Dekel and Associates/ Service Magic

what a ripp off I used service magic to get pool contractor
$45,000 later I have a pool with a major leak .

service magic acts like they never heard of me .

they did replace the water heater circuit board for free , after 1 yr
but now they dont know me . I do give the that credit

100 circuit board versus a 45.000 concrete waste of money
do the math

when i call to complain they transfered me to a porno phone scam

stay away from service magic , total scam in the long run

stay away from, pool contractor Dekkel or Dekel and associates out of encino CA
go to the better buisiness beureua and register complaints you get better service
the State contractors license board is a total joke they wont even give you any info on contractors reputation

Just sayin!

By: johnny singler

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