Baby Can Read

I bought the YBCR when my daughter was 10 months old. She is now 2.5 and is reading books like the llama llama series. She reads all the words in the program AND knows exactly what all those words mean. I don’t understand what people say when they say the kid can read only if they know what the word means. When I see a new word, I need to go to a dictionary sometimes to find out what the word means and then I memorize the meaning. I know how to read but I still need someone to tell me what the meaning is if it’s a word i’ve never heard of before. Read More…

AVIS Rental Car

I rented a Avis car via Priceline for Oct. 14-17, 2011. I picked up the car in the evening of Oct. 14. As I drove to my destination, I had to pass through two tolls.

At the toll booth, I went through the “Cash” lanes rather than the “E-Z Pass” lanes. The first toll ($6.50) I paid with no associated problems. When I drove up to second toll ($1.75), the toll collector said the toll was automatically paid. It was only then that I discovered that there was an “E-Z Pass” devise mounted behind the rear view mirror. I indicated to the toll collector that I wished to pay the toll. The collector indicated that this toll was already paid and could not be reversed. Read More…

On the Rock Models

I did a Serta Mattress event at Sam’s Club for them was told I would be paid in 30 days that was 51 days ago. When I call On The Rocks Models I’m told the check is in the mail.

I answered an ad on Craig’s List for a Brand Ambassador. I have done this numerous times and always been paid.

Stay away from On The Rocks Models and Tatjana Tanasic don’t let their web site fool you. It’s a SCAM.
By: ripped off

ServiceMagic, Inc

A civil lawsuit was filed October 19, 2011 in United States Federal Court against ServiceMagic, Inc., their subsidiary Market Hardware, and Market Hardware’s CEO Brian Kraff for bad faith business practices, unfair and deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, cybersquatting, and other serious violations of law. Read More…

Your Baby Can Read Bought for my daughter

Bought YBCR for my daughter when she was 3.5 yrs old, which by YBCR standards was a little late. Like some of the comments made, much of what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. If you “plop” your child in front of the TV and don’t participate in your own child’s education you will likely be disappointed. Conversely, if you follow the directions and “teach” your child for 30-45 minutes a day you will be shocked at how quickly and easily they will start to read. My daughter was reading by the time she was 4, is now 5 starting kindergarten this year, and was screened for reading at the 2nd grade level. Professional educators (I’m one of them) don’t want to admit that there is a better way. Read More…

Brainetics I want a refund

Brainetics is so a scam how can people really use it? the man mike byster is only paid to to this it is fake! let nobody ever fall for it again i want a refund! give me my money back! let know parents ever have to buy there children this stupid thing again! just get your kid a ds so they can play real brain games not some math scam!
By: nick

5th Avenue Vacations

They said I won a cruise to the Bahamas is it safe and is it legit? I really don’t want to get scammed. The lady from 5th avenue sounded cool, but I am really not sure. They told me that I won a 4 night Bahama vacation cruise on Discovery cruise line along with a hotel stay at Bell Channel Inn hotel in Grand Bahamas. This package is for myself and a partner.
By: Jessica

University of Phoenix Deceived Me

My experience in class was good. The only thing I did not like was the Learning Team and one instructor was was out to lunch the whole class.

I am 63 unemployed and living on Social Security. I enrolled in the University of Phoenix after being told by the Apollo School counselor that financial aid would take care all course cost. I finished three courses and still was give no information on financial aid.
Read More…

ServiceMagic credit card charge

I used Service Magic and got billed $500 within a month. I prepaid $300 and after 2 weeks it was used up by service magic with half of the leads that were fake and the rest changed their mind. After two weeks without emailing me or calling me they started to charge my credit card of $200 in a week. Until I noticed on my credit card bill.
Their responds was “its in the agreement form we send you” somewhere is small print.
Read More…

Fast Track Auction

i am an avid auction goer and have been to many auctions, some good, some bad.
this is an online auction site that for the most part pretends to sell functioning items from recently closed facilities, when indeed, most items do not work.
i have made numerous purchases with the website in hopes to maybe see if it was a fluke, when indeed it is not. most of the stuff does not work and i have been left holding the bag on some very expensive items. Read More…

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