Service Magic – disorganized fraud

Service Magic is at worst committing fraud, at best disorganized as it gets.

After contemplating using Service Magic to promote my business and paying a 99 dollar fee I used it for one day. Yes one day.

The first and only lead I received told me she had hired someone for the job a week and a half ago. That lead cost me 20 dollars.

So I promptly turned off the service and made sure I received confirmation stating such in writing.

I as a business owner would never do such a thing to my clients and expect the exact same treatment from someone I do business with.

I will wait and see if a background inquiry shows up on my identity protection reports. From my experience I am guessing it will not Service Magic probably never did it. It did after all only take two hours to get the go ahead from the background check.

Contractors and homeowners should beware Service Magic’s operation is not on the up and up.

I will stick with even though the leads come few and far between at least they are not taking money for work not completed.
By: Old Hat Wood Co.

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