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What can you tell me about the Brainetics? Is it a scam?

I watched the infomercial and was amazed! One of the searches turned up “Brainetics Scam”. Does anybody have any experience with this program? I bought brainetics from a TV ad and I was told the $19.90 was for the 30 day trial and if I wanted the full version it cost $239.60. They did not mention about if I don’t return it. so my understanding was, once the trial version expires and I am not interested in the full version then that’s it. But they already started charging me the full version price! The only number that I have is a US one. Does anyone have their Australian agents’ number?

By: Daniso


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  1. Margret Rosenberg says:

    If you want something that really works, both for mental math and written, go to ABE Books and buy a used copy (I believe it’s long out of print) of “The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics” by Ann Cutler. With this system you can write two numbers of any length on your paper, and then multiply them, writing the answer directly underneath the numbers you’re multiplying. You can add long columns of multi-digit numbers, and check your answer WITHOUT repeating the same steps, and easily narrow down the location of any errors.

    There are also tricks for specific numbers, much like the ones I developed as a child to “cheat” on the multiplication tables.

    If you like math, you will love this book. If you’re intimidated by math, you NEED this book.


  2. Jake says:

    Hi I live in Australia I was born here and I finished year 12 and just passed maths in my HSC. I have always wanted to join the royal Australian Air Force or the Navy to become an aircraft technician in avionics. To this you have to of passed your HSC and Yr 10 I did pass my HSC in every subject and to enter Australian defence force I have to sit an aptitude test and maths test. The first test is general maths and problem solving with 3 digit numbers with no calculator with 70 questions in 30 mins and the last test is all maths trig, algebra you name it! Now I was taught in my HSC to use calculators and we have all been using them during most of high school in general mathematics. I’m looking for program that can teach me to solve complex problems multiplying, subtracting, adding and dividing in my head remembering that I haven’t really done it since Year 8. When I saw the brainetics program I was so impressed and I thought it could actually help me but I am reluctant to purchase it as you guys are saying it is a scam. What do you guys think? There is another program that I can use call ed ADF Mentors and these guys are Australian based and have ADF accurate training material. Do u guys think that brainetics is worth it in my case? Many thanks. Jake.

  3. Marion says:

    Sounds like the Brainetics company employ people to pretend this has worked for them and isn’t a scam. Why the need to lie about the cost of it and how long you have for a trial? 30 day trial = a lie. Here is some mathematics that counts here: You have about a week trial if it takes the mail 3 weeks to send it back to them, you have 2 weeks trial if it takes 2 weeks for the mail to return it to them, you have about 3 weeks trial if it takes 1 week for the mail to return it to them. They also are in charge of deciding when it is returned, i.e. if you sent it back straight away, they may say it wasn’t returned withing 30 days and start charging you the full cost (i.e. not $19.00 or $20 depending on where you are- more like $300 for something that does not work). They don’t count on return customers because they have gained all their wealth from the other people they blackmailed. Legalised blackmail = Brainetics.

  4. Brainetics Review says:

    Brainetics is a new program that utilizes math to help teach kids and adults how to use two parts of your brain at the same time. The first part uses information while the other part saves the information. Below are comments by people that have used the system.

  5. Misleading Advertising says:

    Bought this for $19.90 after seeing infomercial in July 2012. There was never an occasion the TV advertised that there will be more to pay for a 30 day full refund. I confirmed this with the customer service on phone that if I return I get back $19.90 and if not I will be charged only $19.90 and nothing more. My child did not want to use this program but I did not return as it would cost me half the cost to send back. Now I found they have been charging my debit card $59.90 3 times and a lady rang to ask for payment for remainder when my debit card had insufficient funds. She told me the first time that the product I bought actually cost me $119. So I told her she has taken too much and should return my money. Besides she has no authority to charge me as I did not agreed to any recurring charges. The second time she rang again for payment, this time she said the product actually cost me $359.40 and I still have to pay her 2 more instalments. This time she threatened to send collectors on me and will cause me to have a bad credit rating. This is truly a fraudulent way of selling and I intend to submit this case to the Department of Fair Trading and let them investigate this shonky business practice.

  6. Raven says:

    I wouldn’t say its a scam but i can say its not worth the $299 they charge u for it.
    I got this after seeing the info commercial and seeing ten yr olds adding six three digit numbers in their head within 10 seconds i thought ok wow, so i spent 2 solid days going through the dvd’s. and while yes he does have some short cuts they only apply to certain numbers like
    numbers ending in a 1, ok what about 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9
    Divide by 91, divide by 143
    squaring numbers that end in
    5, 50s, 40s
    squaring numbers from
    475 to 525 and 101 to 125

    These are chapters taken from the book i have.
    At best you will find that if you teach these methods to your children it will only confuse them, they will be taught one way at school and a different way at home as mike says children are taught the work out problems right to left , where he does the opposite left to right.
    Here is an example of how he adds multiple 3 digit numbers, mind you these kids on the dvd were doing all the steps below in 15 to 20 seconds i couldn’t beat them on a calculator, they are either a genius or something is not right.


    Here are the steps, all done in yr head.

    1. add up the hundreds digit column
    4+8+4+8+2= 26 remember this number in your head..

    2. add up the tens digit column
    2+2+4+6+2= 16

    add the tens digit to the number in your head from step one and tack on the ones digit
    26+1= 27 tack on the ones digit, 276 is the new number to remember

    3. add the ones digit column
    6+2+4+6+2+3= 17

    add the tens digit to the number in your head from step two and tack on the ones digit
    276+1= 277 tack on the ones digit

    2777 is the answer to the problem

    Now that is a lot of steps and a lot for a 10 yr old to remember and to do all that in 15 to 20 seconds after months of practice maybe but he states they have never seen this before.
    I can see the plus side to this getting your children to use their brain and keep it active that is a good thing but its far from revolutionary as i said before its only bits and yes i do have all 7 dvds not just the trial.

    I probably shouldn’t say this but if u want to see what its like u can download the whole program you just wont get dvd 6 and 7 but they are only fun and tricks, but if u like it and think it will help the by all means purchase it .
    But if you get this thinking your children will be tops of your class and can add like the ones on tv you will be mistaken and waste $300.
    This is just my opinion i wanted to share with people that have asked what its like ive tried to be fair and give some info…

  7. City Girl says:

    Actually there are tricks that kids can learn to do things easily I had a friend who taught her toddler when she was 4 years old how to read any number up into the millions. that is not the same as processing complicated math but it is evidence of how they can be taught tricks. I am also interested in knowing if this kit helped anyone…from someone who has brought it not speculating.

  8. SoccerGeek says:

    I saw the info commercial on channel 94 and I thought that it was an amazing product… Then thought to myself, how can kids multiply 317 x 456 in less than 3secs. And they r only 10 – 11 years old. I think it’s a scam, especially because it’s $20 postage $150 for full version and $10 if ur not in USA!

  9. Will from Melbourne says:

    I was keen to buy it, but now I definitely won’t be.

  10. Dorothy says:

    Brainetec, it is a scam ,I say it on TV ,so I rang and I ask for the trail pack when i got it I rang and cancelled,and was told the $19.90 i paid for trail was mine and not to return it, when i looked at my credit card Statement they had charged me an EXTRA $239.60, said i had the full product, refused to take it back and refuse to credit me. I have told them that it was still in package and not been used.I explain that I was a full time care of two of my grandchildren and on a pension, I did not order the whole thing and did not want it . Their reply BAD LUCK. Please everyone be careful what you order from TV ads (Buy now) Most are scams
    they are only after your money, how they get it does not matter.

  11. boris says:

    Isn’t anything in an infomercial a scam. What quality product ever has been on an infomercial. That is your answer

  12. Dilli says:

    Brainetics is a pure scam. I have tried it for my kid. It is a waste of money.

  13. Teresa says:

    Okay. Don’t buy Brainetics. You would understand if you bought the trial version. NEVER BUY THE FULL. If you want to learn a few maths tricks go ahead and buy the damn thing. This won’t help your maths in the long run. I only tried Brainetics because my dad was fooled by the infomercial.

    The reason why I told you to not buy Brainetics is because its methods (more like tricks) can only be used with certain numbers. For example, a method that will take you a day to learn will only be usable for numbers in between 90-99 or 40-49. Plus, the tricks are difficult to hammer into your brain. It’s like add the tens digits together, cross multiply the digits, add 25, now times the ones digits together to get your answer. All that for numbers you will never use in maths in primary school or high school. Spending your time learning the real methods behind maths instead of wasting it on something like Brainetics will be the best decision you have ever made in your whole life. I times and divide numbers in a matter of seconds on paper if they’re 2-3 digits and can times and divide any number with numerous digits if given a bit more time. This was from learning the real way, the way they teach you at school. By the way there’s nothing in Brainetics that involves algebra, quadratics, cubics, graphing, etc that you will later learn in high school. Even if you found that you could learn Brainetics’ methods really quickly, they will never help you with schooling because you’ll never come across those numbers.

    It is essentially a scam if you don’t return the product within 30 days. They charge your credit card hundreds of dollars without you knowing. Then you have to call your credit card company, call Brainetics, blah blah blah.

    Anyone who has supported Brainetics and written positive replies or reviews were either paid, truly believe Brainetics helps you because their maths skills are primitive, or is just being a faggot.

    Oh my god, just don’t buy it. It’s not worth the hassle.

    If you don’t believe me yet, refer to John’s post. The one that starts off like this: “I AM A MATHS TEACHER AND WE ORDERED BRAINETICS; IT IS A DAMAGING SCAM.”
    He goes into much further detail about why Brainetics does not help.

  14. Seiha says:

    I orderd the product hoping that the price was only $19.90 but they keep charging from my credit cards until I cancel my credit cards. Now they keep calling me to pay the remaining parts. I would keep them calling me until they could no longer do it.

    It’s truely a scam. The tvmercial one. Dont trust them for whatever products.

  15. James says:

    Order it. Copy it and send it back. Then tell ur credit card company you were scammed.

    They’ll return your money and you get the program for free.

    Scam the scammers.

