impeccable research and focus in early brain development.

  172. Ayo says:

    Whatz up with all the people defending this product and so strongly. I came here because I am considering this for my daughter. After this review, I think the manufacturer is duplicating all the positive reviews.

    Making my own cards.

  173. pri says:

    By the way, this would be much better than to have your child sitting there watching dora, spongebob or something else. Sesame street, between the lions, and other show on pbs are just fine though.

  174. pri says:

    I still want to get this for my daughter. I see a lot of things saying it is memorization. However, I am a young mother and I know elementary learning is basically memorization. They don’t explain you the “why” until later on. It’s a lot of english rules that I did not learn until last summer durning my first term in college. And it’s a lot of exceptions to the rules. Memorizing is better than nothing at all because you would be suprised at how many students in my high school could barely read or had to read slow. Yes, some have a comprehension problem but most just didn’t know how to read but were very smart. I took speech class in elementary, all it did was help me pronounce sounds right. However, I have always been a straight A student. My point is, this product would be great, especially if you don’t know how to teach, but it’s going to take a lot of participation on the parent’s behalf and actually trying to find out the best way their child comprehends.

  175. jo says:

    My eldest daughter bought the starter DVD for her sisters 10 month old son for christmasat first he wasnt really that interested as he had never watched tv before however now only 3 weeks later he is sitting down watching and actually learning.. for all those people who talk about plonking your child down I can tell you its really not that simple both my daughter and i spend a lot of time and effort with him while the DVD is playing and I believe it is this programme that is helping and not just our efforts…. i decided I would watch and see if there was any progress before deciding on purchasing the complete programme however after just 3 weeks I believe it is definitely money well spent …. I guess at the end of the day it all depends on how good a start you want your child to have and how much you are willing to put in… As a parent of 4 and grandparent of 1 I would definitely recommend YBCR….. If anyone has a complete set theyre not happy with or have finished with please email me on before the end of January thank you

  176. Cocoloco says:

    See consumer reports for “your baby can read scam” and put two and two together. Just be an involved parent and let your little “Einstein” develop as God intended. If not convinced, go ahead and shell out $200 the good old U.S.A. way! Wasteful!!!

  177. Takina says:

    Keith Brigold is funny!! I have not purchase YBCR yet, but where my daughter attends daycare the providers use it there. I think it helps, but for me to give a true opinion about the product, I need to purchase it or get it from the library or buy it off the street. I’m sure it will be a lot cheaper.

  178. Ipolito says:

    Hi all, i just got back from there shop today, and i am here in Fiji, i actually see the content of the box it costs a$465FJD, as a parent i think its better than spending it on something useless, as the child can watch the DVD and perform the teaching from the DVD to the materials that is provided. IT IS NOT A SCAM

  179. MissM says:

    You know, $80-$200 would buy an awful lot of REAL books…

    My main objection to this product, is I want to teach my kids ENGLISH, not AMERICAIN.

    I find it incredibly rude and patronising that the YBCR group can not be bothered to tweak their product to different markets before deluging me in banal ads for their over-priced US-centric crap.

    Right on Jason – let’s make our own flashcards and teach our kids to swear properly. [That's probably "cuss" if you speak only American.]

  180. Vince H says:

    I bought the full product kit. It’s expensive, although there is a lot in the kit. I did have to decline far too many “extra’s” and unrelated crap like magazine offers when on the phone. I also understand that the company that markets this product has had many complaints over their advertised ‘specials’. As with any purchase, watch your statement, and use a credit card so you have extra protection should you choose to return the product.

    Now as to the product itself, it works. It does not keep a child from socializing, nor does it remove the parent from the process. My daughter is 19 months old and loves the video’s and the books. The books are heavy duty, and hold up to the destruction a toddler can bring upon a book. She can now read a few dozen words, not just straight from the flash cards, but also handwritten. It’s kind of creepy to see a baby who’s still learning to talk, also readying.

    I’m confused how an hour a day of this training keeps a toddler from interacting with other children. The people who have questioned the program seem to have no direct experience or knowledge of what it is about.

  181. Esme says:

    My 5 year old had been asking me to get this YBCR for a year and I purchased it on a whim when I saw it in Best Buy ($99 for 4 cd/book/card set). She is learning to read in K but it is a slow and frustrating mystery to her. I must say in less than 2 weeks, she has had the aha moment and now ‘gets’ reading – whole word and phonics. It definitely relies on memory but that is the foundation for some kids. It’s very self correcting so she enjoys peaking at the pics if she doesn’t know the word, and using the slide cards which are an innovative addition.

    My child’s confidence has soared and she is picking up lots of books around the house and attempting them and proclaiming favorites when she can read them. Her teacher at school certainly hasn’t been this effective in 10 weeks of group insturction as I have been over the holiday break with this system. I believe any system could work if you work it consistently, show excitement about progress and supplement where you see gaps. It’s allowed me to explain phonics to her in almost a back-in approach (ie, you khow this word says smiling now let’s break it down).

    You are supposed to spend a month or more on each level, however, if you use this with an older child, you may have results like mine which is more like a book (50 words) a week (there are sentences that accompany these pics in the book which offer a good deal of challenge and include words that are not in videos or flashcards).

    My older child was instructed in school using phonics coupled with memorizing hundreds of sight words so I don’t get the controversy there. He didn’t read early or easily but is now at 9th grade level (he’s a fourth grader).

    I’ve spent more money on toys that broke in a week so I find it to be neither a scam or a waste of time. I’ve used plenty of educational toys that didn’t click for me kids. This one seems to. I plan to order the next series – your child can read next month.

    I avoided dealing with the company so no headaches there.

  182. CARLOS says:

    I am a father to an 11 month old, I am really interested in getting this product… I read all

    the pros and con, I dont think BABY CAN READ will actually hurt the child, truly reading

    I have my doubts as well but memorizing and being able to affiliate word with pictures is

    a plus, I was incarcerated for some time while there i thought GED classes, ESL and

    basic reading and math you would be amazed at how many people can not affiliate

    pictures to words I had a great record from 32 student that could not read or do basic

    math I had 13 earn their GED in 12 months… Most teachings began with memorizing….

    13 month for a grown man to memorize then learn and earn a GED!!! Imagine a child

    learning in whatever set pace if he memorizes then recognizes eventually he will know

    and understand it… this product will be a wise investment even if it does not work your

    child will get some quality time with you and may learn to come to you when her or she

    does not remember or recognize something, the first step with teaching a child is

    understanding that trial and error is a great teacher i dont believe its an error to try

    BABY CAN READ but in all you will teach yourself as well as your child to try new

    things!!!! If you cant afford it you can always down load it as a torrent file then make

    the flash cards this way you dont lose anything at all so there you got it for free so i

    guess now it may be worth the try… Oh and i got that from doing research which many of

    us who read dont know how to do… LOL enjoy!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR

  183. Diana says:

    Identifying words in isolation it is not reading. Decoding words it is not reading. A child can read Charlotte’s Web but if she can’t comprehend what she just read it is not reading. You can build a baby’s vocabulary by constantly talking to her, not using baby talk, and playing games without having to spend money. In other words spend quality time with the baby. She will learn vocabulary and when it is developmentally appropriate she will learn to read.

  184. rachel says:

    ok..i have 6 children….i believe that the program is working by memory…when my eldest was under one, she could remember flash cards when i showed them to her…a good program is reading teaches phonics…all my children could read fluently before school using phonics and they are ahead of thier peers by years in reading… the english language is complex, thats why phonics is a better way of teaching.for example the sound ch is in many words yet makes different sounds. here is a thought..your child can remember the word spoon, if there is a picture….but how would you get them to remember a word like mechanics?……by using the old fashioned way of reading, it may take more time…but much more worth it.

  185. glenn the musher says:

    Hey, my lead dog can read. When we’re on the snowmobile trail, I say whoa and stop the team at every road crossing. There’s a red octagonal sign labeled STOP at these intersections. After awhile my dog Nugget would stop the team even if I saw the crossing was clear and neglected to say whoa. She does this even on trails we’ve never been on before.

    So what is reading, really? Isn’t it simply a conceptual mapping of symbols to the ideas they represent? I have never seen the materials, but I remember from developmental psych, that children’s visual and auditory senses mature faster than their vocal psychomotor skills. This is the concept I see being leveraged in the advertising of this product. It makes sense to me. Skip the say, just see and “get it”.

    My son is dyslexic. He could never get phonics, because of the way his brain is wired. He didn’t have the ability to visit each letter in a word and decode it. His mind wanted to skip ahead and “guess”, relying on contextual clues from the whole words and phrases he conceptually mapped correctly. We tried hooked on phonics with him, and the outstanding result was frustration, withdrawal and an inferiority complex. What worked better for Brian was techniques from Orton-Gillingham. I think the biggest benefit to early reading training is that you will get a sense of your child’s learning style before they enter preschool. You don’t want kids to be made fun of that will have trouble learning to read in school.

