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I need to know if One Source Talent a scam rip off or it is legitimate.   I have on interview with them tonight in New York  and I need to know if it is a scam or not because I do not want to go out to Manhattan for nothing.

If there are any models or actors that work with them please answer.  What have they done for you and is it worth it.  I would also like to know what was it like when you were there? Thanks for your help.

This is what I found on them:

“They are a nationally active talent services company. It was established in 2003 by Anthony Toma. It provides casting directors, producers, photographers, and advertisers with easy access to talent from across the country, he developed the operational structure as a combination of sophisticated technology and dedicated professional service. They has offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, San Diego, New York, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

They have a interactive database of searchable talent. Whether clients need an actor who is male or female, young or old, tall or short, they make it easy for clients to find the right talent for their needs through a simple, user-friendly search function. Conversely, their system significantly improves the odds of aspiring talent making their mark as an actor or model through industry workshops and access to information on casting calls and auditions from all over the United States.”

What do you guys think? Do you think its a scam or are they a legit company?


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  1. Larry says:

    I am a believer in One Source Talent. Since joining, I’ve received an opportunity to appear in the movie “Ride Along-2″ as an extra. I’m looking forward to working on more projects thanks to One Source. My background is in Broadcast Journalism and I find acting and voice over work even more rewarding.

  2. Maria says:

    Im going to the office in Miami tomorrow, from everything im reading they are good. Ill come back and let everyone know what happens. Wish me luck!

  3. biancé says:

    They are not a scam. I walked in there and they have you sit in a room and wait till they call your name then if you make it the give you a callback and they ask you to sign papers. I got accepted and am very excited!

  4. Alice the Model says:

    I agreed with the other comments. One Source Talent is not a scam!!! They have helped me get my foot into the industry and now I am signed with a major agency because of them. When I signed up with them several years ago I was just thinking of doing this for fun. But they right away saw potential in me. The moment they saw me on the first interview the girl told me that I would be a perfect fit to be a high fashion model. I signed up with them went on a few jobs here and there and one day a girl from Talent Services called me and said that she set up an audition for a major modeling agency (don’t want to disclose name) I was soo excited. A few days passed and I went to the audition and got signed with them to an exclusive contract. At first I thought that One Source Talent might be upset since I had to leave but that was not the case. Seemed like they were happier for me than I was. I didn’t owe them anything and I was on my way to bigger things. Now can someone explain to me how that is a scam?

  5. Jason Limon says:

    I just came back from my second interview at One Source Talent and they have been nothing but professional toward me. Since the first moment I walked in the office I had a great experience. I decided to sign with them and DO NOT have one regret. I know in order to get into the acting industry it will take time and I know One Source will help me with my live long goals.

  6. Lizbeth says:

    One Source Talent is NOT an agency. Most people seem to think that they are but they are not. They are a company that helps out models and actors get jobs. In my opinion it’s 10 times better because they do not charge agency fees. A lot of people seem to think that if you are with an agency everything is Free and that is far from the truth. A lot of people do not realize that they are getting a good amount of their pay deducted by the agency. One Source does not do that, they have nothing to do with what you get paid and they do not charge the casting director to use their talent. I love what OST is doing.

  7. Megan says:

    All i would like to know is…. IS IT A SCAM?!?!
    I signed up without telling my mom and they gave me a call, so i told my mom that they wanted a interview and she said before i go anywhere is a scam… most people are saying it is not but i want to here it from you!! Is it a scam or Not??

  8. Haleigh says:

    Okay I have a meeting on Tuesday I’m so nervous but I have been dreaming of this my whole life. Hopefully it turns out in the best way:)

  9. Tas says:

    I just got out of the interview. And I’m still kinda nervouse! They gave me a second interview , they seem fine ! They are apart of the BBB which is nice ! I’m gonna try, what is there to loose !
    Good luck guys!

  10. Chloe says:

    Hi, im chloe im been looking on the internet for some reviews on them and most of them say that it is a scam and my heart just droped but then i i came on here and saw that people that went to it acculty got some stuff witch made me feel a little better i have a interview Augest 5 and ill prob be a wreak if its a scam or if i dont get it … ill feel like a dumby i really hope this is not a scam…! i hope everything works out so my dreams can come true..
    all i can say is dont listen to the internet! go for it! see if it works! It doesnt hurt to go and see what they have to offer!

    but please if you have WENT there and got accpected and you found out that it was a scam please tell me if i find out when im there i think ill end out crying
    P.s Dont Write me a bad review because they made you mad please be honest thanks

  11. Angel says:

    i had my interview with one source talent and i got signed on with them so its legit so go for it and give it all you got! Good Luck!

