George Penn LLC – Creativity Unlimited ( 1 Review)

This is a bogus website that is being used by an African (Ghana) guy who claims to be the person in the picture. It shows the company as an LLC but it is not registered anywhere. I came across this website through when the scammer gave me his “work” email which of course I looked up and lo and behold, here’s his company website. It does not provide any kind of contact information such as a phone number. If this was a legitimate architectural / design business it would list all of the jobs his company has done over the past 10 years as well as listing a phone number. If you notice, this website gives a lot of generic information. I hope that whoever the guy is in the picture eventually finds out that his photos are being used on dating sites to scam women. This particular african man has also sent me personal pictures of this guy that’s on this website so he hsd somehow obtained photos of this guy and his family. The reason why I believe this is an “african dating scam” is the man I was corresponding with eventually started hinting at needing money which he needed to be sent to Accra, Ghana. Need I say more????
By: Lisa