    If/when I have grandchildren I’ll want to try this out. I wouldn’t have high expectations of producing wunderkind, but it seems like it might help kids learn to read sooner. If my dog can read but can’t talk, why not babies?

  186. Amber says:

    This is the complaint that I sent to the “Your Baby Can Read” costumer service box online.
    I just made a call to your 1800 number in search of information on your product. After learning the additional 3 month 66.60 payments that would be inquired after the 30 day trial period is over.. I then responded to the Representative that I will have to wait until I return back to work before I can purchase this product. (at this point I was still very optimistic and interested in purchasing) Your rep. then began to give me one ‘ultimatum’ after the next in reasons why I should purchase the product right this second. It became very annoying and disrespectful to be questioned why I wasn’t committing to purchase it right now. It also became very clear what the Truth is about what you are advertising.. With that experience I am no longer interested and will cautiously let any one and everyone know about this ‘scam-like’ Your Baby Can Read product!
    From experience, If your selling/advertising a product and if it is 100% lagit, there is no reason that you will have to pressure anyone into purchasing it. Theres a point when you just have to back off.

  187. Dan says:

    My kids both used this program. It works.

    It’s probably also available at your local library.

  188. shantonio's_mum says:

    It is not a scam…….I say if you have they money buy it, everyone wants the best for their kids and if u think your baby can read is 1 of them dont let someone elses opinion put u off. Think about it, its not really alot of money as the product can last you till your child is 5yrs, you spend the same price on their clothes and they only last them 6months maximum. My son is 11 months now he’s doing great on education wise, i also read to him and points with my fingure during bed time such peter pan, jungel book, wennie the poo etc. He seems to understand most things what i say to him in whatever language i speak to him out 3 languages. i can tell you now i am not the greaters teacher am just a biochem student whos trying their best to give a head start to her son.

  189. eessydo says:

    I have to laugh at parents that seem to lack common sense. I have used the “Your baby can read” program with both my daughters and I have had great success because I have gone “beyond” just this program to ensure future reading success.

    1. If your baby won’t sit still, put some food infront of your kid in the high chair and watch them eat, sit, and learn. If you can’t figure that solution out then you shouldn’t be trying to teach your kid how to read anyhow.

    2. Don’t expect miracles, my expectation at the very least was that my children would develop language and learn words at a more rapid rate than other children, mission accomplished. Where my children sing songs and were having coversations at 18 months old, I am watching 2 and 3 year olds that can’t even string three words together.

    3. Combine the program with other programs. I used some free internet sources such as to help reinforce phonics on top of the flash cards used in the YBCR program. Guess what, my first child was reading multisyllabic words by sounding them out at 3 years of age.

    If you are totally reliant on a program and feel totally invested in it because you dropped $200 bucks on it, then you are just a moron, plain and simple. Let other people teach your kids.

    The program is effective at developing language AND understanding order (ie english reading order, left to right). It is also very good at developing sentence structure and increasing vocabulary rapidly. It also makes it fun to learn.

    All very important concepts when developing reading skills. So get out of your rigid boxes and figure out how to do more with a great tool.

    I endorse YBCR, not perfect but a solid tool in developing language skills in a way that is fun for the child. Just don’t stray from phonics lessons and combine the two and the results will show later on.

  190. eessydo says:

    I have to laugh at parents that seem to lack common sense. I have used the “Your baby can read” program with both my daughters and I have had great success because I have gone “beyond” just this program to ensure future reading success.

    1. If your baby won’t sit still, put some food infront of your kid in the high chair and watch them eat, sit, and learn. If you can’t figure that solution out then you shouldn’t be trying to teach your kid how to read anyhow.

    2. Don’t expect miracles, my expectation at the very least was that my children would develop language and learn words at a more rapid rate than other children, mission accomplished. Where my children sing songs and were having coversations at 18 months old, I am watching 2 and 3 year olds that can’t even string three words together.

    3. Combine the program with other programs. I used some free internet sources such as to help reinforce phonics on top of the flash cards used in the YBCR program. Guess what, my first child was reading multisyllabic words by sounding them out at 3 years of age.

    If you are totally reliant on a program and feel totally invested in it because you dropped $200 bucks on it, then you are just a moron, plain and simple. Let other people teach your kids.

    The program is effective at developing language AND understanding order (ie english reading order, left to right). It is also very good at developing sentence structure and increasing vocabulary rapidly. It also makes it fun to learn.

    All very important concepts when developing reading skills. So get out of your rigid boxes and figure out how to do more with a great tool.

    I endorse YBCR, not perfect but a solid tool in developing language skills in a way that is fun for the child. Just don’t stray from phonics lessons and combine the two and the results will show later on.

  191. Love this program says:

    I got this program as a gift when my baby was 3 months old..
    I love this program and I highly recommend it.
    She is now 18months old and recognizes all of the words in the program,
    I spend practically all of my time with her playing and teaching.
    I Decided to use it coz i figured it couldnt hurt and it was better to having her watching anything else on tv,
    Both me and my husband speak spanish as a first language and beside teaching my baby “to read” this video has help my baby learn english.
    I’ll just have to wait and see what happens when she goes into kindergarten and start learning to read the regular way.
    So far I can’t say anything bad about this program.

  192. Courtney says:

    I have a son who is almost 3. He is an active boy, yet he requests to watch the video every night. He watches the video, sings the songs, repeats the words and just really loves it. We just started this program and watch it together. I say the words with him and do the actions with him as well. In the morning we do the flashcards together, which he actually loves to do as well. It gets to the point where I have to put them down so I can leave for work and he’s still wants to read them. I am a speech-language pathologist. This product won’t harm your child. Why not let them have a love for reading early on in life? It’s just one more ‘mommy and son’ activity that we are doing. If he in the very least develops a love for reading-that’s fine with me!!

  193. Mother of 3-yr old boy-girl twins says:

    Save your money. Here’s why:

    I just started the “Your Baby Can Read” program w/the twins this morning. First, we watched a DVD, helping them to learn these words:

    Arms up
    Arms down

    The words were shown on the screen. Then, a child would act out or point to the body part, or they would show the animal in a zoo, with a child narrator saying the word. In between these scenes were songs/skits w/pics, like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Then, there was a word game that you are to show to your child only occasionally that had them trying to choose the correct word among 2 words being shown on the screen, with a photograph of the word they were wanting you to guess.

    Then, I showed the DVD to the twins again. Next, I pulled out the cards that are a companion to the DVD. Each card has one of the words from the DVD on it. I said the word aloud, while running my finger from left to right under the word. Then, on the right-hand side of each card was a tab that slid out with a picture of the word. Next, there is a companion book. The book is a flip book. Each page has one word on it, like, “eyes”. Then, you are to flip the flap upwards. Under that flap is a photograph of the word, along with a sentence using the word (e.g. The girl’s eyes are blue).

    Here’s my initial review of the system, although I believe, with time it will be successful for the twins.

    1) It should be called, “Your Baby Can Be Brainwashed”, or “Your Baby, If A Boy, Won’t Sit Still While Watching This”, or “You Baby Loses Interest Half-way Through Volume 1”, or “Why Did You Not Tell Me I Was Only Getting Volumes 3 of 5 for $69 Plus Tax and Would Have to Buy Volumes 4 & 5 & Later Go On To the Your CHILD Can Read Program”!!!! LOL!!!!
    2) Girls Will Be More Interested In The Program & Probably More Successful, Initially
    3) I like the program, but believe other programs & shows should be used with it, like continuing to watch Sesame Street everyday & the show “Super Readers” and “Between the Lions”. These shows are great supplements for the “Your Baby Can Read” program, in my opinion. Also, continue to label household items with the words to discuss at bedtime, breakfast, potty time, etc.
    4) Oh, yeah, among the cards is a blank card with which you can write your own words. Twin E especially loved this, because we wrote words for things she already recognizes, like “neck”, “leg”, or “ear”. However, she mostly enjoyed using the other end of the dry erase marker to erase the word. LOL!

    Would I recommend this program to other parents? It’s too early to tell, but I will keep you posted. My initial thoughts are if it could not keep the attention of almost 3-year old children, how in the heck would an infant or toddler younger than mine benefit from it?
    Update: I will not continue using the program and want my money back. I believe it is better to teach reading via teaching phonics and not whole-word “memorization”. What a rip-off!

