Globa Village Holdings Limited South Africa ( Leave a Review)

i recently went on the internet to search for a job, i found a very interesting job on the wowjobs website. i sent me straight to the Urgent vacancies the company was looking to employ for. i took the chance of sending them an email and got my response in less the an hour. it was two forms i neede to fill out for the interview process. i called the HRD of the company and he explained everything to me. i completed and sent the forms the following day and he called me shorlty after that, he sent me an email shortly after that saying that i needed to pay a interview deposit. i called to find out what thiswas all about and he explain (every thing sounded legit and true) so i deposited the money. Day after he sent me an email saying that i needed to pay another money for the interview packege to be delivered to me. i deposited the money again.
after that i tried calling him and phone was not available. when i keep calling he drops the phone on my ear.

Now i am convinced that the company is a fraud and edge anyone not to apply for a job there.