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MJM Property Restoration worked on the electrical work in my home in January. They did a terrible job; the pole on the backside of my home recently fell because they only put two measly screws into the pole to hold it up against the side. I had live down wires and when they came out to fix it; they shut off my power to my home. After they were done putting the pole back up; they turned on my power and blew out my stove. My stove/oven was fried; dead and no longer working and they refused to acknowledge or pay for the damage. Instead they told me that it was simply my “appliances” fault and that it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the electrical work they did when the pole fell. How does a brand new top of the line Frigidaire oven/stove just die by itself? My stove was working just fine before they came out to do the electrical work. HAD they done the job right the first time; the pole would have never fell and they wouldn’t have had to come out to fix it. How did they fix the pole? They pretty much molded clay back where it broke off. They had the nerves to tell me that I had an outstanding balance from the service repair they did on the pole! And then they told me I was responsible for paying a $50 service fee for bringing out an “appliance” guy to look at my stove. This guy was no appliance guy; he asked to see the “manual” to the stove and pretty much told me the same thing MJM did. I will never refer or recommend this “property restoration” company to anyone. BEWARE of the work they do. I sure do not feel “safe and comfortable” and will be taking further measures to inspect the rest of the work they did and they will be held responsible for my BROKEN stove and the rest of the crappy job they did!

Eventual, I had to call and pay another appliance service company $335 to replace the motherboard clock/timer part on my stove. Had they fixed it and paid for the part and labor, I wouldn’t be writing this report; but unfortunately they refused to fix my stove and I haven’t heard anything from them!
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  1. Mike Tackman - Owner says:

    Please except this as a rebuttal to the slanderous review regarding the customer who had a electrical appliance failure at their residence. The true facts are as follows: MJM Restoration has a reputation for standing behind their work and offers a warranty to that regard. Unfortunately this particular customer wanted us to repair their electrical service that was damaged by a second unrelated storm that had nothing to do with work that we had performed originally. The defective stove that she referenced in her review was checked out by a appliance service technician that has over 20 years of experience. We repaired the electrical services at no charge to the customer and the appliance repairman stated the defect to her stove was unrelated to the exterior electrical damage. We also
    informed the customer that she could have filed a second claim for any damage that was caused by the second storm. She refused to do so. Regarding all the work that MJM Restoration had performed regarding the original storm damage. Both the husband and wife had indicated to using writing (per a signed Customer Satisfaction Letter that the insurance company required us to have them sign for the release of final payment) that they were satisfied with all the work we had performed. This particular customer was so satisfied with our work that the husband actually had us quote another large home remolding project they were considering doing in the future that was non-insurance related. This customer comments are a sad testimony to some customers who want to profit from their loss.

  2. Laura M. Hartman says:

    MJM Restoration did the work on our home last year after the water line from our first floor laundry room broke causing damage to the laundry room, the kitchen and our livingroom. My husband called MJM Restoration when he returned home from work that night and they came out immediately to access the damage, remove the water from our home and start the drying out process. The following day, I had returned home from an overseas flight to my severely water damaged home and I can tell you, I was completely devastated. The kind and caring manner of the staff of MJM Rstoration gave me great comfort during this time. They were so helpful. They took care of everything from dealing with our insurance company to giving us suggestions on a hotel that allows pets for us to stay at during the restoration of our home. They kept in contact with us during the whole restoration process and answered all our questions about the job. They went above and beyond our expectations with the quality of work that they did to their kind and caring attitude when dealing with us. When we returned to our home 3 1/2 weeks later, we were extremely well pleased with the job they had done for us. It has been a little over a year since the restoration of our home due to the water damage and my husband and I are just as pleased with the job now as we were when it was first done. A special thanks to MJM Restoration for a job well done!!!

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