  12. stephanie says:

    i have a meeting with them this saturday :)iam ready for anything….wish me luck!!!

  13. Daniela says:

    I am excited and nervous i have an interview tomorrow with One Source Talent.:)

  14. Raul says:

    Hi there, I have an interview on Thursday for acting or modeling and im actually pretty excited about it. I have no experience but i do have talent willing to come out of my heart. Im currently in college and i am not willing to spend to much money. Please let me know if it is costly. I have read other reviews saying that the cost is around 500 dollars.

  15. Jimmy Snyder says:

    Is One Source Talent legit?

  16. Nathalie says:

    hey people, im nathalie im only 15 and since 2nd grade ive always dreamed of being a actress,like in the movies and shows.i dont think i have the looks of a actress but ill keep my fingers crossed that this isnt a scam.they are going to call me on tuesday..honestly i dont know much about OST so im kinda, yea. i really want to be a actress cuz its how yr in a hole new different life and how u can just be some1 else for a change.i want to be in history.i want to be remembered by many the good way ofcorse lol.but yea before i die when im old i want to be remembered.ofcorse ima be remembered by my family and stuff but i wana be in history…and acting is my thing.hopefully its not a scam.and hopefully my grades in highschool dont count for anything.cuz i got some bad grades..and thoughts,tips,plz help me,im not sure what to think

  17. Katie says:

    Hey, im Katie, and i just had my first interview with One Source Talent in Detroit Michigan. I was so happy when they asked me to come back on Monday for a final interview. Im really nervous, and i hope it goes well… im just hoping i make the next interview. If anyone has any info about what i should say or do, please let me know… :)

  18. Adam says:

    So excited, I got a meeting with them at seven tonight. I been meeting with several other businesses over the past few months, and I’m hoping this is the one. Pray for me, friends.

  19. Johnny from Texas says:

    A friend of mine has had some acting experience but I feel that if he didn’t have crooked teeth he could go much further with his acting career. Any thoughts?

  20. Tina Candie says:

    I have just signed up with them and have my interview on Saturday! I am so excited! I can’t wait to see where God takes me.

  21. Bailey says:

    Hey I’m Bailey, and I have an interview with them on Wednesday and I need to know what to expect. My mom has convinced me to go, so I will go to check it out. I remain optomistic. I know I’ll have to work hard for it. Any advice?

  22. Brea says:

    I have an appointment in downtown Chicago today at 6:30. I am scared because I have very low self-esteem. I hope One Source Talent isnt too hard on me. I think I would be crushed if they turn me down.

  23. Supafly says:

    I signed up for one source yesterday. I’m really just nervous. What happens there if you want to become a model or actor?

  24. Katie says:


    I just talked to OST, and they have to schedule an interview time with my dad. I have wanted to become an actress for a long time now, and I am kind of nervous, but if I get an interview what should I wear??

    Thank you

    Wish me luck

  25. Marissa H says:

    i Dont know how old this post is but i am going to comment anyway, and hopefully i get some feed back. Hi my name is marissa i have an interview with one source on saturday and i am a nervous wreck and it is only wens. i dont know what to expect , i am not experienced in anyway. i mean of course i love taking pics of myself but i have no idea how modeling is going to go for me. im afraid i may not have the look, afraid i might be too big or too old I want to do runways so im thinking maybe im too short. but one thing that i do know is that i Crave being in front of the camera. and the biggest issue is i have no idea how much this is going to cost me. a million and one things are running through my mind rite now. Can someone plz give me some tips on how they are and let me know how u like it. thanks ever so much

  26. Jordyn Drue says:

    hi i really want to sign up but i am afraid these people might just be saying stuff

  27. Ken s says:

    I would like to say just a few short things that come to my mind. First, I no very little about the agency One Source Talent Company. I believe in giving a situation a chance and not taking here say as law. In the bible Mathew 6:33 clearly maps out a way to go about life. In summary, here is the key. For myself I seek God and his rightiousness in everything. As the scripture clearly states, and all things will be provided. I think confidence which comes from faith is key in being successful in anything. I choose to be positive and believe God has instilled each of us special talents and the ability to make choices.To believe in ones self is to unlock the chains that hold one back from reaching their potential. I will fill my dreams , so can you or anyone that dares to believe…….?