  16. Anon says:

    Alot of clueless parents here it seems.

    “Dont buy this get your kids to use a calculator”
    Why go to school then? Just get them to get by on books and the internet when the situation arises. Its one thing to mindlessly plop numbers into a machine and have it do all the work for you and its another to actually know how to do it yourself.

    “If this is so good, why don’t they teach it in schools”
    Because schools have discipline problems. If Johnny didn’t learn his timetables today then how is he meant to work anything out. Unfortunately the teacher needs to teach the entire class and not just those that pay attention.

    This is a great tool for those who show a willingness in learning.
    If you cant afford it don’t bash it. I’m 23 years old and this actually helped me compute large numbers i constantly come across is Cryptography . Its nice not having to rely on a calculator and you get so familiar with the numbers that you know before you complete an exercise what the answer will come to be.

  17. rocio says:

    This program does work my mom bought it for me and i loved it its not a scam, i was at the bottom of the class and know everyone is asking me for help it helped me realize that math is fun, and not hard i just needed to challenge my self in anything i do and I REALLY THINK THAT YOU SHOULD BUY IT FOR YOUR CHILD ^.^ it helped me it can help your child to why not give it a try?(not all kids learn in the same pass give it time)

  18. Troy says:

    Hi all :)

    Math should be free to learn for all, even those of us that have 4 sensors (baby).

    Let me start and finish with this simple explanation:
    I am?

    This is the math program to use and it is complicated.

    Microsoft Mathematics. (Do a search for it.)

    Now Let`s look at microsoft for a minute, They make the dominant OS and develop software for the bigest databases that have ever been.
    MMM, Makes me (and should also) wonder?

  19. renz says:

    i like the topic, but i think if this is good for the kids,,why schools dont get it and teach in the class,,i mean for everybody,,its a big savings for the parents right.

  20. Private Citizen says:

    I picked it up for AUD$105 on ebay, including delivery. Bought it for a nephew who is not very academic. He expressed an interest, unbidden. Will it work? I am not sure he will have the drive to see it through. At that price, I thought it worth a try and his siblings might pick it up. I think his parents might need to get involved as well and I suspect his poor grasp of basics might slow him down. If it can boost his confidence in maths then it might be worth it.
    Does this help? not sure. Will the net-nazis declare this post grammatically correct? dont care.

  21. Enlighten says:

    After reading all the posting from 5/27/10 – 5/23/12 – I will buy Brainetics and try all other sources mentioned at this site.

    Every little bit of help from different sources will help my struggling nephew in Math.
    I will definitely incorporate: Brainetics, Vedic Math, Math-U-See, 26 EasyCal Tricks of Faster Algebra, Secret of Mental Math, etc.

    I will not order it online….but I will go to Wallmart.

    All of the above posting helps me – Thanks for this site – - I am grateful.

  22. Joe says:

    OH Yeah ALSO to Big Red….

    The quote you were referring to was said by a famous CEO after interviewing a candidate for a job. The candidate tried to impress the CEO with his near photographic memory that he possessed. After the interview, he told the other interviewers not to hire that man. The other 2, totally impressed by the mans memory, asked why. The CEO pointed to the books on his shelves and stated something very similar to what you erroneously quoted Einstein as saying. Then he said what I want is someone who can think, not one who can simply recall millions of pieces of useless facts that I can simply look up.


  23. Joe says:

    At Big RED. You are a total loser!!! That was not an Einstein Quote at all. The only thing Einstein ever quoted regarding memory was that memory was deceptive because it is colored by today’s events. You probably think Einstein also made the famous quote about compound interest…….which he never said either.

  24. John says:

    My son was interested so we ordered Brainetics: $20 for a 30 day trial, $17 to post it back by registered mail; if it doesn’t reach them by day 30 your credit card will be debited by $299, although apparently you can negotiate an extension.

    It is a fraudulent scam. It teaches some difficult-to-remember simple tricks for rare and obscure questions (e.g. how to get the 5th root of an integer known to be a perfect 5th power…) It has very little of use for common problems, and those few methods for common tasks are are obscure and limited. E.g. for teaching how to multiply two numbers, it gives different methods depending on whether it is 2-digit by 2-digit, 3-digit by 3-digit, etc; these particular methods are slightly faster than generic methods, but I don’t think the slight increase in speed justifies having to memorise obscure techniques. Brainetics’ ‘inventor’ is probably a high-functioning autistic, and I suspect that only similar minds will find Brainetics material slightly useful for anything other than a few obscure tricks.

    Brainetics claims to empower kids, but I think the reverse is far more likely, especially when everyone realises that they have paid $37 or $319 for a product that has hardly helped the child at maths. Parents, if this happens, don’t blame your child, and explain to them that it is not their fault. Brainetics does have a few useful ideas on learning, but these could be conveyed in about 30 pages and 1 DVD, and the $319 price-tag may be criminally fraudulent.

  25. Shaun says:

    Cheryl says:
    November 18, 2011 at 7:51 pm
    I have just watched the infomercial and thought that I would look for reviews before committing!
    I see mixed reaction, and onlya few people who actually knew (or was told the full price)
    I suspected that the $19.99 was only for the 30day trial,(The price in Australia) and when advertisers are not upfront with the actual price, I tend to steer clear.
    I also agree with the people who made comments suggesting that people should improve their spelling and grammar before trying to be a genius in Maths.
    The misplace apostrophe is such a bug bear, since when does every word which ends with an s has the apostrophe before the S ie: ‘S
    Let’s remember the golden rule, if it is an owning word with an S the apostrophe goes after the S’ such. eg: This is Anns’ story!
    If we are shortening the word such as Let’s, It’s it goes before the apostrophe.
    Also there is no such word as gunna, gotten, or kinda! they are Going to, Got (or have) and Kind of!
    I hope this helps a little! ”

    I would have thought that if you were going to write a comment you would at least check that you were right before posting it.

    To explain this well I need to point out that the Americans were the first (and as far as I know the only) people to standardise english. When we talk about correct english what we are really talking about is standardised english (Which some people could argue is not true english but in fact american english but we won’t (will not) even go there)

    Case (1) (apostrophe “S” used to ownership)

    The best way to explain this is with an example.

    1) That is the Davids’ ball.

    2) That ball is Mr David’s.

    Do you follow?

    If it is more than one person who owns the object and the ‘s’ there to show that it is plural then the apostrophe goes after the ‘s’ otherwise the apostrophe goes before the ‘s’

    more examples

    two boys’ hats
    boy’s hat
    two women’s hats
    two actresses’ hats
    two children’s hats
    the Changs’ house
    the Joneses’ golf clubs
    the Strauses’ daughter
    the Sanchezes’ artwork
    the Hastingses’ appointment
    the Leeses’ books

    (Cheryl please stop making us Aussies look ignorant )


    I mean English or any language is just there as a tool to help communicate to others as long as u can do that who really cares if it is standard English or not !!!

    Maths is about the application of logic; being able to work things out for yourself.

    Mastering English means you will definitely be able to read how to do some thing but is that want really promotes learning?

    (I no that I have not used standardised Engish all the way threw this but I thought it was ironic and it kind of proved my point)

  26. Mandy says:

    I almost got sucked in by the infomercial as well. Till I saw the price! Most families cannot afford that . I work in education and asked around. The general consensus is it’s worth more like $19.95!!! and there is a reason why it’s not used regularly in schools – there’s very little reliability and validity! It’s tricks. Who on earth is going to be asked “what’s 45 x 82″ and who is expected to an answer “yes that’s 16.39283829″? Kids are allowed to use calculators so are adults in their jobs. If you work for NASA do you think they’re going to rely on Brainetics tricks or calculators? It looks like kids are really smart but it’s a gimmick. Einstein and many other successful people (even with dyslexia etc) didn’t have Brainetics and yet they still have flourished in business etc. Try Mathletics – it’s one of the few schools can and do use and recommend. For price to price comparison I’d rather spend my cash on something sustainable that’s used in schools. It’s clever for 5 seconds then what….?

  27. Mark says:

    The system looks good on Tv, but being a teacher myself, I’d love to work in the schools that he’s in! No behaviour problems at all! Looks like they have an honour class or something. Reality is that the kids MUST know their tables and additions well to succeed with this program, which is sadly where most kids find dull and boring. There has been a musical version of times tables made but this gets monotonous too!
    However, if they can get past it and get on to Brainetics, it will help their speed and accuracy with necessary math skills. At least they will know how much change they should receive from shopping or work out the total of their purchases.
    Most employers require a maths and literacy test with a particular score before they will look at you! One thing I didn’t see was percentages, but that’s basic division and multiplication.
    I’d love to order it for myself. Anything is good if it gets kids thinking these days, and if it is a quick shortcut to success, then go for it. That’s what kids look for these days. Plus as a teacher, I not only have to teach but make it entertaining too to achieve success!!
    Memory boosting would be good too. How many parents wish their kids could remember better, or be able to focus longer.
    I guess after feedback, if you want to try it, do so. Every kid is different and will require different methods to achieve greatness. As parents and teachers, we should try variety to find the best solutions for our kids!

  28. Titi says:

    look? from reading most of these comments the basic message that is trying to be said here is 3 things:
    Firstly, you need to read the fine details properly otherwise u probebly could be scanned. Using the 30 day trial will be pointless because you will have to pay the full price anyway.

    Secondly, for parents if this makes thier children enjoy maths then what are you waiting for? If you want your children to be a human calculator then this IS the product for you

    Thirdly and most importantly, this may help children accelerate in maths during the early years and enjoy maths but later o in life this product will no long be needed. For example, in most test (the HSE) etc. calculators are alllowed. Some people just disagree that spending this much moey just to make your children ENJOY maths and make them accel in class for a few years is a pointless product. But if this is alright with you and you read the fine print then i think this product would be good for your child :) hope this helps

  29. pito says:

    I pay for 14 day trail and they tuck the hole amount of $192 and the worst part a i don’t havet yet

  30. Sarah says:

    I have Brainetics, and now, I am at the top of my class, when I used to be at the bottom. All these comments are about people ordering them online and getting scammed, but that doesnt mean the product doesnt work! I didnt order mine online, I got mine from the mall, but if I did, I would double check.

