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I was a Service Magic professional for a number of years and after paying for leads that almost universally ended up being dead ends, I finally terminated my relationship with them. The facts are I paid for well over 200 leads from these guys over the last 5 years and the VAST majority of them ended up being bogus – either from customers who were uncomitted to moving forward with a project of any sort or I was simply never able to reach the customer in the first place. Easily 1/3 of the leads I paid for resulted in a dead end – no contact and I am out $60 – and the majority of the other leads were from folks who were obviously kicking the tires with no intention of excuting a project with anyone. MAYBE 12 leads from these guys over 5 years actually resulted in a project. Not a great batting average.

After several phone calls complaining about the quality of the leads they were sending, I finally had enough of their rhetoric and excuses. I understand the business model they sell – I’m only paying for an introduction and nothing more. I also understand that they sell a lead several times so it is a beauty contest once I actually meet with a customer. My contention is that Service Magic does a horrific job screening potential consumers before they sell a lead because there is an inherent CONFLICT OF INTEREST in their business model – no customer, no lead to sell, no cash flow. They will tell you otherwise but they also will not offer refunds when confronted with the undeniable reality that they sold yet another bogus lead. They best you can get is an ‘in-store’ credit for yet another lead. Really, if you want to test the veracity of these folks, sign up and give it a whirl for yourself.

When you call to file a complaint, they are extremely defensive of their reputation and will not seriously listen to your feedback. The morons I spoke with on the phone continuously shrilled the company line about how sorry they were to see me go, what could they do better, that other professionals were not having the same problem, blah, blah, blah. But ultimately, Service Magic is simply unwilling to meet you halfway and really is unwilling to do much about the poor quality of the leads they send. Don’t believe me – take a look at the volumes of complaints on this and similar consumer fraud sites. .

In the end, a business relationship with Service Magic really is a one sided affair that amounts to a take-it-or-leave-it attitude on their part. So buyer beware – you often pay to play in professional services but there is a lot of room for improvment with these guys. Spend your money somewhere else and avoid the headaches.
By: marshu

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Service Magic is a scam! We hired a contractor they recommended to remove tree downed by storm. We paid half up front ($750) and the job was just BARELY started. Didn’t come out to finish job – contractor said “consider it services rendered” and hung up on us. Had to pay $1,225 to get job finished. Service Magic’s resolution process is a joke! Sent them ALL the documentation they requested only to have them tell us our request for refund was not considered fair or reasonable! Service Magic is more crooked than a dog’s hind leg. Beware!
By: clydesmom

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Service Magic is at worst committing fraud, at best disorganized as it gets.

After contemplating using Service Magic to promote my business and paying a 99 dollar fee I used it for one day. Yes one day.

The first and only lead I received told me she had hired someone for the job a week and a half ago. That lead cost me 20 dollars. Read more

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After going to Service Magic’s website, I had to give my email address and phone number just to find out information. After deciding that I didn’t want to give this information, I clicked off of it, but it went through anyway. I was given 2 choices for new countertops. I decided I wasn’t interested in dealing with Service Magic, but about ten minutes later, I received a phone call from a Service Magic salesperson, who was very persistent, even though I told him that I changed my mind. Read more

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A civil lawsuit was filed October 19, 2011 in United States Federal Court against ServiceMagic, Inc., their subsidiary Market Hardware, and Market Hardware’s CEO Brian Kraff for bad faith business practices, unfair and deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, cybersquatting, and other serious violations of law. Read more

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I used Service Magic and got billed $500 within a month. I prepaid $300 and after 2 weeks it was used up by service magic with half of the leads that were fake and the rest changed their mind. After two weeks without emailing me or calling me they started to charge my credit card of $200 in a week. Until I noticed on my credit card bill.
Their responds was “its in the agreement form we send you” somewhere is small print.
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ServiceMagic leads suck ( 1 Review)

If you are a contractor looking to do business through ServiceMagic be fore warned that from my experience most all of their leads do not lead to a job. After using them for close to a year I have only been commissioned by two customers and those were break even jobs. Most people did not respond when I tried to contact them, I still had to pay for these none leads, and a large number of the few people I was able to contact were looking for a better price than Homedepot or a similar discount type store. To put this in perspective I am listed as a custom furniture maker and have been contacted by people who wanted a bed moved from one room to another, an estimate as to the worth of a pair of old wooden skies, free advice on painting a door, and the list goes on. I know many tradesman are in need of work but from I experience ServiceMagic is the only one making a profit.

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Service Magic, Inc. is an online company that is operates out of Golden, Colorado. The company operates through its site and offers many solutions for home improvement, repair and remodeling connecting homeowners with thousands of contractors.

Service Magic has a great database for the customers to find home improvement contractor according to the needs and wishes of the customer. Service Magic employs a group of designers that create different home improvement project that can be seen on video and photos.

Service Magic can also help with landscaping, lawn care and sprinklers, cleaning, electrical and plumbing services. Please try to contact Service Magic Customer Service directly prior to posting any complaints on this site.