  194. Jason says:

    Everyone is stupid. I’m buying your baby can read just cause I can. The first words I will teach my kids are foul words. To much thought goes into your opinions. You have no facts. Fact: a scam is something that means you get robbed when you pay and get no product in return. Fact: a scam is also when you try it and it kills your kid. In a product like this, if your child does not learn well off it, it does NOT make it a scam. It is entirely up to the parents to motivate and take the time to teach. I am reading this thinking Im going to hear that the product causes brain tumors or something not that kids can’t learn off it. If your child can’t learn from the program then they probably wont do any better in school or they have mental problems or you just cant follow simple directions and teach. Don’t have kids if you can’t spend every minute of your lives with them, teaching them continuously till you die. This product is suppose to give them a head start before school. Once in school, you, as well as teachers are responsible to further educate. I read every post and I see NO actual scam so my personal opinion, I will get your baby can read and proceed with future educational help.

  195. Malice says:

    Really, there are torrents available so don’t wine about the price if you’re really interested. And if you feel bad about downloading, just do it anyway and give it a try. If you think it’s worked well you can always buy one legit later to ease your mind. I can’t give my opinion yet because I haven’t tried it so far.

  196. Janet says:

    We just got your baby can read..the tv time is only about 20 min at a time. The rest of the learning is one on one, so I believe interaction is present!! Before you call something a scam or no good, try it…my baby already responds to words from the lessons and he is only months old.

  197. linda says:

    I can believe it will work as we taught all three of our children to read as toddlers, just following their interest and doing simple things like labelling things in the home at their eye-level, reading to them, pointing out signs in public, and constructing little books. It was all home-made until we were ready to purchase sentence pattern books and other materials. Really the only reason to buy anything is to save yourself time. My husband, who is an Ed.D. in reading education has put up some tips at *****.com. I hope he’ll get around to making a package available to parents too, as it can be a lot of work and people might want to buy some things to get them started, but so far all we’ve put together is the site.

  198. jen says:

    My son is 17-months old. We started using “Your Baby Can Read” when he was 5-months old. My husband and I figured even if it didn’t work, at least our son would be watching something that wasn’t bad for him. We stayed consistent with it. He watched the videos all the time, they’re the only videos he’d watch. He started waving and mocking some of the kids from the video. At 12-13 months he started saying a few of the words. At 17-months old he would say the words with the video. Then one night when I was just sitting in the living room, my son picked up a flashcard and said, “DOG”. I wasn’t paying much attention, then I realized he was holding the flashcard that said “DOG”. I thought it was probably a coincedence, so I sat down in the floor with him. He handed me the flashcard that said, “HI” and he said, “HI”! Since that night he now knows at least 35 of the words. At first I just figured he was memorizing the words from the video, which I was ok with b/c he’s using his brain. But he seems to have caught on to some phonenics too. He recognizes the “C” and “H” sound and letters. I’m personally very happy with the buy and yes I do believe with the correct amount of patience, persistence, and practice that “Your Baby Can Read” does work.

  199. bdubz says:

    You can download all the DVD’s for free at TPB! Nothing to lose.

  200. FABIOLA says:

    I wouldn’t listen to comments written by a teacher who doesn’t know how spell or spell check.
    I have no idea if the program does what it says, but children have a very short attention span and love watching dvds, videos and tv.
    So, if you don’t have high expectations, at least they may be learning something….

  201. Kara says:

    Are you encouraging a healthy mind or is it a p….g contest.What are you hoping to acheive by having your 1,2 or 3 year old reading. Like others have said, its just memorisation and recognition. If you’d like to help your baby’s brain think of all the other things that could be done- recognising words with inly develop certain parts of the brain. How about digging in the dirt and planting some vegetables so they can watch them grow. How about playing games like hide and seek. How about letting go free with the paint. So much to do, why get stuck on something that might make it harder to read words with multiple sounds in them. I know everyone wants the best for their kids and it is kinds cute and cool they can ‘read’ so young, but is it worth the risk of possibly making it harder in the 1st couple of years in school.

  202. Cynthia says:

    HI I JUST BOUGHT THE PROGRAM VERY CHEAP FROM CRAIGLIST.COM SO I DON’T HAVE NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT THE PRICE.. PARENTS OR AT LEAST MY HUBBY AND I, WANT THE BEST FOR OUR CHILDRENS, I’M A PRESCHOOL TEACHER, I I EXACTLY UNDERSTANTD THAT THE BEST WAY TO LEARN IS LIKE MONTESSORI PROGRAM, TOUCHING, FEELING, DOING ETC.. WHEN WE BOUGHT THIS PROGRAM WE NEVER THINK IN CD’S will replaced us, because that’s not the point of it, because then, we will be doing what teachers and psichologist don’t want.. have you’re child seated from of tv from hrs and hrs… this is a very important step in our kids life, we need to watch the program with them, repeat, and make all the exercises together, we are having time with our children and that’s the important thing.. HOW MANY PARENTS BUY, BOOKS, and never read it to them children they just live the books there, waiting for the kids to get them and look at them? HOW MANY PARENTS BUY EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR THEY’RE KIDS? but they have to use it by them selfs and they don’t lear nothing because they don’t understand that that yellow button is yellor color.. IS OUR RESPONSABILITY teach them, the first and only educationals skills you’re kid will learn is from home,from parents,.schools just teach subjects, if childrens doesn’t lear at schools, it doesn’t mean they have bad teachers.. it means that at home they don’t have the support.

    SO… you’re baby can read, is a very good step on they’re begining learning…but if you teach them with the program, if you turn the tv on and let the kids there, they will pick the first toy by them side..

    at this time we have CARTOON LAWYERS, WII TECHNICALS, COMPUTERS CHATING AND TEXTING ADMINISTRATIVES… come on parents, You buy cel phones, nintentos, wii, toys, and toys, and any kind of movies to you’re kids… nothing of that help for them development….

  203. Deborah says:

    Helping a child to have a better understanding of language expands their ability to communicate. Reading helps to empower us with language. Learning is generally easier for people who communicate and read well.

    I learned to read when I was four years old. I understood what was written on the board and on the class handouts from the first day of school, so I knew what to do when others were confused and feeling “dumb”. Being able to read easily and well at an early age made learning seem easy. It helped me to feel less confused in the classroom as a child initially, and ultimately I gained confidence overall. If this program works at all it would be of value, in my opinion. I gave it to my nieces and nephews, as I see only potential benefit.

  204. Melissa says:

    UGH! Why would you want your baby to read?!
    He/she is here to learn about the world, those first few years are CRITICAL in their foundation for their life. Family life, love, natural discovery… these are what they need, not time spend in front of a screen or flash cards… want to be a good parent? Go see the real thing… a real lion… a real tree… real chickens…
    Babies are learning so fast, they are so smart. You could teach them anything and they would pick it up with continued effort, but WHY waste that precious time on such things when so many other things are necessary.
    Disgusting that parents do this. And that companies prey on unexperienced parents.

  205. a MOM says:

    Can’t you get the same results without spending 200 dollars…. its called teaching your kids spending time with them

  206. Barb says:

    So, it seems this system does work for what it is. I am not sure then why so many are so quick to put it down just because it seems to teach word recognition exclusively. If your baby or toddler likes the DVDs and the attention they get from you while you go through the flash cards and books, then what’s wrong with that? And in my opinion it teaches more than just word recognition. If my child sees the words “point to your ear” and then he can say and do that, that is reading. He is recognizing the words, and making the connection that those letters and words put together are telling him something – that is meaning. Now, I also read books to my son and say things as we go like, “what will happen next?” or “Uh oh, they seem to be stuck.” or whatever so that he hears me thinking about what I am reading. I believe that using the YBCR program coupled with leisure reading can boost your toddler forward. As for babies though, I am not entirely convinced it is the right thing to start before the first 12 months. But to each his own!!

  207. jaden says:

    I have a question to those with experience that actually purchased YBCR and who believe it doesn’t do much in terms of teaching children to read, what is your opinion of it being used as a tool to teach English as a second language.. was thinking of starting a school for young kids in the town i live in (not native english speakers) and i’m looking for a really good programme that’s not being used here… when i saw this advert.. it seemed like the perfect option.. any opinions?

  208. Heather says:

    The bigger questions is…Why do you need your one year old to read?

  209. Ash says:

    I think this is all a scam, my son is 2 years old and he can count to 15, knows his abc’s, and all the regular colors, plus the side colors like light blue, teal i.e. Can recongize animals. this came from me and my husband teaching him and reading to him everyday since birth. I just feel like you don’t have to waste your money on this program, when you can clearly do it yourself. I’m just saying.

    BTW, if you are saying your baby can read by 2 months you are full of it.

  210. Ash says:

    I think this is all a scam, my son is 2 years old and he can count to 15, knows his abc’s, and all the regular colors, plus the side colors like light blue, teal i.e. Can recongize animals. this came from me and my husband teaching him and reading to him everyday since birth. I just feel like you don’t have to waste your money on this program, when you can clearly do it yourself. I’m just saying.