  31. Ashley says:

    Thank you all! I was about to buy this and cancelled it five minutes after ordering it. I found it at Walmart for $98.00 so I saved about $55.00 bucks. Now I feel I am willing to take the gamble and see if it helps my kids at all. I feel I blow a lot of money on things they don’t need or learn from, so what the heck $98.00 for something they might learn a little from is worth it!

  32. celeste says:

    walmart sells the program for 59.95 if you don’t want to
    order online.

  33. BLACK DIAMOND says:

    WOW!!!!!! Not sure any more about buying this program after reading the reviews. I see that a lot of people did not return it in time but what i need to know is, is the program a Scam or not Scam?, or is it just not worth the price? Thanks 2 the people that let me know that its at Walmart……lol

  34. John says:

    I didn’t buy it because they would not tell me what the full price was. from what mI have read the product is ok but the business practices of those selling it is the problem.

  35. Terry says:

    My experience after using this is that it is more entertaining than educational. Wait a while and you will get it for $9.95.

  36. Terry says:

    I have watched most of the Brainetics programme and in my opinion it is more for entertainment rather that education. It reminds me of another programme I purchased about 20 years ago called Mega Memory. After completing the Programme I could remember 40 objects after only looking at them for a few seconds but I have not actually found any useful purpose for this skill as yet other than for party tricks. I am sure there would be numerous other ways to entertain the kids that would be far less expensive than Brainetics.

  37. Cheryl says:

    I have just watched the infomercial and thought that I would look for reviews before committing!
    I see mixed reaction, and onlya few people who actually knew (or was told the full price)
    I suspected that the $19.99 was only for the 30day trial,(The price in Australia) and when advertisers are not upfront with the actual price, I tend to steer clear.
    I also agree with the people who made comments suggesting that people should improve their spelling and grammar before trying to be a genius in Maths.
    The misplace apostrophe is such a bug bear, since when does every word which ends with an s has the apostrophe before the S ie: ‘S
    Let’s remember the golden rule, if it is an owning word with an S the apostrophe goes after the S’ such. eg: This is Anns’ story!
    If we are shortening the word such as Let’s, It’s it goes before the apostrophe.
    Also there is no such word as gunna, gotten, or kinda! they are Going to, Got (or have) and Kind of!
    I hope this helps a little! :-)

  38. cynthia says:

    All i can say is that this product isn’t worth the DVD’s it comes on. Customer service is extremely rude when you are not satisfied with their product. I had bought this product to help my daughter who is dyslexic hoping that this might help her at least a little but i can honestly say that it was not worth the sacrifice in our family budget to purchase this product. Its unfortunately that they would take advantage of parents knowing that they would try anything and buy anything to see their children succeed. In all honesty to any other parent trying to purchase this product i would recommend not to.

  39. QQQ2 says:

    It’s a good thing I found this site to get some background and others experiences with this product and the company that sells it. I will not purchase it and will seek books with similar techniques and work thru our struggles. I do want to say most schools and teachers are restricted to their state and federal requirements and cannot choose how to teach in ways that may work better than the system allows. There are news articles on Cable news and talk radio about how we as a country are not teaching our kids like they should be and used to be taught. The USA is slipping in the ranking of education on a global scale and its scary to think that it can be fixed with some simple changes. So much for the Dept. of Ed. and its liberal agenda. Good luck to you all.

  40. Starling says:


    Chill out! You are either a total freak that is impossible to deal with, or a complete fool.

    What the heck in your experience shows whether the product is good or not? Only you had a bad customer service experience. So, how was the product? We bought it and my kids love it. If it does nothing more than get them excited to do math. That’s just fine by me. Lot’s of schools do use it by inviting in Mile to work with their students.

  41. David says:

    If the program is so good (and I think learning memory tricks can be helpful) then why aren’t our schools using it? I feel he is motivating – hard to be critical – but why don’t math teachers order it and use it for themselves and their students?

  42. ajay rochester says:

    scam scam scam. here is his email him …..ask him the same questions I did:
    1. Why did I get charged for Brainetics when I decided to not order and did not even finish the phone call hanging up because she tried to keep making me buy the whole thing up front?

    2. Why did Brainetics refuse to listen to me when I repeatedly said I was only interested in the FREE trial?

    3. Why did I get 10 calls a day from a number that when I call back refuses to admit that they called me?1 800 401 0085

    4. Why do I get 10 calls a day at ALL hours trying to sell me more products that I didn’t buy? yesterday at 6 am!

    5. Why do your customer service people claim they did not receive the charge taken out of my account? 1877 444 3776

    6. Why did they say my only recourse of customer service is to go to bank and have them fax the charge?

    7. Why do your customer service people claim they know nothing about the other number calling me?

    8. Why does your manager Josh claim he knows nothing about that other number?

    9. Why do your people running the other number hang up on me when I ask them why they are calling me?

    10. How do you intend for this to not go VIRAL? You are a SCAM artist. I was a parent genuinely hoping to make a difference to my childs education and you are nothing short of a snake oil salesman!

  43. Big Red says:

    Also, if you want to “try” this in the US, you can try Wal Mart. They have it for $145 I think. you just need to know someone that can shrink-wrap it again to return it.

  44. Big Red says:

    Everyone can view this how they want. The simple is that this is not a scam if you understand what you are purchasing., Brainetics is not necessarily a math training system. It is a system that is used to spark other parts of the brain that children do not normally use. If you are buying this as a cure all for math, then it is a scam. Everything done on the videos can be done with a calculator which all kids are permitted to use. Hell, they can use them on the SAT and ACT tests now.

    Basic arithmetic: Brainetics will work, but a calculator is faster
    Algebra: useless
    Geometry: useless
    Trigonometry: useless
    Calculus: useless
    Differential Equations: useless
    Physics: useless
    Chemistry: useless

    Outside of elementary and probably some middle school, this is a useless program. Einstein said it was a waste to memorize anything that can be found in a book. The reason for this is the brain should be used to memorize things that are not documented. If he needed to look up the formula to calculate the day someone was born, then he could look it up, fill in the algebraic parts, and get the answer.

    A fool and his money are soon parted. If your child “really” needs this program, then parents should look at the root cause of the problem and seek counseling.

  45. Leanne says:

    We are using Mathletics with our kids, it’s age appropriate and they seem to really enjoy it. It was set up through our school, and every student has access ( for a reasonable annual fee, built into school fees). Was thinking about purchasing Brainetics, but don’t think I’ll bother now.

  46. Ben Smith says:

    Brainetics is not a scam. At start it may feel like that because it’s just tricks and stuff. But if any of you “parents” had patience and looked at the last two chapters of the books it says all the things u need. All the “tricks were to just get you ready for the really hard parts.

  47. angela says:

    @ Baby – clearly, people are posting from different countries…I can tell you now I just sat through a 30 minute infomercial, and in this country, it is advertised at $19.90 for a 30 day trial.

    …Plus, if you call in the next 10 minutes, it will be shipped free of charge!

    There was absolutely NO mention in the ad of further costs if you did not send it back within 30 days.

  48. jade says:

    just by reading everyones comments u can see that this programme does not work if it did why arent they using it schools!!!!!!!!

  49. Zarlee07 says:

    I have to agree with most of the postings….I’m not sure if it works or not but they refuse to accept the product back as a return. Unfortnately, I was out of the country at the time it was due so I missed the deadline now they want me to pay $150 and I told them I don’t want it and it’s never been opened but they won’t accept it. They were not rude but their policy on returns sucks!! I hate that I fell into the trap before reading the reviews. I don’t even want it now but I’m stuck with it. I will be spreading the word about how bad their customer service is….if you don’t accept a product back must mean you’re having a hard time trying to sell it!

  50. average american says:

    well, i have to say that the commercial makes it seem wonderful. however, after on line research it seems like these are in fact old math tricks that only work with specific numbers and the chances of using them in real life are rare. also, i want my kids to know ‘why’ the answer is what it is.
    if a parent is truly looking to help their kid in math i suggest starting with the basics of time and the multiplication table. i taught all three of my kids their facts up through 12 and that has been their biggest advantage over their peers.

  51. Harman says:

    This is a scam! They did not ship my order for weeks and weh I called to cancel, they shipped it and charged my credit card and refused to cancel the order. The whole thing is a scam. Just some math tricks and some flash cards… for $150. Beware customers … this is a major scam

  52. Sean says:

    I saw the commercial, looks cool. I read about the price, uncool. I’m currently looking into 26 EasyCal Tricks of Faster Algebra @ Its around 45 bucks. I mean hell, If youre gonna teach them to use a formula for the rest of their life, might as well be one that includes the next step of their mandatory classes to get a diploma. ps most people dont spell check their blog comments, just like most people dont use proper english in public… but would you really walk up to them and say “Hey, excuse me, do you relize you pronounced that word wrong”.? Get a life.

  53. kelkal says:

    THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU!!! I wanted to get this for my children so bad that I nearly bought it before reading the reviews. I’m still not sure if it would work or not, but I really didn’t feel secure with the customer service rep. I’m sure that I will find another way to help improve my child’s math skills.

  54. Wendy says:

    I am using Brainetics with my 10 year old neice and 11 year old daughter. They absolutely love it and my sister and I have started doing it along with them. We are ALL learning how to solve equations, that I thought couldn’t be done without a calculator, in our head and I think it’s absolutely marvellous! My 10 year old neice absolutely HATED math but now she always wants to do it so for me, this has not been a waste of money but a great investment! Using Brainetics with my children has given them SO much confidence now when it comes to math.

    Let me ask you something, can you solve 57squared (57×57) within 5 seconds without a calculator? Because my kids can!

  55. Angela says:

    I actually disagree. I am an 11 year old girl. My parents bought brainetics for me and it actually helped me a lot. I have far sharper memory and can calculate multiplication problems in my head in10 seconds. And that’s the first 3 days! Imagine a month and if I keep practicing. Everyone learns at a different pace. Some people may pick it up quicker than others. I picked it up quite quickly though. And since then, I’ve been top student in my class. Before, I even have difficulty adding 2 three digit numbers, even with paper. Now I can add 6 three digit numbers in my head. If this doesn’t prove anything… I don’t know what does.

