Fast Track Auction

i am an avid auction goer and have been to many auctions, some good, some bad.
this is an online auction site that for the most part pretends to sell functioning items from recently closed facilities, when indeed, most items do not work.
i have made numerous purchases with the website in hopes to maybe see if it was a fluke, when indeed it is not. most of the stuff does not work and i have been left holding the bag on some very expensive items.
even though auctions are as is where is, i was always careful in my selections when bidding and made sure that the auction stated that it was inspected and working. obviousley they were not.
i would stay away from this web site at all costs as the items are brought to them by a host of junkers and wanna be’s that are looking to sell their non working products for “working top dollar” products.
By: jose


3 Responses to “Fast Track Auction”

  1. Corey M says:

    Won an auction
    They promoted ship from site for an fee.
    Paid extra to have them package and ship
    Never ever recieved any product.
    Eventually calls and emails went unanswered.

    Bogus company.

  2. steve says:

    I buy / sell.. and am a regular here.. All i can say is BUYER BEWARE.
    Most everything is junk, missing parts or damaged. They thrive on the newbies ..

    I also know they will run your numbers up…bid against up to get the bid up..

    MANY , MANY times have i seen the same item go to auction MUTIPLE TIMES..

    So know that this is a RESERVE AUCTION.. No matter what they tell you..

    Once in a great while, they make a mistake and you can get a honest deal.. or maybe they just do that to keep you coming back ! lol..

    Do yourself a favor… go elsewhere.. Plenty of places to to buy out there..

  3. Joe says:

    I too would say away from Fast Track Auctions. I purchased an item described as “NEW and Unused” It was resealed in the original box but when I got it home, it was junk. Gave them a 2nd chance and got a 2nd dose of crap advertised as “Working” or functional. One power tool I purchased as described as only “Needing a new blade”, when in fact the entire blade latch assemly was broken. The cost of repair exceeded the value. Definately deceptive descriptions on there website.

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