Shell Vacations Reviews ( Leave a Review)

Shell Vacations has been in the getaway business since 1963. Today, with resorts in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Shell Vacations is prepared to cater to anyone in need of a break. For example, one could take a swim in the crystal clear waters or hike in the hills of Mexico or Hawaii. If the vacationer prefers some place colder he/she can head to Wisconsin or New Hampshire for skiing or snow shoeing and a warm cup of cocoa. All of the quality stops on the itinerary offer world class accommodations at pristine resorts. In all, the work weary traveler is presented with numerous choices which appeal to all tastes, adventurous or not. With over 25 resorts in their network, the company offers multiple opportunities to experience life and relax at the same time. An American company, Shell Vacations employs a full staff of employees that cater to over 100,000 vacationers every year with award winning services and packages.