  56. Tapiwa says:

    People, this is a scam don’t buy. They know many people will forget to return in time and rip you off. Please, do not be tricked, I have already been, so do not follow suit.

  57. Sean Anderson says:

    I think its fake because on add the questions are


    Does anyone notice that the two numbers above a number make the number you select, 3+5=8 5+8=13 13+8=21

  58. Mary says:


  59. kathy says:

    I called this company on Saturday, very early in the morning, after watching their infomercial. I decided not to order it, after being told the true purchase price of the program. This company has now called me back THREE TIMES EVERY DAY since Sat !!! They are obviously hot on selling their merchandise! I knew the 800 number as it appeared on my caller ID, so have only answered their first attempt to contact me again. When their 800 # comes up, I have just stopped answering them, but on their next attempt, I will pick up the phone and tell them to butt out— great deals or not!!! Thanks for posting this site. You saved me some money that I was considering spending.

  60. kevin says:

    Does anyone actually READ their comments before submitting them? I get the impression that internet users are mostly illiterate morons – forget the maths – learn English first.

  61. nicole says:

    I have just viewed on telly and as read above – the actors made it seem very easy. I agree with many of the above that state math is a ‘practice makes perfect’ subject’. However there is a taboo surrounding math that it is hard and boring etc among school children and I think anything to boost their confidence and make math as fun as possible is great! As a high school student I needed extra help and went to ‘number works’ – a math system based on computers. It cost my parents a lot of money but it did help and I ended up acing my exams. I believe this is due to seeing math in a different light (fun). I’d say if you have young children trial it and see how it goes for them. Just keep tabs on how long you have had the product!!!!

  62. Joy says:

    Math U See is a much better math program. It focuses on understanding math, which enables one to use it in every day situations. It is an actual curriculum and is used in classrooms, homeschool, and tutoring situations. It focuses and builds on the basic concepts of math in a logical order, and goes completely at the students pace. It is much better suited to children of all learning styles and abilities. Not as flashy and well known, but I believe to be an excellent way to learn math and increase skills.

  63. Sarai says:

    Well hey if the kids are finding it as another means to learning maths -ontop of course basic maths – at least the kids are in zone with learning … better than what their current situation is – if this improves in regards to the children wanting to learn your kids further in maths even though it is shortcuts – it is is still learning – it beats playstsation or some other time wasting activity ie.e other puta games out there

    - it appears after 5ms reading most comments above – judging before giving time for the system to be trialed – hey if the m.kid are enjoying it and they themselves are getting something out of it – all good don’t me you think!!!

    There doesnt seem to appear a lot of comments from any parents families who have actually purchased and used it over a resonable period of time to make a valid evaluation of the system.

    Observing the video clip – the children’s eyes with delight – its like so refreshing to see the children simply enjoying this maths technique – vs boredom in some other methods of teaching … Let the children do the speaking what they think of it??? What their teachers feedback on their maths learning at school. Agree also – learn the basics re maths — practice practice eventually wld be a reflex in the mind to recall basic facts …

    Ok off the track here – but any parents using the KUMON techniques with their children???

  64. shanfan14 says:

    First, no comments above implied in any way that those who have erred in spelling or grammar are lying. It’s not the information in the postings that is of concern: it is the delivery.

    I have heard the “arrogance” accusation before when someone has presented something incorrectly (a matter of “carousel” and “calliope” comes to mind). Would one rather be plain wrong and perpetuate misinformation purposely–and expose themselves to possible derision– rather than adding to one’s store of knowledge?

    Isn’t part of what our educational system has egregiously foisted on its students is the notion that “it’s O.K. to be wrong: everyone else is!” If that is truly the prevailing philosophy, let us throw out any processes and allow that all goes, everyone is correct, there are no standards nor actual answers to anything at all, since the beginning of time, and thereby no one’s fragile feelings or delicate self-esteem are hurt. Growing up IS difficult: it means taking criticism, admitting when you are wrong, and learning from the experience…and shedding that thin skin. We are all subject to criticism. The word itself is not pejorative: it simply amount to scrutiny, evaluation.

    Sorry: I am old school. When I graduated, it meant something. I had to know things and to know them accurately. If I didn’t, the onus was upon me to learn, to improve. I couldn’t blame it on everyone else, especially those who wounded my feelings by telling me I was wrong. No wonder we are outclassed educationally by so many countries which do not have the many blessings and benefits we do.

    If those among you don’t care to be accurate, don’t care to notice that they’re, their, and there are not interchangeable, that is your choice: however, don’t accuse others of being arrogant simply because they–obviously mistakenly–thought you might care to know the right word, for future reference, so that no one CAN, henceforth, correct you.

    Get it right, they used to say, and there will be nothing to make excuses for or become defensive about.

  65. Ross says:

    I read a couple of the comments here, certainly not all of them. I live in Australia and I’ve had the joy of being self employed since I was 14. When I was younger, I once saw a commercial for something that sounded too good to be true – it was something in regards to fuel economy on cars – so I asked a customer who knew quite a lot about cars, and knew a HELL of a lot about business, he taught me a lesson that has served me well through life.

    If a product has as much value as this one claims to have – the MAJOR companies would be climbing over themselves to buy the system. Example – if PRACTICAL maths was this easy to teach – Education departments and private schools all over the world would be scrambling to be the first to teach it in schools.

    Just as my customer taught me – if something could improve fuel economy as much as they claimed – car makers everywhere would be trying to out-do their competition and would have included it in their cars.

    Hopefully this lesson is beneficial to someone.


  66. Baby says:

    Sorry..But where are you people getting your info?…It never said it only cost $20.00 or You had a 30 day trail. It’s says and states clear as day that it is $14.95 for 14 days, and if you don’t want it you send it back, If you don’t, You get charged 169.95, Or you could just order the whole thing for $149.00. That is how they get you, You try it, forget to send it back if you don’t want it and get charged more! They and other stuff they sell on TV have been doing this for years…lol!..Like I said, Glad I looked it up first and know you can go buy it at a store..Think people ;-)

  67. Baby says:

    For all the people that ordered this on line or over the phone….They sell the whole thing at Wal-Mart!..Lmao!..Do some homework and look for reviews on sites like this one before you jump on something. I will try this with my child and if it’s not going to do her any good I will take it back to the store ;)..Good Luck with your Orders..Wow!

  68. Wilso says:

    PS. I apologise if my punctuation was not 100% correct. I received very little education in that area during my own schooling, and have had to learn it myself when I returned to education later in life.

  69. Wilso says:

    Blackout, you are absolutely correct. Most of these people should be focussing on English. On the internet one becomes accustomed to seeing a lot of bad spelling and grammar. But seeing so much of it on a forum that is discussing educational issues is very disheartening.
    On the issue of Brainetics, and after reading so many bad reviews, I will not be buying it for my children. I’ve got one starting school next year, and one three years later. It’s my intention to take a very ‘hands on’ role in my children’s education, because rightly or wrongly, I just don’t have a lot of faith in the education system, or the standard of teaching, in this day and age.

  70. Grey says:

    Let’s look at this a moment.

    Is this product a scam? No; it does exactly what it says it will. It teaches techniques for rapid calculation assuming a basic knowledge of mathematics is already possessed.

    Is it rediculously overpriced? Absolutely! These are techniques that have been known of for quite some time and one can learn them from books at any bookstore which range from $8-20 USD.

    The memory tricks can also be found in similarly priced books.

    Basically, the cost if this product lies in its presentation.

  71. KPez says:

    After reading most of the comments, I have decided not to buy this product. I have found that the dialogue by enlarge does not aid in making a decision. I am a homeschool parent and I need to get the most for my money. Brainetics costs more than my math curriculum for the year. I think I will stick with the emphasis on mastery of concepts rather than fun games and tricks. If you’re looking for an excellent math program that will help your child master the building concepts necessary for success as well as a program that uses DVD’s in addition to teaching manuals and workbooks, than try Math-U-See. It uses a variety of methods that really work and you can move at your child’s pace. My 6 year old is about to finish the second grade level workbook and he is capable of of doing a great deal of math in his head without lots of tricks but rather with a mastery of the decimal system and how to make 10. He also memorized skip counting (multiplication tables) with songs provided with the curriculum. In addition, he learned to skip count (through songs) with a second system up to 15×15 as well as the cube and squares. Your child does not have to understand the concepts to memorize the numbers, and once a child is ready to learn the concept he will fly right through if all the memorization is in place.

    I am really amazed at the arrogance of those who felt it was necessary to correct others for their grammar and spelling (on a post about math). Seriously, I understood what people were saying, and most people simply hit the wrong key. Who has time to go back and correct every little thing in there post? This not a dissertation. I am sure I have some mistakes that were made in this post, but I have better things to do (like focusing on my children and ensuring a quality education) than going back and correcting it. So what, if some of the people couldn’t find their grammatical mistakes if they tried? Doesn’t it say something about them that they they’re trying to do better for their children? We get older and forget things too. My post is to help those who want their kids to succeed not rip them a new one for not knowing the 8 parts of speech and their definitions, all the different kinds of pronouns (nominative, objective, possessive, reflexive etc.), the 4 kinds of sentences, the 5 kinds of nouns, as well as a gerund, an appositive, a conjunction, and so on and so forth. My 6 year old memorized all these things too ( there are some amazing English programs out there).

  72. tessa says:

    I was very interested in buying this program but after reading the reviews i think i might take the free option and look into vedic math or others products.

    On the forum i see people taking shots a others grammar skills and I think that it is wrong. Just like math is hard for some so is grammar for others. It does not mean they are stupid what it means is that they either in a hurry , wanted to get their point across and did not care about using correct grammar or check spelling or they just plain old lacked grammar skills. What ever the case they made their point (“dem made point”) and i received it quite well.
    Horrible grammar skills does not mean person is stupid because if that was the case then HOW is it that well educated people are getting scammed out of hundreds everyday by people of lesser education (ie scam sites).
    This forum did not ask for people to takes shots at others grammar skills it was asking if the program was a scam or legit.

