Nuvell Financial Services Reviews

Nuvell Financial Services was a financial services arm of GMAC. The company was the third party financial contracting arm of General Motors Company. Novell Financial was based in Little Rock, Arkansas and had offices located in several other states. A Nuvell Financial is what most finance companies would consider to be a subprime lender, specializing in average, poor, and bad credit loans. In 2006, Nuvell began only servicing the loans from its divisions that came through Suzuki Financial Services or SAAB Financial Services Corporation. Due to the poor and non-serviced contracts with the General Motors Dealers, GMAC had to close Nuvell Financial Services.

Third Party auto finance companies are important to many dealers to ensure that they are able to sell more automobiles. The pool of qualified applicants expands when there are available third party lenders. GMAC being able to pull resources toward Nuvell Financial Services was a big boost to General Motors dealers as well as Suzuki America and SAAB. These contracts are now less likely to be serviced.

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