  211. J. Ross says:

    Horrible company to deal with. Regardless of the value of their product they are very lacking in any concept of customer service. Three weeks after ordering and playing full price (taken at the time of order) they still have not delivered product. They did send tracking information, twice, but still show never actually being sent. Save your money, these people are rude and unreliable.

  212. Charne says:

    Worst program ever. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SCAM ever!!!!!!!!!!!The worst customer service and the representatives hide details about returns and then charging your account because they failed to mention that you are required to return their product 2 weeks prior to the trial date expiration date. I think that people should be warned about this horrible program.

  213. Ree says:

    My son is six and autistic and has taught himself to read, count, and play piano. I think most kids might be able to do it if they’re EXPOSED to it. I started buying my son a lot of books at age three and he learned to read them. He was even choosing his own books at the bookstore and library. I bought him a keyboard and hes teaching himself to play it and is getting better at it.

    Kids have an interest in what they are EXPOSED to.

  214. Shay says:

    My daughter recognizes words and can indicate thing such as Where is your nose and touching her nose or that of the asker. She is just shy of 5 months and would seem a model example for YBCR….except we have never used it. I read to her, I read my stuff on screen/papers/etc aloud and play games with her almost every waking moment that she is not eating. She is ahead of her cousin whom is 7 months AND a user of the program……

  215. Andy says:

    Total scam. These kids are performing, but they are not learning to read. They are doing tricks like a trained animal.

    If you see a horse who can “add”, the horse isn’t really adding. He has just learned that when a human makes the funny noise “two plus two”, he stomps his hoof four time. You could teach him to do the same thing when a human says “wombat banana Mississippi”. He is not doing math; he is performing a trick.

    That is what these kids are doing. If you show a kid a picture of a dog and he goes “ruff, ruff”, that isn’t reading. Word memorization isn’t reading either. This guy is taking advantage of parents who don’t understand what reading involves, and I get livid every time his commercial comes on.

    Don’t waste your money on this garbage. The first commenter had it – read with your child every day and you will do FAR more to build REAL academic skills, not just teach him tricks.

  216. Dedra says:

    The program may work, but the question to ask is why are you teaching a baby to read? Children are required to grow up so fast and now there is a program to push babies into growing up faster? Where does it stop? Childhood seems to be disappearing and one has to wonder what the long term effects of that are.

  217. marlene says:

    My daughter is 3 and she can read a lot of words herself. I don’t think any baby needs to be rushed to read they’ll just start as they’re growing

  218. Lucas says:

    Your baby can read is a fully legit program. It does teach babies how to read and does work. Its the parents not following the very simple parents guide that cause any problems. Yes it may be like 200 bucks but it was well worth it.

  219. Jodi says:

    I have read to my daughter since she was in my belly. and she loves books and to read. My parents got us “your baby can Read”, and so around 10 months we started the dvd’s and flash cards and she loves them. I only played a dvd about every other day and now only a couple times a week but she can read all kids of words. so it was either the dvd or just the fact that we read all the time. I just don’t want her to have the troubles i had in school, so i want to do any and everything i can to help her.

  220. Esther says:

    I have never used YBCR. But from those who say it works has said, my grandson doesn’t need it. He has been recognizing dozens of words since he was less than 1 yr. He is now 2 1/2, and has known the alphabet since he was 1. He can count to 100 in engliish, & is learning to count in spanish. So don’t waste money on YBCR. just spend time reading everything (books, mags, signs, newspapers), answer questions and explain things to them like they know what you’re talking about. Trust me, they do.

  221. bill bob junior the 2nd says:

    this is so stupid

  222. ali says:

    I just watched a segment that the Today Show did on this program, and they spoke with 10 reputable child development experts and each one basically believes this program is more fluff than learning. What it seems to do is teach memorization, whereas teaching phonetic-based learning is much better in the long run. They also spoke with Dr. Robert Titzer (the inventor of the program) and he couldn’t really back up his claims. He did claim to have extensive research supporting the program’s effectiveness; he agreed to supply a copy to the show, but all they received was a customer satisfaction survey conducted by his own company.

  223. dean smith says:

    you should have a look on youtube, there a lot of videos posted on there by parents showing thier children reading, the youngest i saw was a baby boy of arond 12 months reading from the flash cards, it was quite amazing, so if you need proof of wether it works and arent convinced by the video footage the company provide of children reading , then i think you should definately look at the videos on youtube, as they are actually genuine, and are really amazing. also, why not try and see if there are free torrents out there of the dvds, im sure there are bound to be some, that way you dont have to pay through the nose for it, and if your not satisfied with the results, then its fine, cuz u got it for free anyway. but you should seriously check out the vids on youtube, if they dont convince u its worth the money, then nothing will.

  224. Lee says:

    My daughter turned 2 in May and she can recognize about 30 words. I think she is also making sense of letter combinations because she confuses eyes with keys. I think after they learn to recognize the same patterns in words, then they will form generalizations.
    I started the videos when she was 9 months and she started “reading” when she was 18 months. The slide cards have been the most effective for her.

  225. Kim says:

    I purchased the YBCR program and started playing the DVD’s when my daughter was 9 months old. She is 1 1/2 now and recognizes all of the words, knows her numbers 1-10 and knows the sounds that animals make. She recognizes and says her name. In addition to reading to her on a regular basis, the DVD incorporates music and allows her to interact. The system is not a scam and she LOVES the flashcards and I loves the praise she receives. Its a great way to initiate a love of learning.

  226. Terry says:

    It works! Son started Baby Can Read at 9 months. For 2-3 months we didn’t see much and thought we wasted our money, but then it just took off. Around 20 months we started Child Can Read. He just turned 2.5 months and he can read a lot of his books, street signs, etc. All of our family and friends are just amazed. And we are too. He can count to 25, identify numbers even higher, do simple addition and subtraction (4-2=2), can read a calendar to know what day and month it is, and is starting to learn his states. And he’s pretty well-rounded too (very friendly, plays ball, etc.)

    We’re not crazy parents either. We just played the Baby videos twice a day and did flashcards. No other TV except maybe a football game here and there. We read to him a lot. He did the Child videos once a day. Now we might do them every other day. I’m currently looking for new material.

    All these videos aren’t meant to be a substitute, they are supplemental. We feel the videos have turned him on to learning and have given him confidence. At daycare, his teachers say he is the leader even though he’s one of the youngest. He’s one of the only ones who pays attention to storytime and can answer questions.

    Is our kid a genius? Did the videos do it? Did we do it? Who knows. We’re due with #2 in January and plan to start that one around 6 months. We’ll see if it has the same effect on that one. But we are very happy with the results with our first kid. Just give it time and be consistent.

  227. Joane says:

    When my son was 2 months old, I purchased the Your baby can read CD’s and everthing else that came with it. I thought, it was $14.99 all togeher for the trail period, and if I did like it, my husband credit card would be charged only $14.99, Oh boy! it turned out it was a whole lot pricy. My husband nearly screamed his lungs out, asking why I placed an order for something him and I did on a regular. Any hoot! Our son is 21 months old almost 22 months, that DVD didn’t do a thing. He repeats a few words, nothing else., and no he can not read anything. It’s too late to return it, so yes it is a SCAM…..

  228. steve says:

    It works. We started using this with our baby at 2 months and in just one month she is already recognizing words. She LOVES it. She recognized the elephant at the zoo from the card! I can’t explain it but she lights up now whenever we start the process of showing the letters then the pictures. Even loves people’s name tags at my office!

  229. Liz says:

    Yes, to put it shortly, it is a scam as it only teaches word recognition. As I am a teacher I can tell you that word recognition is only part of what makes you literate. My uncle is illiterate but can recognise the names of jockeys, proving that word recognition does not make someone literate. If you want your child to learn to read effectively they must learn recognition in combination with context, comprehension and other skills. The best way is to share books and reading materials from a variety of sources with repetition rhythmn and rhymn and differing structures. Also different cultures can enhance any child’s reading experience. Talk to your child about the context, anticipate from the title or from events in the book. Make preditctions and find out if they are correct. Ask your child to think about alternative endings. Make a book last 20-30 minutes even if there are only five minutes worth of text. Encourage reading of signs in the street, and in the shop. Teach your child about phonemes (you can buy the Jolly Phonics series for this). Talk to your child’s nursery or school to find out how they encourage reading. All of these can be done for less than the price of the YBCR programme. Above all be a ROLE MODEL of reading; dont shut yourself away to read! Let your child see you reading a variety of books simply for the love of reading!

  230. Faten says:

    I have been allowing my children to watch it for 2 years, miss 5 can read before she goes to school, the boys can understand the words and point as the dvd tells them. Like touch your ears, touch your nose, were is your nose etc.
    I think it’s fantastic and educational, and have begun selling to friends and family for a portion of the cost.