    I do agree with one thing said by others taking shots and that is that people with bad grammar skills should look into brushing up on those as it is valuable in today’s world and it gives good indication if a site is a scam site or not.
    However, it does not mean one can not give their opinion especially if it will save someone money which is the point and more valuable than poor grammar skills in the end.

    Thank you to everyone who shared their experience with the brainetics program

  73. blackout says:

    I have subscribed to mathletics. This encompases the entire curriculum for nz school children and has been fantastic for helping both my kids get ahead. It provides questions and activities in a reward based system. From what I can see the brainetics system can help children who are already very well established in the basics to learn how to solve complex problems in their heads, but its not going to be of much use to kids who are struggling with comprehension and the basics.
    There are no short-cuts to learning. Time and effort, and some one-on-one parental help are the only way to help your kids improve. Focussing the learning time of parents and kids is probably a large reason for the success of programs like brainetics.
    I have to agree with a previous reader who suggested that perhaps the people writing here should be focussing more on English than maths!!

  74. kristin says:

    I looked on this site to find out wheteher to try it or not. Now after reading ALL the comments- (i am highly amused) and I will give it a go. It is called a trial period for a reason and that is exactly what iam going to do now. So neither of your comments has really told me anything about the product much. I will have to find out by myself.

    My reason for wanting to buy it: as an adult, i know maths and the underlaying basics. But iam far to slow normally in doing maths quickly in my brain. Also i found that working on a farm has kept me fit physically but my mental strength has gone down hill.
    So i expect this product to help me regain some memory and abilities.
    and hopefully once my kids have gotten to the required level of maths, they will be able to use it to boost their memory to.
    You cant really expect to much more of something that costs about $300 nowadays. the learning still has to be done- this is just supposed to be a fun learning aid- thats all it actually claims to be.

  75. dean says:

    Why pay $199 for this crap when u can buy a $5 calculator and know that the answer id correct???

  76. Philip says:

    I have scanned through the contents of DVD and found that it teaches us some short cut in doing mathematics – BUT how often you need to do a number divided by 91 or 143 ??

    If you hope anyone (not just your kids) become a “superman” as shown in the DVD or advertisement after taken this course – Then you will be VERY disappointed. Because all the tricks it teaches ONLY apply to a VERY SPECIAL condition or range of the numbers!

    My concusion is the whole “Brainetics” is useful ONLY if you want to SHOW OFF or in a MAGIC show in front of your friends – But don’t expect it will help your performance at school or solve your mathematics problem (as it claims in its advertisement which is totally NOT true and misleading – Our government, media watchdog should warn people aware of this fact).

  77. autumn says:

    I have an $3 app on my phone that does the same thing.

  78. iteachmath says:

    Mike Byster has DONATED his time to travel around the country to teach these “math tricks” to students, parents and teachers. His goal is to motivate, share, teach “math tricks” and give confidence to all students. Mike also donates his time to conduct FREE workshops for education majors at colleges and universities. His workshop is not a sales pitch. His goal is to share what he knows and to “pay it forward”. Mike will be conducting a workshop at Aurora University in April. My undergraduate students and I look forward to the presentation. He has a gift. The pre-service teachers (students) and I are willing to receive that gift and pass it on to the future learners!

  79. Chuck says:

    I have seen this infomercial and have concluded that it is not a scam (except for the 14-day trial – do the math). It is also not the miracle solution to learning mathematics. So what is Brainetics ? Brainetics is a system for mentally solving arithmetic problems efficiently – a system of shortcuts to obtain the answer to arithmetic problems quickly. My parents or your grandparents would have called this “ciphering”. Solving the arithmetic is only a small fraction of the mathematics. They could explain what they did to get the answer but not the underlying reasons it worked. The complete study of mathematics is both.

    I noticed that several previous comments include references to other developers for speed arithmetic schemes. One of the first that I was aware was invented by Jakow Trachtenberg while he was in a German concentration camp during World War II.

    My first concern is how does this system help students solve “story problems”? Most of the difficulty of solving story problems is more often related to understanding language and grammar.

    Secondly, how does the author and Brainetics move from computational arithmetic on to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, differential calculus, integral calculus and differential equations? These are the various specific fields that are involved with computations.

    Where are the underlying principles of mathematics that explain why these tricks work learned? What about “proofs” ? Most of us remember the endless proofs in geometry. There are proofs in the other areas too.

    Finally how does Brainetics help learn the theoretical math areas of finite math, set theory, linear algebra, and abstract algebra ?

    There is a place for mentally solving arithmetic problems efficiently but is not a miracle cure or magic bullet to the understanding of mathematics.

  80. Mel says:

    Brainetics is a “scam” for those who excel or are gifted in the area of math;a miracle for upper elementary, middle & lower highschoolers with learning DIFFICULTIES (very different than disorders or disabilities) in math;and a super fun, but expensive game for the average learner. (wow! This thing doesn’t make it easy to enter or correct text:-/)

  81. Tony S says:

    I was told that a 4th or 5th grader can add up 7 digits in 3 to 5 seconds. Is this true?

  82. Ryan says:

    I can name all the F1 world champions in order without Brainetics…

  83. truthlovelady says:

    Brainetics is so awesome it is better than abacus math

  84. Michele says:

    I also homeschool my kids, and thought this program would be a helpful addition to their repetoire (sp?) of learning materials. I have learned, however, to check out potential scams like this, after being burned by an even more expensive program which we saw on PBS in the past.

    I appreciate all the posts, particularly those telling us about Vedic Math, the Trachtenberg system, and the book: Secrets of Mental Math… by Benjamin and Shermer. I’ve ordered that book and have printed out the two wikipedia pages on the first two concepts. I loved the student’s interjection, as well as the folks who offered their favorite quotes like: “You will never learn the trade if you are too busy learning the tricks” and “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”, although I definitely don’t agree that the terrible customer service reported by many, is to be expected bacause this is a “commercial society”. Boy – talk about dumbing down society, that we should simply expect and accept that. Yuck!

    Overall, once I got past the freaky grammar and spelling errors (and yes, to the student writer, this matters to me because I thought the existing parents in our day had a better grasp of this stuff, because the education system MADE us learn how to spell, speak, and write correctly – at least at the schools I went to.)

    As for Brainetics, I decided to pass on adding it to my kids’ pile of stuff, and am instead going to try Susan’s suggestion for my daughter, who needs this kind of boost. So simple! Maybe I’ll post back here later with an update (a short one, I swear!) on our efforts, after reading the math book with both kids and following Susan’s suggestion, if anyone cares.

    I did 12 years of catholic schooling, btw, with no “tricks” taught, only repetition and regurgitation – perhaps it has the appearance of providing me a great educational base on one level (although I still use paper and pencil to do big math problems), but not so great on another if you couldn’t outrun those crazy nuns with rulers in their hands!! ha ha, I ran fast, survived nicely (although I have spent my time in the therapist’s chair), and have fabulously happy kids who learn at home or wherever we are. They have lots of friends too, in case any dorks out there are worried about their “socialization skills”. oi – don’t get me started down that road! ;)

    Oh yeah, and I don’t see a spell check here as somone earlier suggested. That would be a good idea for the spelling challenged. My daughter is spelling challenged, which makes me twitch a little, but I just have a glass of wine and that twitch goes away ;). Seriously, I know that not everyone gets to be a great speller in life, no matter how hard they may try. I have worked with some brilliant, highly successful people who were also terrible spellers. It isn’t a sign of intelligence, I get that now.

    I think the folks who shared their ideas about understanding what we are actually looking for (when considering the Brainetics program), and the fact that we are either all parents or else considering this program for kids we love, is the best input of all. That is what our education system is missing, active parental/adult involvement in what they are doing and learning. I am extremely grateful for the homeschooling pioneers (even all those wacky christian ones) who paved the way for families like mine (non-christian/religious), so my kids could thrive as out-of-the-box thinkers they are.

    Brainetics would have been a dust catcher like some suggested, I can guarantee it, because my kids are not this kind of learner. I should have known better, but thanks to reading the posts on this site, I just got back OUT of the little box that I was taught to stay in :) and will continue to allow them (and myself) to stay out of that educational box the guys on top also want us to stay in, as another poster basically said. Sorry I went on so long – I bet this surpasses some limit – oh, or else, the system takes out words sporadically (or letters in words) to make it look like no one can spell!? OK, that would be kinda funny. Not sure if my post helps at all in this discussion… but it did say to “tell us what you’re thinking” – so there you have it. Time to go have fun with my kids now :)

  85. Graham says:

    I am in my 60′s and retired. Math was always my strong point, however not mental maths as I struggled with that. I heared back in my school days, early 60′s, mental maths could be simplified. It wasnt until I saw the infomercial on Brainetics that I rekindled my interest.
    I “obtained” a digital copy and have watched it. It certainly helped me rifine my mental simple maths. However I would not pay to get it as I have searched the net and found many sites that will explain the maths and the shortcut tricks that are free of charge.
    Brainetics is simply a commercial money making scheme of presenting the maths but will not teach the basic mathematics as these are required to even understand his systems.

  86. Eazy E says:

    I wonder if some on here are just acting as if this program does not work, in an attempt to deter others away from the product, so that they can keep a competitive advantage. Has anyone else considered this possibility? I just ordered it. I think it will work great for me and a kid like my nephew. I have degrees in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics.

  87. Notamuslim says:

    My favorite kind of pizza is round.

  88. G.Carter says:

    Has anyone heard of Greg Tang? He has a very interesting teaching method. What is better?

  89. peace2011 says:

    Its a combination of VedicMath techniques for calculations, and Mind Memory techniques for memorizing random lists.

  90. Atu says:

    The Dale Carnegie Institute used to have a sales course that taught word association to secure a memory lock/association to help remember potential client names.

    It worked. I took it-reality vs theory!

    Brainetics and other programs are really brain exercises that can help foster creativity , as opposed to only depending on the rote system to learn. You are encouraged to think “outside the box”.