  28. Bree says:

    well me and my sister have an appointment tomorrow, and Ive been reading all these reviews..I mean I’d be heart broken if they dont accept me… so now im kinda scared..sooo…what about One Source talent in Atlanta??

  29. Chervonne says:

    Hi, I need someone help, see I’m 16 and I have an appointment on Tuesday but just got on punishment . Acting is my dream since I was small and now I got a chance to follow my dream, I don’t know what to do I live about one hours and forty-five min away from New York. I just dont know what to do anymore can you please help me?

  30. Shay says:

    Okay so I have an interview with them Thursday and I’ve been seeing so many different reviews I don’t know what to think! Most of the reviews I have read online are good so idk. My moms excited and really wants me to go, so I am, I will come back and tell everyone what happens!

  31. trayja says:

    i just wanted to know do they have you model for stores like gap,old navy,ralphlauren

  32. Anna says:

    I have just met with them , they seems to be fine.I am wonder how quick can they act?

  33. james from long island says:

    Hello my name is James from Long Island, New York… I had an interview on Sat. I was a little
    scared read the reviews and got cold feet. Well I hope I didn’t blow it… if anyone checks this from the agency James Morning sorry I missed one appt but im gonna put forth the effort cross my fingers and work hard. Thank you.

  34. kelsea says:

    is it hard at first ? if i got an interview ; will i have the job :D

  35. kelsea says:

    i have a interview :)

  36. Nini says:

    I submitted my son’s pic and got called the next day for an interview. I will be going into the one in LA. The lady said there will be no fees involved. Just want to evaluate my 4 year old. Just want to shout out to anyone that knows or have previous or existing experience with One Source Talent and give me some insight. I have seen some bad feedback but quite a few moderate and good ones. However, is only in NY or other states, anyone knows about anything of LA branch? Kindly advise. I find it weird to have an interview at 7pm????????

  37. jose tirado says:

    i have an interview with one source talent tomorrow special thanks to all of you for making me feel better about this interview i hope i meet those who are enrolled in one source talent :) p.s see you there

  38. destiney says:

    Hi my name is destiney and i’ve been in one source talent for over a month now it doesnt cost ANY money its all free just relax and be your self and they will help you.Just give it all u got and rock out!! P.S You Will Be Happy!!!


  39. sarah says:

    i have been reading the responses to the questions but im still not certain. i really wamt to sign up. but im not sure and does it cost alot? i need ot know soon! thankks:)

  40. Shaniqua Bradford says:

    I Put in an application for the company one night and they called me the next morning for an interview on saturday. Im very nervous. I dont Have any idea what to expetct. I have no experience in this buisness at all.. If Anyone can pls tell me about your experiences and what i can expect that will be helpful..Thanx

  41. jovhannie robinson says:

    Hi my name is jovhannie and i Just came back from one source talent agency and I had a really positive feeling from the first time I signed up. Well umm I went there for modeling and they took my picture and send me to a room to get interviewed by this nice lady but at first I was so nervus but I got over it. Sooo I have to go back tomorrow send in some pics to take my comp photo then who ever finds me takes me and I’m into the fame business yess I’m finally going to get there and good luck to all

  42. dillon says:

    ok on saterday i have an interwiew wit these people i want o know should i go i dont wanna go and t be a scam im going to the in dallas can anyone tell me if i should go and spnd mone o these people is it even worth my time

  43. Michelle says:

    I just signed up today, and they called me back within a week. My mom is convinced it is not a scam and does not want me to blow an oppurtunity. If it costs, how much? Please answer. Thanks so much.

  44. M.S.B. says:

    I worked for that company for a few years and they are a great company. They really care for their models/actors and always look for ways to improve and become a stronger company in the industry. If you get signed with them, they create an account for you that you can log into so you can keep communicating with them. They submit you to castings in your area that you meet the criteria for and if the casting director/agency likes you and requests you then one source talent will call/email you to let you know and ask if you are interested/available for the gig. They also provide public castings that you can see and submit to on a daily basis right from the account they created for you.

    you can always call/go visit if you want to ask them more questions and they are always happy to help from when i worked there!