  231. Nadia says:

    I am a primary school teacher, and my daughter is a year old. I thought it was quite interesting when I watched the infomercial.I was interested to see how it worked. I have not allowed my daughter to ever watch tv, as I felt that it was more important to read to her(anything from road signs to newspapers,etc), and to spend time with her instead. When I saw this ad,I was sucked in, and gave in the the thrill of ‘being one step ahead’. However, my daughter was not interested in the dvd, she enjoyed the books. She did not get the concept of the flashcards. One morning, as we went through the flashcards, and I took the time to think about what I was actually doing, I realised that I had fallen into the trap of hyper-parenting,driven by anxiety, wanting your child to be the best. But what I do realise is that babies are babies for a reason, to explore the natural world in which they live,they will HAVE to learn to read, and when they do, they would have had enough lifeexperience to relate it to reading.So glad that this was just a trial.It’s been a week and i’m ready to send it back!

  232. Kate says:

    The problem is that the children taught to read this early on will be incredibly bored in Kindergarten and first grade.

  233. Sean says:

    My son recently turned 16 months old. We have now been doing the program with him for about a year. He can now read a couple dozen words from the flashcards audibly and understands the meaning of at least twice that. For example he doesn’t yet say the word “point” but will do the action. That may not sound like a lot to some but I’m convinced “your baby can read” is definitly legit! My wife and I are both estatic with the results so far and looking forward to furthering his progress!

  234. Kel says:

    Whether the program works or not is not the issue – paying $200 for something you can do for free is.
    Reading with your child for 15 minutes every day, newspapers, picture books, story books, anything that models reading will teach them the basics. Reading is more than recognizing words. Real reading is comprehending, decoding text to make meaning. Amongst other things, learning to read occurs as language develops and language develops through social interactions.
    Save money and spend 15 minutes reading TO your child, read with them and eventually they will read themselves and not just say words.
    The library is free. Searching educational websites for advice is a small amount of time. Eg have a look at the department of education website for your state for parent links.
    Spend $200 on books that your children can grow with and one day read to their own kids.

  235. Laura says:

    I was reading by the age of two, and there was no such thing as “Your baby can read” 26 years ago. My best friend’s son is 3 and he’s known his alphabet since one and a half, he’d probably be further along if people had taken the time to sit and work with him. It isn’t about what you’re teaching your child with, it’s about how much time you spend working with them. The only part of that commercial I found truly unbelievable was the voice in the background proclaiming that their 8 month old could read. We were happy if her little boy was staying asleep for longer than four hours at a time. Children will learn at their own pace, and shouldn’t be rushed into things.

  236. Graham says:

    I saw the advertisement on TV too, I was sceptical about them and certainly the cost, but I also wanted my kids to get a good start before schooling started.
    Then I found some on ebay and got them for £26 and was delighted at a bargain! Then on playing the DVDs which last just 30 mins and no more informative than Terrestrial TV children’s programmes or a few good books.

    Believe me they are a waste of money and you would be better off buying DVDs relating to kids TV, many read along ones available, the learning ability depends on the time an adult puts into it.

    Sit with a 2/3 year old with a word and picture book and they will recognise the words in another book or on a wall or in a paper, however, reading all depends on the parents quality time spent with the kids

  237. samantha says:

    i think that the majority of complaints are from ordering the product, and having diffuculties. i bought the program and havent had enough time to try it but i am confident that it is a good program.

  238. Bobbi says:

    Hi, I am a 23yr old stay at home mom with a delightful 2yr old. I have always exceled at reading and comprehension. When tested in school my reading skills were grades ahead of my current grade. I want my kids to excel in reading and comprehension like I do and so I considered purchasing this seemingly great program. Before I made the decision to purchase I wanted to see what reviews from parents who were not part of the infomercial were like. I came across several websites like this one that had alternating opinions regarding YBCR. I decided to check out the Better Business (BBB) website to research further. There were 127 complaints filed against YBCR. I grew up learning to read with the Hooked on Phonics program. I decided today during my research that this was a much wiser purchase decision. I purchased Hooked on Phonics Discover Reading – Toddler Edition Premium for ages 18 month – 36 months. This is regularly a $65 program on sale for $19.95, I also purchased the Learn to Read and Master Reader for Pre K – 2nd and 3rd + grades. These can be purchased separately or together. You get Value pricing by purchasing the Learn to Read and Master Reader together. Regular price is $399.91, sale price is $299.91. When I placed my order I used cupon code HOP40 and got an additional $128 off my order!! Free Shipping and handling on orders over $130. My original $ 330.00 order became a $205 order, I got way more learning materials than I would have from YBCR, for the same price, less hassle, less worries !! Hooked on Phonics is part of the BBB Reliability Program with less than 30 complaints ( all resolved by company ) and part of VeriSign Secured so your processed orders online are secure. Good Luck with your purchasing decision. I can confidently say I made the right choice with H.O.P. !! Remember, when making a decision like this research your options, and do your own investigating, don’t just read Rant and Rave forums hoping for your answer. BTW – Lori your post is absolutely right !!

  239. Bobbi says:

    Hi, I am a 23yr old stay at home mom with a delightful 2yr old. I have always exceled at reading and comprehension. When tested in school my reading skills were grades ahead of my current grade. I want my kids to excel and reading and comprehension like I do and so I considered purchasing this seemingly great program. Before I made the decision to purchase I wanted to see reviews from parents who were not part of the infomercial were like. I came across several websites like this one that had alternating opinions regarding YBCR. I decided to check out the Better Business (BBB) website to research further. There were 127 complaints filed against YBCR. I grew up learning to read with the Hooked on Phonics program. I decided today during my research that this was a much wiser purchase decision. I purchased Hooked on Phonics Discover Reading – Toddler Edition Premium for ages 18 month – 36 months. This is regularly a $65 program on sale for $19.95, I also purchased the Learn to Read and Master Reader for Pre K – 2nd and 3rd + grades. These can be purchased separately or together. You get Value pricing by purchasing the Learn to Read and Master Reader together. Regular price is $399.91, sale price is $299.91. When I placed my order I used cupon code HOP40 and got an additional $128 off my order!! Free Shipping and handling on orders over $130. My original $ 330.00 order became a $205 order, I got way more learning materials than I would have from YBCR, for the same price, less hassle, less worries !! Hooked on Phonics is part of the BBB Reliability Program with less than 30 complaints ( all resolved by company ) and part of VeriSign Secured so your processed orders online are secure. Good Luck with your purchasing decision. I can confidently say I made the right choice with H.O.P. !! Remember, when making a decision like this research your options, and do your own investigating, don’t just read Rand and Rave forums hoping for your answer. BTW – Lori your post is absolutely right !!

  240. Lori says:

    If you study hard its likely that you will get an A in your test. If you work hard and give it all your got, its very likely that you will get a promotion!! If you discipline yourself, exercise daily and eat right, it is very likely that you will be in good shape and health… but of course life does happen, accidents happen, lay offs, companies go bankrupt, etc. So in the end if you spend time with your child, your child will learn… it is not a scam for someone to put together the tools you need to be able to become your children’s teacher. If you think that buying this will teach your child to read like a foreman grill “set it, and forget it” you are absolutely wrong. Its like the work from home scams… “make your own schedule”… PLEASE!! Yes of course you make your own schedule and it means, make 40 hours in your own home if you want to get paid!
    Life requires of your time and dedication! America has become a fast food nation, set it, and forget it, easy as 1, 2, 3 and if its not like that then its not worth it…. Well, we are ripping the consequences of negligence. Bad work ethics, bad customer service, become the parents of violent and disrespectful drop out teens with no interest in education, the levels of children in schools with adhd its increasing, families don’t know how to stay together because of the unwillingness to work things out and mean it when the say “for better or worse, in sickness or health” YES! its takes two people to make a marriage work and YES! it take hard work, discipline, determination and specially time to be parents of brilliant children. Look around, educate yourselves, stop living oblivious to the needs of others, specially your family, just because you buy your children what they want, it doesn’t make you a good parent. We have to think about the future and how will you teach them what they need to learn to be responsible and successful men and women. Learn from wise people and learn from others mistakes. Love & Discipline go together!
    With love,

  241. Grannynanny says:

    I keep two granddaughters full time. I’d thought long and hard about making the investment. At almost 4 and 1, both of them really enjoy the DVDs and the flashcards and other books that accompany the kit. The oldest learned quickly to associate the word with the pictures and as I interacted with the flash cards and books as directed, was soon recognizing the words. She was quite proud of herself Her baby sister watched along with her big sister and at first enjoyed the songs with interactive motion the best. But since big sis has started preschool and has no distractions of big sis has become very attentive and when she hears the theme song will hurry over to her favorite chair to sit quite attentatively though the entire video. She loves the book w the words and sliding windows and will sit down by herself to look at the pictures with the words. She recognizes and associates especially body parts. I spend the time w her with books and flash cards etc and she really enjoys it. I suppose if I just wanted to keep her glued to the tv I could just keep playing tapes but I’m not into sticking a kid in front of a tv just to keep them busy. But she probably would sit and watch longer if I let her. I wish I’d had my older granddaughter home, longer to let her use the system more consistently but she does enjoy watching after preschool. I’m pleased I bought the kit and plan to get alot of use out of it. I can also pass it on to other family members who’s children will benefit from it.

