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I have purchased your baby can read complete kit including Spanish

DVDs / flash cards / and books

I just had to let you know, I’m very very impressed with my granddaughters development, her speech , word recognition, colors , numbers, alphabet are so much more advanced than the other children her age, she is now 14 months and has a very clear understanding of what you are saying and doing, and can duplicate your actions, and words we started teaching her sign language at six months, she could tell you when she wanted milk by flexing her fingers open and shut, the meaning is milk, touching her finger tips together with both hands signifies more, touching her fingers to Read more

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I received it as a gift and I really like it. We never watch the dvd’s but the books and flashcards are great, my one year old cannot get enough of them. She can’t read, but it’s helping us teach her body parts, animals, object identification and some verbs. I think it will give her a leg up in the long run.  There are a lot of people that claim that this is a scam, but the fact remains that you need to work with your child and this is a tool that helps you.  There is nothing out their that is going to do the work for you.  Your Baby Can Read is a great help and guideline for an involved parent to give their kids a jump start with reading and jusgt learning in general.  Beyond paying for a private teacher to come over and work with your kids, there is nothing out thee that will do all the work for you.
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I bought the YBCR when my daughter was 10 months old. She is now 2.5 and is reading books like the llama llama series. She reads all the words in the program AND knows exactly what all those words mean. I don’t understand what people say when they say the kid can read only if they know what the word means. When I see a new word, I need to go to a dictionary sometimes to find out what the word means and then I memorize the meaning. I know how to read but I still need someone to tell me what the meaning is if it’s a word i’ve never heard of before. Read more

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Bought YBCR for my daughter when she was 3.5 yrs old, which by YBCR standards was a little late. Like some of the comments made, much of what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. If you “plop” your child in front of the TV and don’t participate in your own child’s education you will likely be disappointed. Conversely, if you follow the directions and “teach” your child for 30-45 minutes a day you will be shocked at how quickly and easily they will start to read. My daughter was reading by the time she was 4, is now 5 starting kindergarten this year, and was screened for reading at the 2nd grade level. Professional educators (I’m one of them) don’t want to admit that there is a better way. Read more

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I might not believe it either, if I hadn’t paid attention to the unit on language acquisition in my college developmental psych courses. It’s a well established fact that the ideal time for learning language (including second languages) is during infancy and toddler years (so I’m also getting “Your Baby Can Speak Spanish”). I think it’s not a stretch that learning to recognize written words is part of learning language, although I haven’t seen research on that specifically. Read more

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I saw this commercial on TV called “Your Baby Can Read” does anyone know if this really works? Or is it a fake scam? I am a teacher, but I have not seen any evidence that it really gives babies a leg up in reading later, and although I do not have any reason to this program would be detrimental, I do not feel to comfortable with the idea of using cards or teaching a baby.

I would much rather interact and experience with my child. It’s been a while since I took a child development class, but I believe that babies can pick up a lot just from playing and interacting, noticing what they’re interested in, whether that’s words and letters, numbers, animals, whatever. So has anyone tried this or is your baby can read a scam?