    This is based upon the premise that you have a solid base in the beginning.

    Separate and decide on the value of the program ,not the sales techniques- this is a commercial society-of course you are going to get bad customer service, double billing, etc.

    These are two separate arguments. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

  91. Big J says:

    My brother and I saw the infomercial, and my brother said that he worked with the guy in the stock market and the guy is loaded and brilliant. I tried to order it for my two children that are homeschooled but it was on back order. The tricks that I believe the students will learn will help them to not have to do the long division or simple multiplication on paper but in their head instead. This will speed up the process of having to do it on paper just to get to the actual part of a multi-step math problem. This will also help them to go faster on the standardize test they are required to take. I am a retired educator and most students score poorly on these test because they are not able to complete the problems because of time. This results in lower scores on not just these test but also the ACT and SAT exams.
    However, the reason why the school don’t not use it is because they only want the students to regurgitate information. They don’t want to have people that are able to think for themselves because then you’re able to question some of the crap that they are trying to do to the people. The only way that you can control the masses is to under educate them. I heard a congress person once say, “the people believe what they are told to believe.” So, if you start actually teaching these kids, then you have situations like what is going on in the middle east or even right in Wisconsin and now Indiana. People who can think for themselves pose as a threat to the people who control the wealth of the world and they know this; that is why they will just give people just enough to satisfy your hunger and thirst for knowledge. You won’t be given the tools necessary to be thinkers – only followers. Their philosphy is – “just do what you’re told to do and everything will be okay!” They pick out the ones that show the ability to think for themselves, they offer them the world at their feet in exchange for their loyalty. Think about it – if people just memorize things but can’t think how to escape out of a paper bag, can they be led around like sheep going to the slaughter? Of course they can. They count on people wanting to be led around and not being able to think for themselves. If I could get this for my children I would because I see where the time it takes to do a three and four digit math problem on paper as to where they can do it in less than a minute in their head is a remarkable gift. Imagine being able to answer 864×547 just as fast as 3×9 because they have these math tricks. Just something to think about it, right.

  92. Kirk Hamilton says:

    If the program is that WONDERFUL, I believe it would be used in schools as we speak. And as was said above, the students must show their work to prove they know how to get the answer. It does sound good by watching the comercial though. You have to give them that! It got OUR attention didn’t it? Thanks for reading. :)~

  93. Kyle says:

    I want to let all of you know that I have known Mr. Mike Byster for over 35 years. I grew up with him. He was always a math genius. He would do all of those math skills you see on his infomercial while in the 5th grade. He taught himself the method. We were always amazed at his math skills. We also always told him he should try and share the knowledge. As an adult Mike would vist all sorts of schools and demonstrate his skills with the students. He donated much of his time. I can tell you that Mike Byster does not need to make $$$ via a scam as he has the ability and has made plenty in the markets due to his skills. So there is finaly a product that tries to make math FUN for kids and people are so sceptical. I guess in these times I don’t blame them. I can tell you this for sure. It is not a scam. It is much easier for a younger person to try these methods as they still have more ideals than most adults. Let your child decide if it was worth it.

  94. Jayjay says:

    Just saw this add and was really interested but also a bit suspicious as they seem to show the same sums being done over and over again and I wondered if the ‘tricks’ that are being taught might not be helpful across a whole range of scenarios. After some of the reviews on here I thought I’d investigate a bit further before spending the money – maybe check out the Vedic Math system on line as well.

    Those of you who are concerned about the level of spelling and grammar on here should keep in mind that many of the people writing on here’s first language is not english (me included) and as such these things are to be expected. I bet if you were writing in my native language you’d struggle a bit as well LOL.

  95. Icantspelleither says:

    The arrogant thing is to mock others for poor grammar and spelling. You miss the point. People are interested in finding a reliable product for their kids. You dont need to wastse your time correcting their comments. Since perfection is what you are looking for I suggest you stop reading the comments of other since it will only cause you pain.

    Thank you to all the helpful above comments. I can save my money.

  96. Thomas says:

    To anyone surprised by the poor use of English on a public forum, please realise that you are the naive ones. At least – AT LEAST one quarter of a population is always intellectually challenged. The real surprise is that this same quarter cannot and does not use the internet. Tick… tick… tick… tick… Sleep well children!

  97. Mike Cather says:

    Does Brainetics work?

    I scanned through most of the posts. What I read is the opinions of those who have not tried the product. I didn’t see one post that reports they tried Brainetics and it didn’t work? How can everyone review something they haven’t tried?

    I am going to give a Brainetics a try. My son has a high aptitude for math, but struggles with long division and multiplication. If “tricks” and “shortcuts” can help him focus on more difficult concepts then this product will be worth the $150. I am sure he will get something valuable from it even if it is only to impress friends with “parlor tricks”.

  98. Mike says:

    Anything you pay for is going to be a scam. Getting rid of pencils when doing arithmetic is accomplished either by shortcuts, which is the push of this system or by compartmentalizing different parts of the solution process. Some people are born with an innate ability to do just this, but for others it is just like anything else; practice makes perfect. For example:
    196 * 687 = 200 * 600 + 200 * 87 – 4 * 687 = 120000 + 17400 – 2748 = 134652

  99. ejchi says:

    I used to sit at lunch and try to find ways to do math in my head. I came up with a trick for multiplying by 11. ( I am sure it is also in this program) 52 x 11 = 5 at the front, 2 at the end, and 5+2 in the middle or 572. Anyway, other than the times I used this to show off, I think I may have only used this 4 times in real situations. Anyway, who does not have a phone, calculator, pen and paper, or a computer at arms reach anymore?

  100. Dirk says:

    Thank you all for your comments. Perhaps I did the same mistake as most did, thinking that if one orders strait away, one would get the full program for only about $20. Because no other or additional costs where ever mentioned in the commercial nor during the order process. Well, being burnt before on the net, one checks after every transaction how much cash was placed on pending or taken out of my account.

    This is a rip off !. Because instead of $20 being taken out, my credit card was charged with about $300. Since being fast and furious. one called back the bank to stop the transaction, and one had to threaten the Brainetics crowed with legal actions.

    About 10 calls later to my and there legal department the stolen cash was returned into my account within 4 hours. Perhaps they did nopt like the idea of an IT guy setting up a website warning people about the ruthless, misleading and bull they try to flog.


  101. concerned father says:

    will it work ? yes or no………

  102. derp says:

    If you are looking for shortcuts to help your child become the next “Rainman” , you would have better luck just smoking while you were pregnant. People really wonder why the Chinese are out achieving us through the years? Stop getting scammed, if it sounds too good to be true then whats the saying again?

  103. Student-Yr 8 says:

    My parents were thinking of buying this for me but I suppose I’ll skip it.
    Anyway, people here tell you to buy books, but what’s the point when there’s the library?
    I read all the posts, by the way, and there are plenty of repeats, so if it’s already on there please don’t write it again cause it does take time to read!
    For spelling problems, there are TYPO or shortened words, so what’s the problem there?
    This program sounds suspicious…but it’s been there for a long time…

  104. Johan says:

    First of all, there are to many people on here claiming that bad grammar = liars. This is wrong, just because someone fails to use a comma in the correct place or fails to use a period does not make someone wrong or lying or stupid.

    Second, I saw this commercial for this a while ago and didn’t think nothing of it, then I saw it again last night and thought it might be good for my kids to use. After reading the comments on this page I have decided against it.

    Buying things online has always and will always be a touchy thing to do, but the best thing about it are review sites like this one. They are non biased which is something you need, unless the website / company your buying from has a testimonial page that includes both good and bad reviews of their products.

    Now if people are really interested in getting something online for their kids to learn, I would suggest Rosetta stone, sure it’s not about math however, it is an amazing program that does actually work. I have a few kids and let them all use it for a couple of hours a day if they want, even my four year old is learning Chinese (thanks ni hao kai lan)

    There are also tons of educational websites out there that are free, like it teaches reading spelling and math.

  105. From Philly says:

    Oh yeah to sum everything all up… I really believe this works but like Jay-Z said, “it ain’t for everybody.”

  106. From Philly says:

    1. I believe it simply because the mind has powers you must unlock and all this program seems to do is help you with the key. Of course EVERYBODY wont benefit off of it but I’m willing to bet it works for those who catch on just like any other thing in the world.

    2. Of course they’re going to show everybody exceling because they’re tyring to sell their product. Do you see McDonalds selling cheap looking burgers? But when you order, do you get what you see on TV? NO… nut it sure does taste good don’t it?

    3. The whole ordering process do seem fishy and that’s probably going to be their downfall.

    4. So you guys know I’m a real person follow me on twitter @BullHunitProof

    5. Anybody into music or know someone into music I strongly suggest you look me up on twitter!

    6. That is all.

  107. Karyn says:

    @Pete,very well stated! I teach my children that it is best to learn how to get to the RESULT than it is to trick it. I was looking into this product for children in need of help in math and memory. It seems that I am better off not getting this and using the OLD methods…. MEMORY! There are so many problems with technology these days, SHORT CUTS. These shortcuts I am talking about are:
    Automatic dialing(you don’t memorize #’s)
    Calendar Alerts (you don’t keep a memory of events and your past)
    Voice Memos (can’t recall, spelling and grammar start to diminish)
    Clapper type devices (you’ll NEVER find your KEYS if you “FORGET” to put BATTERIES in your CLAPPER!)
    M O S T OF ALL


    should have just printed out the directions and READ MY WAY THERE!!!!

  108. pappyD says:

    Well said, Rus! Maybe Susan has some literary advice as valuable as her math tips… And George; How many times do we have to hear/say it? Caveat emptor, or sumtinlikedat. Google does not translate latin. We must balance “Buyer Beware” against “Whatever the market will bear.”

  109. Pete says:

    I needed a good laugh today. Reading all the postings was interesting. I will never forget what one wise man told me when I was 10 (Although I thought he was crazy) he said
    “Son, you will never learn the “Trade ” if you are too busy trying to learn the tricks!
    Words To Live By he was absolutely spot on.