  242. Natalie says:

    Overall I am glad I made the purchase. My daughter is 19months old and I did not even use the videos or flash cards as often as suggested, she can clearly read many of the words on those flash cards as well as the generic brand flash cards I bought for 2.50 at the grocerie store. I spend alot of time talking and reading to her anyway so it may account for why she speaks so well. I thought the video could have been of better quality, there seemed to be alot of “artifact” between slides. Don’t know how else to describe it. I was disappointed because a good editor could have solved that problem. The flashcards themselves are great, my daughter LOVES them and wants to hold them and slide out the “words” but when she does this she bends the cards and damages them making them difficult to slide.

  243. Steve says:

    People who haven’t purchased the program are perfectly capable of commenting on it. Do I have to kill someone to say that murder is bad? Please, that argument is a fallacy.

    Anyway, I have to agree with the general sentiment that this program simply teaches memorization and little else. All small children have massive visual skills, hence the reason many parents teach their children sign language.

    Anyone can appear intelligent by memorizing things. It’s the ability to comprehend things and apply the lessons to other settings that demonstrates intelligence. My daughter could ‘read’ the Home Depot sign at the age of 2 and could spot Home Depot’s a mile away. Do you think she was reading the words Home and Depot, or do you think she just recognized the logo? This program appears to just teach small kids how to memorize logos and pictures.

    Don’t be surprised if all of the sudden your child falls behind because they didn’t learn how to comprehend the words they have memorized. If you purchase this, please be sure to supplement it with stories about the pictures that your child is memorizing so they can learn about things in context.

  244. james johnson says:

    Baby Can Read does not teach your child how read, it teaches them how to recognize words based on a cognitive response to what the letters look like. Show them 30 words enough and say them and they will understand the words….then hand them a book of new words and they will look at you like you are crazy. This program will set your children back years as they get older.

  245. Geoff says:

    Whether or not this program works, whatever. However…I read an article a couple years back which cited a study of about thirty Nobel Prize winners for various disciplines- all obviously brilliant people. Interestingly, they found that not a freaking one of them showed any sort of abnormally advanced intelligence at an early age. And yes, the article was about teaching your child to read before the “tradtitional” age, so this included the fact they they weren’t early readers. In fact, there is ample evidence to show that doing so can harm your child- the chances of burning out or getting bored with reading are exponentially higher.
    The people that devised this are the real geniuses- there’s a huge market for this. I have a friend who worked for Harvard admissions. Some of the calls she would get are insane- ie, from parents of 8 year olds asking which elementary schools they looked favorably upon, etc. YIKES. I’m a parent to two young ones, and I think parents are the most irritating segment of our society.

  246. rockngrannytammy says:

    Everything is beautiful!

  247. rockngrannytammy says:

    After ordering the $200 YBCR product for my (soon to arrive) granddaughter, I went online and found Barnes and Noble’s to be priced at $99. ( I thought I had been burned!) However, for those of you in question of the price on the product ~ the lesser priced kits are not the same ~ as the $199 kits. I went over it with a representative, and compared kits. The kit that I ordered, and what was pictured online at Barnes & Noble were NOT the same, and much more was included in the higher priced one. So that is something I wanted to clarify.

    I am thrilled about possibly lending an advantage to my 1st grandbaby. Wish I would have had this when I raising my 3 boys…

    If you read the negative comments posted, here, by those trying to discourage you for trying out an investment that could have a huge impact… I wouldn’t take heed to it! Afterall, if you look closely, you will observe, as did I ~ THEY CANNOT SPELL, PUNCTUATE, OR WRITE CLEAR SENTENCES, THEMSELVES ~ AND THEY ARE ADULTS!

    Don’t knock it til you rock it!

  248. Jack says:

    not works

  249. Melissa says:

    Your Baby Can read is most definately a scam. the product only teaches the child to memorize word not actually be able to use phonetics. for example a child in a class i was tutoring was appraised for being able to read in Kindergarten, unfortunately we soon realized that he had only momorized word he couldnt actually read them, he actually thought ‘B’ stood for “bowl” he had to be placed in remedial classes because he was so far behind due to the fact that he was taught wrong. the program teaches children memorizing skills and nothing else.

  250. vikkie says:

    i mean 15 mnth

  251. vikkie says:

    well im going to keep it 100 with u guys. I order my kids the basic set which is only the five dvds and 50 flashcards… I have twins in sometimes i do plop them in front of the tv because im so busy… But anyways it kinda works if u work with ur children and not just leave them by their self. And it also helps if you go over letters with them. They can know the words but cant tell u what the letter are. So yes it does work if the PARENT really sit in work wit you. U dont need the 200 package just a waste of money u can get flashcards any where… But get the dvds it helps alot trust me when my husband working late i will sit the kids in there exersaucer in cut it on, its up to them if they watch it or not. My sons knows more then my daughter because he pays attention but my daughter is a handfull. It also hlps if ur not busy to do circletime with ur children. By they way thay are only 5 mths and they can tell by not talking hi mommy by waving and hold the pic i created of me up… It works but like i said its how u make it..

  252. new mom says:

    I’ve seen the infomercial and I didn’t think the YBCR program was a big deal.

    But my husband, one night as he was watching t.v saw the infomercial and BOUGHT IT!

    I did not object to this, only told him that if he spent that much he better not waste that $$$. I also think it might be good because my husband is a couch potato and loves to watch and sleep with his t.v on. Now, there is a shut off time…

    I think $200 is pricey but it will give my husband and I a schedule guide in interacting with our son. He is almost 4 months. He is looking at the words on the t.v and flash cards we use with him. Sometime he smile at those kids on t.v waving at him or smiling at him. He was holding his head up pretty good at the age of 1 month and he just love you to talk to him when he turn 3 months. He would not stop babbling/speaking. He would wake up at 5 am (his usual time to get up to eat) after eating, he would starts to sings for 30 mins before he goes back to sleep.

    So, every morning around 9 am, I let him watch the DVD while I do my morning hygiene. I get his food ready and sat with him to go over the cards. He seems interested.

    Hopefully, when he is a little over ONE year old, he can get up at the church to read a bible verse. But that’s just a wishful thinking. Every baby is different. I’ll keep you guys updated. …..

  253. Keith Brigode says:

    20 some years ago, we found out the same thing. You do not need $’s of books etc. Just Spend time with your loved one. I read boiler maintenance books to my son.

  254. Amber Marie says:

    Isn’t it funny how the people who have the most to say about YBCR have actually never tried it?!!!

    I bought this product for my daughter when she was 11 months old and by the time she was 13 months she could read 7 words – now at 20 months she is more advanced than the average 3 year old.

    She has developed a keen interest in learning new words, can count and recognise numbers up to 12, can name over 15 animals and birds – most of which has nothing to do with YBCR directly – however I FIRMLY believe that if it were not for YBCR, I would have struggled to help her achieve this much so quickly. I lost my mother before my child was born and have no family to teach me how to teach my daughter – I had no idea how to start and YBCR was a brilliant starting place.

    I am so pleased with this learning tool that I have bought it for my sister-in-law and my best friend for their children – why would I do that if I wasn’t completely 100% happy with its success? £125 on toys or £125 on YBCR?? The TOYS LOSE EVERY TIME.

    It appears that there may have been administration and charging errors by the company which obviously isn’t great, but that does not negate the fact that this is a powerful learning tool, to be used TOGETHER with proactive one-to-one parental learning. As a comparison, my daughter viewed the Baby Einstein DVDs and other of similar content and found them dull, slow and boring – and I think the same. The only other DVD style learning system that I found good was the Brilliant Baby – Learn About Numbers DVD. She loves it :o)

    To anyone that slates YBCR, let me say this – I would love to ring you up and challenge you on your views as you clearly are spouting an opinion based on something you know nothing about and have not tried. Kind of like when children say they don’t like fish but have never eaten it. Get my drift?

  255. emmitt says:

    I am so mad that because of one persons experience they assume this is a scam ,open your mind and please, please, please ignore all the negative feedback as these people have been either very unlucky or are giving there opinion even though they have never used the product, my daughter is 21 months and can read over 30 words, its not a substitute for parents but is a fantastic tool in your child’s development, my email address is i am NOT a rep and do NOT work for the company but i beieive in this product and am willing to give my email address so if anyone doubts the positive posts or if you believe the post above then get in touch and i will happily talk to you.