  45. one source talent dallas scam reviewer says:

    I am going to sign up with them. I really need some modeling and acting experiece and this seems like my best option. I lived in NV for 10 years and just moved to Dallas, TX. I hope everything works out.

  46. Robert Simms says:

    From my understanding One Source is not an agency. They make you a comp card and offer auditions and castings. It is a service. If they advertised themselves as an agency that it would not be legit, it would be a scam. I read a ton of stuff online, but the majority of people are very ignorant and dont understand the concept.

    I am going to sign up with them and see how well they work. For me, it is very difficult to start and I dont have time to look for auditions. I will report back here and let everyone know how it worked out.

  47. Marianne says:

    Hi. I just had my first interview with one source talent today. I’m not very sure if its a scam because they DID NOT even mention money. At first I thought it was a scam but im not really sure now .I cant really listen to what everyone say’s and has to experience it for myself.

    But they did give me an invitation when i was there to come back monday they told me to wear skinny jeans high heels and a tank top.They really liked me, but i was just wondering is it really a scam someone let me know PLEASE.I really dont want to get my hopes up for nothing.

  48. Jared - Dallas Talent says:

    Two months after becoming a talent with One Source Talent, I have been chosen for two extra jobs. One was with The Good Guys currently on Fox. I was cast as a motel resident with car.

    I’ve also been cast as an extra for the hit show Friday Night Lights. The word says you must learn to crawl before you can walk. Because of the assistance and resources of OST, I’ve been able to get my foot in the door and crawl. With my hard work, I plan to not only be walking in the business, but running in it. Thanks One Source! They are def not a scam!

  49. tana says:

    One Source Talent’s is a service it starts when talent are interviewed and not everyone is approved. They have a professional talent Specialist that evaluates the model or actor. These trained specialists cam recognize who has talent and what the entertainment market is searching.

    At the moment a model/actor has been interviewed and approved, they are given full access to their network of jobs, castings/auditions, this database is a a resource that has many opportunities.

    They also have a lot of resources, that include an interactive zed/comp card for talent to submit themselves (digital or traditional).

    Offices in: Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, L.A., Miami, Phoenix, Atlanta, New York, San Diego, and Washington D.C.

  50. Dan Ankin says:

    Does anyone have information or reviews on One Source Talent in Dallas?

    Like what kind of services they have.

    If they are an agency or just basic stuff?? Thanks if you can help.

  51. Teresa says:

    I’m considering going to a modeling agency but I’m not quite sure how to start. What are your experiences at One Source Talent? Have they helped you reach your goal as a model or actor? It is a good modeling and acting company? And finally is it a Scam or Legit?


  52. Matty says:

    So if a business is part of the BBB they are legit right? From my understanding they make sure the are not a scam right.

  53. Miami Model says:

    Yes, they are part of the BBB.

  54. Sammy Leduc says:

    Hello I was wondering if One Source Talent was a member of the Better Business Bureau? I Heard you should never do any business with companies that are not associated with the BBB or do not have a good score with them.

    I Live in Chicago.

    If anyone can help I would strongly appreciate it. Thanks!

  55. Jon Stringe says:

    One source talent is real. I have done well with them. Just remember you have to work hard and do not give up. You will not become famous over night!

  56. Tim Augusto says:

    My sister is with One Source Talent. She has been with them for a while now. i know they got her jobs, she only does it part time tho (she is young).

    I think they called her in like 2 weeks or something. She sent in her photo, her name is Dominique. She gives One source talent a good review. I hope everything works out for you! good luck!

  57. Lisa says:

    Hey, my name is Lisa. I am a talent with One Source Talent. I know how you feel, I had cold feet at first too. But my mom is the one that talked me into it. I became a member back in 2006, I just turned 17, and it was always my dream to become a model. It wasn’t easy, I had to work real hard. OST had me come to meet and greets with real models that helped me learn how to walk and helped me develop as a model. Im here in the Detroit area, and they have about one every 3 weeks or so.

    Live out your dreams, whatever they are, you have to work hard and be committed.

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