  110. cari says:

    I did not see any people that got it saying it really worked that is what I was looking for…. I did see alot of people say that it did not work like has been said I too will pass on the 199.00 and look into other ways to help my kids. Thank you all for other web sites to look into….

  111. Einstein says:

    Ad came on in Melbourne tonight so called the 1800 # and was “in line 10th ” then went to 4th within a minute. The male salesperson hung up on me as he refused to accept an order and wanted me to disclose personal details for a “call back due to high call volume”.
    I called back and after 5 minutes of conversation with a “supervisor Maggie” based in New Zealand,she would not take the order either. She informed me the product is shipped out from Port Melbourne but would not give any other details.
    Two evasive staff members so obviously suspicious that anything they are selling is legitimate!!!
    I informed her the Office of Fair Trading will be getting a call tomorrow as it does say call in the next 10 mins etc,….
    At least Global Shop Direct WANT your business, unlike The Tv shop!!!

  112. Dan says:

    Looking at the product, not so much for the math skills per-se, but the techniques, which I suspect would readily translate to non-mathematical areas of life.

    I see a quite a few comments above disparaging this product that seem to indicate the poster hasn’t even tried the product. Selecting not to use it and providing your rationale is one thing; but disparaging remarks without first-hand knowledge is sad. Simply signs of closed minds.

    We are all individuals, and there are precious few things in life that work for and apply equally to each and every individual. I think this product may work wonders for some, and not at all for others. Your specific mileage may vary.

    If you choose to partake in this product, do so with a full awareness of the cost, not only for purchase, but in effort. There is always the risk that it will not work (well) for YOU. One thing is certain: Buying it, and putting it on the shelf to collect dust, or using it a couple times then shelving it will almost certainly yield but one benefit: loss of purchase price.

  113. buzardadam says:

    Iam Notateacher made a great point. Reading some of the grammar in these little testimonials is very disconcerning. These are the people that are running our schools and whatever else is hiring straight off the back of the short bus. How can I possibly take any of this advise seriously with all the totally ludacris errors. It really does worry me.

  114. George says:

    Generally if it seems too good to be true… It is! Generally when someone advertises “You’re going to get a great deal”… Don’t believe it!

    Generally if you hear the words, “Trial Period”, Be ready to PAY MORE LATER or don’t buy it at all!

    Generally if it’s sold on TV past 12 midnight it is useless or a SCAM….

    But please don’t be misled… All these “GREAT GIMMICKS” are making their creators / inventors / resellers millions of dollars! Thank God for the internet and Google! SEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY!

  115. jamit says:

    I downloaded it for free, so F the beeoch! rip off.

  116. Andrew says:

    I know for a fact that these math technics work because I got them for free. It is false advertising because Mr Byster is claiming that he developed these math technics when he really didn’t these maths technics were developed by ancient Indians during the Vedic Era or the Vedic Age. but they were rediscovered by an english man in the mid-ish 1900s. they were rediscovered by this englishman and he did some research and found out that they were from the vedic age

  117. Rus Smedley says:

    Most of the people bwriting to this column need to seriously look at their ability to communicate via the written word.
    It would seem they spoke england like i uesed to could when i was a children.

  118. Rich says:

    There is actually a less expensive way to learning arithmetic short cuts. The book “The Secrets of Mental Math” by Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer. Only $13 or less on It contains a lot of really cool and useful stuff.

  119. Steve says:

    Mr. Byster used to demonstrate his math tricks in elementary schools by crunching huge numbers in very little time.

    I can say this because I was a part of his audience over 10 years ago and now I’m 21. I’m glad he’s sharing his techniques, I have always wondered how he used to do that. I don’t own his product but I can tell you that he is definitely a genuine guy with real math talent.

  120. Fafi Natuna Merona says:

    To quote my Dear old Dad, Fafi:

    ”The only legitimate way to mastering maths is practice, you f***ing s***-for-brains!”

  121. Lahna says:

    After watching the infomercial, reading the website and reviews on several sites I’m convinced that the program is more of a self esteem booster. The tricks taught can’t always be used especially when you are required to show your work. BUT the positive self esteem my child would get from this is worth it. We’re waiting for our kit in the mail.

  122. Pythogars says:

    I am a Greek inevntor and have created many mathmatical theroies. I wonder if this program will help me..hmmm i think it will help the DVD maker more.I will skip it. sorry for my bad English because I am Greek.

  123. FaRRkK... says:

    Oh my goodness! sounds like even if this program works, the company are exploiting people by being shifty the way they market it (ordering systems/refund policy/customer service etc)

    I like the idea of the free well known programs personally. Thank you to those who took the time to post the other options. I, like others, was amazed by the infomercial but am truly grateful that there is a forum like this to weigh up the options for me.

    Ps. To those who have posted above re: spelling mistakes….. you really need to get some adult education happening…. forget the extra curricular brainetics/megamind style…. you really need to learn basic english first ;)

  124. Flash says:

    Anybody thinking of using crude methods in teaching their kids Math should be ready for a a rude awakening.

    Avoid Brainetics like a contagious disease. Use robust method like Susan illustrated above.

  125. amy says:

    buy it on ebay…it is less than $75!

  126. Trisha says:

    This company seems so shady, their customer service is HORRIBLE. I just ordered the program yesterday on-line and placed ONE order. When I checked my account on-line today it had been charged TWICE by Brainetics. I call customer service to get a rev ersal on one of the charges they tell me TWO programs were ordered. So then I ask, if the programs have been shipped and they tell me that they have not but are in the process of shipping and CANNOT cancel one of the orders.

  127. Nancy says:

    Thank you Susan. I will definately use your method. My kids are doing well but the human calculator thing is amazing and they think so too. Any tips for Algebra 1?

  128. Tom Parke says:

    Everyone interested in speed math should find this site in Wiki…
    Here’s a short introduction: The Trachtenberg System is a system of rapid mental calculation, somewhat similar to Vedic mathematics. It was developed by the Ukrainian engineer Jakow Trachtenberg in order to keep his mind occupied while being held in a Nazi concentration camp.

    The system consists of a number of readily memorized operations that allow one to perform arithmetic computations very quickly.
    The rest of this article presents some of the methods devised by Trachtenberg. Try it… it DOES work…. takes practice — there is the original book available from many sources.
    The most important algorithms are the ones for general multiplication, division and addition. Also, the method includes some specialized methods for multiplying small numbers between 5 and 13.
    The chapter on addition demonstrates an effective method of checking calculations that can also be applied to multiplication.

  129. Susan says:

    I have read what the people have to say on this subject ”Brainetic” and have found that this teaching has been around for years, you can google vedic math or even find it in
    old math tex books in the glossery in the back of your childs math book 2nd-5th grade books in most school math books. and also hooked on fonics supply this mythode and
    even covers all subjects and grades .
    Your child must know the basics in math such as, 2+2+2+2=8 or 8+8=16 or 2×8=16 (2. 3×3=9 or6+3=9 or 3+3+3=9 .
    Start like this each week starting with your childs 2′s ,no matter what grade they are in start at the 2′s ! buy a timer and use it, start at 1min,and time your child writing the numbers 2,4,6,8,and so on,then do it with them saying it out loud again time for 1 min. then at the end of the week (sun-sun),
    check their improvment and time. you should see that at the end of the week they should say this in 30 sec or less in some cases, but dont worry if not as long as they can say 2,4,6,8,10-60or greater without a mistake in 1 min or less they are good, but dont move on to the childs 3′s until they know thier 2′s within this time. you must do this daily and the great thing is you and your child can do it any where AT ANY TIME!!
    Once your child without doubt has passed his or her 2′s move on to the 3′s . do not say 3+3=6 or 3×3=9 , they must take these in as a memory input before they can use them as a output in times tables or as divided number . if the child can input 2,4,6,8,10,- and so on then they can input and output 2+2=4 or 2×2=4 , 2-6=4 and so on. and the better and faster they know and can say and write it the better and faster they can become. Dont worry if it takes longer to begin with,and if they are younger the better,so by the time they reach 3rd and up they have the basics down pat. and if they are in 2nd and 3rd and up and still struggle with thier times and dividing and division and so on than this is a great way to get them back on track. just like saying are ABC’s aloud and then knowing them
    by heart or singing a song that you know by heart, this takes the same input and out put
    for your child to learn.
    Once your child is ready to move on to his or her three’s .3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36,39,42,45,48,51,54,57,60 make flash cards it helps when the child can see the numbers , again have them write the numbers starting at a min.time, then throu the week see how they improve, again dont move on until they know thier three’s in a min or less,and without mistake. they must write the numbers then say them aloud in 1min or less.
    now its time for thier 4′s and so on . your child must go all the way up to his or her 9′s
    and know them by heart again like they know thier abc’s . in most cases within 9 to 12 weeks they should be able to know 2-9′s. dont worry if it takes them a little longer more practice makes perfect, and again not all childern learn at the same pase as others some faster and some slower. once your child can write and say out loud the fractions 2,4,6,8— 9,18,27,36, and with out mistakes then he or she is ready for the rest. you will find that math becomes easyer in time by knowing this technic, and the more your childs input and output is chanelled the better they become . they will soon input and output addresses phone numbers and more. I even find having my childern help me with a budget and reading the sales paper for weekly store discounts and coupons has helped for the reading part of the math that the childern have in school and on the state FCAT.

    Example : 9,18.27,36,45 OR 9+9=18 27-9=18 (9,(18),27,36) they will soon ketch on as in 9+18=27 . my daughter uses her finger tips to identify and input/output her numberings,this gives her a hands on way effect of math or a pictrue in her mind of the next number that is yet to come as a toddler does with his or her 123′s . And if you are like me as a parent I tought my daughter how to count 123′s by us counting on her fingers first then moved on to the next step and used objects for counting. most childern keep this memmory and use it into adult hood again input /output.