  256. Peter says:

    It’s nice to see that reps from YBCR take the time to write positive “reviews” of their products. This company is a scam. They ship products after the trial period ends so you can’t return it; they try to double-bill consumers; and their products are nothing more than flash cards and TV shows. Save your money. And don’t believe the “positive” reviews, as they’re written by the company (there are several message boards with the exact reviews, word-for-word. They simply cut-and-paste the same thing.)

  257. Garfeild says:

    Just read all the comments and woah a bunch on both sides of the argument though most on the against it side have never bought it or tried it or known anything other than the commercial and probably what they read off of wiki. To those people dont knock it till you try it. Now while 200$ may be price some comments here are saying they have gotten in for 80$ or so. Which if it actually helps with reading great and to the people saying “Of course a child will be able to read gorilla under a picture of a gorilla” a lot of these people who speak are saying that their children are reading other things understanding pronunciation not just word association. Worse comes to worst you pay 80$ for something fun you could do with your child (as it tells you too do apparently not just plop them down and ignore them)

  258. ASHLEY SOWELL says:


  259. will says:

    I was thinking of buying this ” Your Baby Can Read ” but after reading these reviews about this company, I would suggest any parent or grandparent or friend think LONG and Hard before dealing with these people/company.

  260. Jalou says:

    Children under the age of two should not look at television or computer screens, it’s not good for their development at that stage in life. DVD’s aren’t the best way to teach babies and toddlers, unfortunately.

  261. Adele says:

    I honestly have to say that this product is an amazing tool for parents. The benefits of learning to read early in life will continue to be beneficial throughout the child’s life. I happen to know two girls who are now teenagers (one 16, the other 19) who used this product and have been INCREDIBLY successful; much of which can be attributed to the advantage of knowing how to read before entering school. Just sayin’ all these your baby can read reviews are real, but you need a tool to help you help your kids.

  262. Jill says:

    I don’t know if this is a scam or not but I just bought this product at a well known home store for half the price that’s on the “Your Baby Can Read” website. Then on top of that I was able to use an in-store coupon. So my final cost was $80. So regardless if this product works, I got it for less than half the price. My first impressions of it makes me think it will be fun for my child. In fact, my child was very intrigued with the cards and books. But as the product states, you work with your child not just leave him/her in front of the tv. And since I’m a first time mom, I’m new to the game of teaching and I’m willing to give this product a try if it means helping my child learn faster, easier and while having more fun.

  263. Katie says:

    Sorry I finished reading the rest of the comments and i’m a litte disturbed! Does the commercial say “HEY do you want to ignore your child…..good purchase this product” lol I mean really, I bought the product AND I spend time with my child NEWS FLASH you can do both, this program isn’t an opt out of parenting !! I read to my child more now then I probably would if we didn’t use this program simply because all day long he comes up to me going “mommy book, read it please” !

  264. Katie says:

    Your baby can read is amazing! I’m a single mother and the real reason I bought this program was because I LIKE to shower! lol I figured if I could put him in a bouncy chair infront of this program I wouldn’t feel guilty about showering and blow drying my hair. I NEVER thought it was going to have a real impact on him but I firgued it can’t hurt. At first he didn’t like watching them, so I did what the instuctions told me to do and turned it off and tried it the next day. By the third day he would sit through it. He’s now 16 months and ASK’S to watch them or do the cards. He reads all 50 words AND about 20 other words hes picked up from us reading together.

    Now to the person who said this is a product for people who want to plop their child down infront of the tv and not interact with them, you are SO wrong! I spend a ton of time with my son but there are times when I need a break so I can keep my sanity and this program is my break and my son and I are better for it!! He already speaks in three or four word sentences AND he’s just starting to sound out words that hes never seen before! I can’t imagine what hes going to be able to do by the time hes five and starting school.

    Also for anyone who is worried about the price Toys R Us just started selling it online for $99.00!!!!!!

  265. Jamie says:

    I can not tell anyone weather to buy this product or not, I can just tell you about my experience. I use to always see this infomercial and paid no mind to it.I felt like how a lot of other people felt, $200 dollars are you crazy thats a lot of money for a couple of dvds and flash cards. Then I had my 4th child, the cutest little boy. When he was about a year I started to notice hey he doesn’t talk yet and he didnt really play with the other kids at the daycare. I had him evaluated and they told me he was Autistic. I have gone through countless hours of therapy, I have him in an ABA school and he was only able to say about 2-3 words after a year of this. I saw the infomercial again and thought hey it can’t hurt. My son has a short attention span but for TV he can sit for hours if you let him. When it first came I was going to return it but decided to give it a try. I let him watch it and at first nothing, but as he went on then i started hearing little whispers coming from him. Little by little I started hearing more and more. My daughter didn’t know about the flash cards so when she heard him talking she starting writing the words on regular paper and testing him, when she showed me I was floored. I cant tell anyone if this will work for their child but for me I would have spent twice what I spent to get the results that I have gotten.

    And for the people who talk about sitting your kids down in front of the TV is bad, I mean come on the majority of people’s kids watch TV,its the amount of TV you allow them to watch thats the problem, so dont blame this or any program. And speaking as a parent who works full time and have 5 kids some in different age groups you can only do so much without a little outside distraction I dont care what anyone says. If you choose to buy this product just do it, if you don’t thats cool to because what works for me and someone else may not work the same for you, hey I have 3 older kids and they learned to read just fine without this Baby Can Read product, but to those out there dont knock what you dont get.

  266. just wondering says:

    I see good things and bad about Your baby can read, but no one that has bought it has said anything bad about it. Is there anyone out there that has bought it and used it, that can say anything bad about it?

  267. Bart Smith - Your Baby Can Read Reviewer says:

    I think its VERY TELLING when all you whiners begin your posts with statements such as “I have never used this program before BUT…..yada yada yada scam scam scam.
    99% of the people who are complaining about the product have never even tried it and are simply repeating the same crap they read somewhere else.
    Its obvious that the results fully depend upon the effort you put into it with your child period. Just like anything else in life.
    Yes..I plan on trying out the product and ONLY then will I return with a Yea or Nay. All these Reviews are not making me say no!

  268. Amy says:

    Your baby can read and other products like it are likely to work for reasons mentioned by others. The method used appears to be the old ‘look-say’ where whole words are associated with pictures (or not) and the words are ‘learned’ as remembered by letter configuration. Supposedly, this confuses the phonics learning process which should occur at some point later in education for the child…..I cannot confirm or deny this, but it does make logical sense. There was a large push years ago in education to get away from ‘look-say’ method(s) due to the various problems that surfaced later in education. Why not just teach phonics early if you want your child to read? It probably would not work as fast, but would be more effective long-term.

  269. Mother of Early Reader says:

    I found this website looking for a reason not to purchase this seemingly amazing product after seeing the infomercial. I found my reason after reading everyone’s comments and realizing that no one needs this product. See, I have a child in 2nd grade who reads at a 5th grade level, who was reading simple books (not just board books) on his own by the time he was 3. In tiny tots and Pre-K his classmates would sit around him while he read them books. His grandmother and I taught him to say and recognize the entire alphabet and sat and read with him every day from the time he could speak. Any child you spend quality time with will pick these things right up. I never spoke to him in ‘baby talk’ like most people do with their babies and toddlers. It’s hard since they are so cute and little, but save that stuff for your dog who won’t be harmed by it. I always corrected him on his pronunciation, relentlessly. It’s a lot of work and takes time to teach your child to read, to write, to have a healthy sized vocabulary, to potty train – which he also did before he was 2 yrs old because I put the time and effort into it. As long as they have the means, they can be taught. If they can walk they can be potty trained. If they can speak they can learn to read, not just recognize words and associate them with pictures they’ve seen. Anyhow, I realized that since I’ve done this once I can do it again. No miracle product on TV is going to do it for me. Besides, I want to spend that time with my child. What was I thinking?

  270. Rachelle says:

    Everyone who has said that this is a scam is completely right. I have not used this program but there are numerous studies that show children memorize and mimic actions before they can fully understand what they mean. Even in early childhood education classes they tell you that children can memorize words such as clap, stand, apple etc and will be able to perform the actions and recognize the object. But what good is it if they don’t grasp the instances when its ok to clap or stand? Or that you eat an apple and that it’s the color red? More than likely children who use this product are actually going to be delayed because they are going to have to go back and learn how to comprehend the words they are reading more than the children whose parents actually sit with them and are active in their learning.

