Litton Loan Servicing Reviews ( Leave a Review)

Litton Loan Servicing is a finance company that specializes in non-prime loans for people who are looking to be able to buy their own home. Litton Loan Servicing was created in 1988 by John Litton and the company is headquartered in Texas. Litton Loan is now a nationwide company that works with the company, C-Bass, to be a loan provider along with a credit company. They are in the main business of providing their customers with mortgage loans for homes.

They work with their customers by providing customer support five days a week. If you fall behind on your payments, they will work with you to avoid foreclosure. They can also provide customer service for any other issues you may have with your account. Litton Loan Servicing helps their customers with the dream of home ownership. They have offices all over the country and will work with folks to get a loan for them.