  130. greg says:

    I think brainetics has potential, it focuses on Math, dont know why there is comments on English or other subjects. My dad is great at math I’m ok at it but I alway asked why is he so good. The answer is he used those parts of his brain and he makes it simple, Brainetics does this. It may also spark and new interest for you and your kids so whats wrong with that. I hear alot of comments on the cost, if it works it’s worth it. If you use it its worth it. Some comments talk about refund policy one being Brainetics is a bunch of BS! BEWARE. I ordered the 14.95 trial and was told I had 30 days to return the product if not satisfied. I ordered brainetics on 10/12. Well 30 days later to me is at least to 11/12. DO THE MATH 31 days 31 days in oct hello helloweeeeeen. I would try it and get the refund time in writing or e-mail

  131. Appalled says:

    Have to agree with Iam Notateacher on this one. Many of you are posting comments complaining or praising the quality of this product for teaching, some of you are even claiming to be teachers yourselves, and yet your comments are horrendous. This thing even has a spell check built into it, how the hell do you mispell the word “skewed”? I cannot believe the stupidity and arrogance of people in this country sometimes.

  132. Lynn says:

    I thought about getting this but after these reviews I will pass. Also , after getting Your Baby Can Read” this is a for sure scam. i will definitely look up Verdic Math methods, and theand save my money.


  133. Jose de Excelsior says:

    Reading these posts have been interesting. Has anyone even taken the opportunity to read all the posts? Hmmm? I wonder what is the cost of investing in education of our children?

    This really does seem like there are some parents that have not gained anything from the program and some that it has helped greatly. Big applause to those that are angry over the investment or pleased with the investment. It just means that you have a kid and you have sought out different ways to help them. I do believe that is considered thinking outside the box in itself. You are a good to great parents. You are leading by example. You have immediately taught your child that
    A. You care about them and their education
    B. You have taught them to seek out different ways to solve situations for others

    Children absorb these things. Even though you may not see it you have done something that carries a great deal of weight to them. You cared and you are invested in their best interest.

    You should not be upset over that. Big applause to those that have made an investment on finding a different way to help your child (Brainetics or not) – you are the type of parent that every child should be blessed with.

    In anything and everything that you do, test, measure and know its worth. Plan for success, Just do it, Check to see how its going, Adjust the items that are not helping… PDCA –

    If this is not the answer then keep on searching… above all else know this. There is no real ONE answer. There is nothing wrong with your child. Only with the thought that there is a “Fix” for what is commonly known as – not knowing the solution. Keep digging.

  134. David Donetello says:

    Key is getting your kid interested in the subject. There are tricks in the progran that can be found elsewhere if you look hard enough but the program does work to get kids fired up. When a child takes an otherwise overwhelming problem and can solve it in any legitimate manner, it encourages them to learn more. Those who have posted here that claim “what teachers say” do not understand that children have different learning styles. This is definately not a 5 star program but for the right kid could make all of the difference in the world;

  135. Bill Rahilly says:

    Brainetics seems to be based on Vedic math which has been around for many years.
    It is based on a set of Hindu Sutras, which can be found by Googling Vedic Math.
    Tutorials are available on the Internet for free.

  136. michael says:

    good info, thanks
    I was thinking on it for grandkids but I will pass.

  137. eric murray says:

    i cant tell the difference between the two arguments everyone is using scewed information with no actual first hand resources. on top of that the ones that claim they are firsthand cant be trusted due to all the other people that counteract their argument this seems to be an argument split down the middle the way i see it if you got 150 dollars laying around buy it and see if it works then get the truth out through a more trusted sight or company not random websites. But if you dont have 150 dollars laying around dont gamble because it’s not worth your money. regular math concepts work all the same just as they always had einstein used them. if this product was on any “trusted” website or had any big corporation-which if it was fake it wouldnt be able to afford the lawsuits against it and would fall due to being untrustworthy-to back it sure id say yes go ahead but no company will back it because either its a scam or people are to lazy to get the truth out there. in conclusion dont buy it if your tight on money “like we all are” but if your pretty good and can afford it please i beg you get the truth out through a trusted source, preferably a big name or brand one that cant afford a lie like that to tarnish its reputation. thank you -Eric W. Murray- Las Vegas, Nevada

    p.s. look me up on facebook if you are “real and have firshand experience it would b nice. or email me

  138. D Frye says:

    The first thing I notice about the comments here is that most of those making the comments need help with English, not math. Next, there are many “Math Trick” and “Memory Trick” type books in any book store including those online. Any of those books cost much less than the Brainetics course. And last, emphasis on repeated study is the most important factor for math or any subject. Practice makes perfect!

  139. James says:

    Just order the DVD’s and then burn it. This way if it works keep it or if does work and you get buyers remorse return the DVD’s and you have a copy for a lifetime free trial.

  140. Paco de Atlanta says:

    whoever buy the program post it in youtube and then we’ll see if works or not

  141. Working Parent says:

    I’m glad I found this site. I have 2 kids currently struggling with math. I saw the infomercial and was marching to buy it. Before I called the number I decided to see if anyone had tried and failed with Brainetics. I found this site and am the better for it. I think I’ll stick with basic hard work and not look for shortcuts.

  142. Elizabeth Gomez says:

    After reading all of these reviews, I have made up my mind not to waste my time. In school you are asked to show your work and explain how you got the answer. It seems like this program does not offer that. Back to the good old drawing board.

  143. Leticia Gomez says:

    Brainetics is a bunch of BS! BEWARE. I ordered the 14.95 trial and was told I had 30 days to return the product if not satisfied. I ordered brainetics on 10/12. Well 30 days later to me is at least to 11/12. I called customer service to complain. And it turns out that what they really mean is 20 days from the time you place your order. That is BS. So I am sending brainetics back. Why would this company be so deceptive if their product is really as good as they claim it is. Seems to me they are liars cheating people out of hard earned money.

  144. D says:

    This is a bunch of bs…it’s bar tricks for simple mathematics, teaches no theory, and really makes kids dumber because of this. You probably work hard for your money. Spend it in better education…do not hand over your hard earned cash to this douchebag.

  145. Jesus says:

    Obviously the child will have some math skill to solved this ploblems with their mind; I Although I believe in writing and finding out how the problems are solved. There is something I don’t undestand. How this system is going to help in other subjects?

  146. Iam Notateacher says:

    The comments are more frightening than the scam of the infomercial. These comments came from supposedly “educated” people as products of our educational system.
    “not the first thing of have seen” “if you believe that than you deserve to lose your money”
    “my kids can multiply 2 digit numbers in their!” “anything that helps I am will to try” ” if the program is actually worked for anyone?” ” All Brainetics does it teaches math shortcuts” ” As a matter of fact, it requires a wrote memorization” (and this person claims to be a teacher!!!!” “At the end of the day your watching a commercial with paid actors”

    If this is the the result of the American educational system, then we do not need to worry about the debt. We are already down the tube.

  147. M Ledet says:

    @ J. Cureton: The $14.95 is for a 14 day trial. Right now on their website, it says that the whole program is now $149.99. My 3rd grader is struggling with basic math right now. I’m guessing this is something that won’t help him right now because it sounds like he needs to have solid basic math skills to excel with this program.

  148. J. Cureton says:

    The infomercial says a total of seven DVDs for $14.95. What’s this about $199.00?

  149. def scam says:

    this is the biggest load of bullshit i have ever seen

  150. obvious says:

    At the end of the day your watching a commercial with paid actors. Pay attention to what they don’t tell as much as what they do. How many times did kids answer wrong? Why didn’t you ever see these takes in the commercial? You think all kids take these “classes” and they are all perfect after? If you believe that than you deserve to lose your money.

  151. Cathy Schiavo says:

    I did the entire program with my child. Total scam-nothing that she can use. It’s a bunch of little tricks here and there, but nothing the child can use for school. We were not able to get our money back since we passed the 30 day refund policy. It says learn at your own pace and we did-exceeded the 30 day refund policy. Very disappointed and I learned my lesson because I am now out $199 (we included 2 extra DVDs for the memory stuff and it was stuff we already knew and used for years now and card tricks and other tricks). One example is learning to divide by 91. It only works for dividing by 91. How many of you will come into a situation in your lifetime to divide by 91. LOL. I felt it was a scam. Many of the tricks he teaches only work in certain cases-so the chances of them occurring so that you can use his techniques are very slim.

  152. Ano Nymous says:

    How is this any different from Scott Flansburg “The Human Calculator” which came out nearly 2 decades ago or more?

  153. RJ says:

    Brainetics is not the first thing of have seen of its sort. Have you heard of Kevin Trudeu, the controversial author of the Natural Cures?

    Well during the 90s he came out with the mega memory system. My dad ordered it for me. I thought it worked really well but maybe I just thought so because my memory is good anyway. My claim to fame is my ability to name all the presidents of the United States in about 20 seconds, but I was able to do that even before I took the mega memory course.

    Well I am in the teaching profession and the general consensus among educators is that there is no one teaching method that works for every student.

  154. D-F says:

    I ordered this program over a 2 months ago, and customer service says it is backlogged. I haven’t received anything yet!

    I don’t know if I’ve been charged on my debit account! I want to cancel my order but do not know if the program is actually worked for anyone? Anyone experienced this problem too?

  155. Joseph says:

    Good grief. Brainetics is NOT a scam! If you look at any of the stuff that says it’s a scam, it’s one person asking the question, and then countless people referencing it again. All Brainetics does it teaches math shortcuts that allows your child, or you for that matter, to do complex math problems in their heads. These are tricks that I’ve used for years when I did competitive mathematics in school, and still use many of the tricks today. It does NOT teach basic math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, it simply enables those with a basic understanding of math to do complex addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems in their heads. As a matter of fact, it requires a wrote memorization of the times tables from 1-9 in order for your child to be able to use it at all.

  156. alley says:

    I just ordered it a month ago. The Customer Service told me that it was on back-order!

    My real question is Brainetics worth the wait? Anyone tried it.

    sounds like little Einstein.

  157. kay says:

    I have had the program for 2 weeks & my kids can multiply 2 digit numbers in their! it is awesome I can’t wait for the other dvd’s. This is way cheaper than tutoring, something that is very expensive for me, anything that helps I am will to try. I want my kids to be human calculators!

  158. DON says:

    Educators tend to agree that any parental encouragement tends to help kids learn. I doubt if you need what is essentially an expensive flash card system.


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