  271. Teacher and Mother says:

    Association or memorization is not reading. Studies specifically show that a child’s brain is not able to grasp the concept of decoding words at this early age. My child knew how to hold a book properly very early on due to the fact that we, as parents, read to him a great deal. Interaction, using language, and exposure to the written word will get you much further than buying into a program you see on TV. Spend time with your child, read to them, and most importantly, allow him/her to be a child!!!! In lieu of flashcards, take your baby outdoors and blow bubbles, fingerpaint, any EXPERIENCE they can learn from. Give yourselves a break, and your child! The most successful children will be the most happy and loved, not those who could read at 16 mos. Your child will read!!! Their time to read and work with flashcards will come before you know it!!!

  272. Lisa says:

    As a mother, I was curious what the programs out there were about. There is nothing wrong with these approaches to reading as long as the videos are relevant and information is not forced on a child. We have the Your Baby Can Read series and we wanted a bit more so we purchased the Monkisee DVDs. I decided to try out different programs thinking if it ever became work or something she did not want to do than we could use them as Frisbees. I am truly impressed with the Monkisee DVDs as a mother and as a school psychologist, wish I could hand them out to the young children I assess for developmental delays.

  273. Smart LADY 1975 says:

    I have not experience using the program. But as I can tell it is just the same as teaching your child sight words. Kids learn to read by sight and memory. I taught my daughter to read and comprehend the books completely at the age of 3. If you get age appropriate books for your kids and write down all of the words that are used frequently throughout the books. Put them on index cards for your kids. They will be reading in no time. But remember your child have to be able to comprehend the books they are reading. The problem is that a lot of kids can read words, but when they are tested on what happened in the books. They can’t remember. The main focus in all of this is COMPREHENSION. To end all of this, do what you think is best for you and your child, but what will be beneficial to your child(ren) in the future, especially in this new age world of testing to get to the next grade.

  274. Tyisha says:

    Interesting that people think spending 200 dollars on a reading program is a scam but are probably wasting tons of money on unnecessary toys, clothing etc. If you want your car to look nice, you put money and time into it. so is the same with this product. I started using it with my son at 6 months and he is currently fifteen months and able to read words on the cards and videos. Even if we are out shopping, and he sees a familiar word, he is able to say it and point to it. The thought that babies learn this way or that way is ridiculous as well all should know each child is different as is stated on the product. I read all these your baby can read reviews but there is no guarantee on this product that it will work for your child either. Also as far as reading is concerned, even without this program, children who are learning to read begin their learning with memory. To take fifteen minutes out of the day and have them watch this video twice or so is such a small amount of time taken out of your busy schedule but in addition to this you have to read with them and show them cards. Some parents don’t know that this type of interaction with children is so meaningful to their learning and this is a great way to build that interaction. My son loves this product and still has time to watch sesame street or nick jr. I would recommend this product to anyone rather than plop my child in front of cartoons for hours.

  275. Anonymous Coward says:

    Two observations (at 2 cents apiece):

    1) Most infants that are old enough to sit up unassisted can hold a book with the orientation correct! Unless they have a visual and/or nerve disorder, they are able to hold a book right side up because the pictures on the cover and in the pages tell the child which way to hold a book. It is a simple function of recognizing the things they observe around them.

    2) The product is simply a way to earn revenue for the company that makes it! My mother made sure that my earliest toys were educational. I’m referring to things like bathtime books made out of plastic pages, books that doubled as a substitute for a teething ring, and most importantly, a show-and- read type of thing that she found that had a video cartoon narration of a story that was to be played in sync with it’s respective book. Many of them were little golden book based videos. I also enjoyed Sesame Street as a kid. Thanks to two devoted parents who took an ACTIVE interest in my educational foundation, I was able to read AND comprehend at the age of 33 months. It all boils down to how much TIME and EFFORT you want to put into working with your kids, period.

    Now I don’t have any opinion about the product either way, BUT it does sound overpriced, and under powered for the price. I noticed that a young girl reading Charlotte’s Web was able to read and comprehend individual sentences, but completely unable to relate one sentence to the next as a whole story. It was clearly evident when she commented that the idea of Fern pulling the Ax out of her father’s hand (when he was about to ax poor little Wilbur for just being born small !?!) was ” not nice.” She got the gist of reading each sentence, but couldn’t tie them to one another.

    I think that focused parenting is more beneficial than ANY overpriced, overhyped and overrated product ANY day of the week!

  276. Lindsey says:

    I’m just wondering if the video really helps or not. Your Baby Can Read comes with a DVD, flash cards, and a board book. has anyone thought of just using the flash cards and board book? i have a feeling the DVD has nothing to do with learning how to read. I have not purchased the product but from what I have seen from the infomercial, any parent can get a board book with the word “clap” written in it and picture of a child clapping, and then also show the child how to clap.

    what the question really is is where is the evidence? when has this been scientifically proven? i looked it up on several academia research sites and found nothing. i highly doubt Your Baby Can Read teaches all babies to read fluently.

  277. Makoto says:

    no no no!! teach phonics!! there is no logical learning to this program. i’ve taught phonics and seen great results. the baby can read starter DVD teaches kids to RECOGNIZE, not read words. of course kids can “read” gorilla when there’s a picture of a gorilla sitting there. kids need to learn the fundamentals, and to sound words out. YOUR BABY CANNOT READ!! i know kids that have used this and can recognize lots of words, but are now behind in ACTUAL reading. As an experienced child care provider, who has seen a wide range of children’s capabilities, in public and private care, dont buy it

  278. Mike says:

    Here are my Reviews, I bought Your Baby Can Read for my grandson before he was born. He will be a year old in two weeks. He can read letters and words in children books. At this point, he points out words he recognizes on signs, posters, etc. In addition, he has been learning to sign. What really convinced me this works is when he started making the signs that relate to printed words when he saw them. We had not tried to tie the two together prior to his doing it on his own. It takes a lot of work from the parents and grandparents to teach him, since it is not just ploping him in front of the TV. Like Michael said, you work with the cards also. We have also started reading other books with him. He is able now to pick up new words from them.

  279. TekLord says:

    The your baby can read is not a scam. There are a lot of parents that do not know how to teach their kids and this will help them. If teaching was so easy, why do you have to get a degree to teach.

    The kit is all about the up sale, just like everything you buy in life. Buy the DVD and get the words from the dvd or search for them on google ( your baby can read word list) and write them on index cards. Kids will want to play all day if you let them. This is the start of structured learning. Watching a dvd for 15 min twice a day is not much TV. that is the same as on episode on Sponge Bob. and there is no educational value in that.
    If your child is bored watching this then they are watching too must TV including videos. Work in a daycare and preschool …The kids that “LEARN thru PLAY ONLY” get a rude awakening when they have to sit down in Kindergarden.

    and the whole site words vs phonics debate is crazy. kids need both skills. phonics skills are used to add new words and site words are used to increase your reading speed. if people used phonics on the SAT they would fail.

    no reading system is the say all, end all. when my child gets a little older i will get hooked on phonics too.

    as a parent you have to expose your kids to a lot to build up their confidence and learn to follow instructions and be social. you know tee ball, gymnastics, music lessons and all that stuff.

    btw Brainy Baby is good too … english is the closest to this. and Baby Einstein is not that good.

  280. Michael says:

    I am simply blown away by the negative comments about Your Baby Can Read.

    This program is amazing. My 16 month old daughter LOVES the cards. And to correct some of the comments above, you don’t simply “plop you kid in front of the tv.” You work with them on the cards. They are not standard “flash cards” either. The fonts are different, colors are different and each one has a picture that the child can view.

    To second Jenna, my daughter never ONCE held a book upside down and can quickly spot and identify animals from the cards.

    This is a great product and the people who are condemming it simply have never tried it. They form their opinions simply from watching the infomercial.

    How sad. Their children could benefit tremendously…

  281. David says:

    My children read just as well or better than ‘Graham’ who was featured on the commercial. But unlike Graham, and the poor children of the parents who buy this junk, WE actually SPENT TIME interacting with our kids. WE taught them. We didn’t plunk them down in front of the boob tube with this product. Besides, after spending all that money, you STILL have to interact with your kids. Parents are the primary teachers of their kids, so if you ignore them and abandon them to a DVD, what message are you sending? The benefits you do in fact get from this product can be had just as well or better for $2.50 in overdue charges at your public library.

  282. Jenna says:

    I have the program and my baby is just one year and can read. He never holds a book upside down he even knows when individual letters are upside down. I am tired of all this scam sh*t. It works if you follow the directions.

  283. jenny uhrads says:

    I would love to know if its legit too. I see both sides tho. I found complaints of your baby can read customers and I found people that really said it works great. But Im sure if you put time into teaching your baby to read you can be successful.

  284. Jon says:

    I was also was thinking i might buy it. But I feel like its out of my price range. i’m going to make my own flashcards. I do not understand why we should pay so much for flashcards?

    Plus there are alot of Your Baby Can Read complaints all over google. It could be a scam but i would love for my baby to be able to read at a young age. I think this would give him a huge head start.

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