Casting360 – DONT SIGNUP! ( Leave a Review)

I signed up for Casting 360 and they asked for my card info and I was dumb enough to give it to them! They charged me 1.98 and I was okay with that until they charged me $34.99! I am pissed off because no dumb representative would help me out. All they said was, “Since you paid $35 already, just take advantage of it.” I responded, “I wasn’t aware of getting charged this amount of money” and all he did was cut me off saying the same annoying thing! SCAM is the only way to describe these people! I just called back for the 5th time to cancel my account, this time it was a lady and she kept telling me not to cancel and to take advantage because I already paid. For your information, I didn’t pay, you guys screwed me over, now that’s what happened.

Don’t sign up for this SCAM! It only brings more problems and jacks your money!

God Bless
By: Lalo

Casting360 aka Talent6 Reviews ( 33 Reviews) aka is a website service that was made for entertainment industry hopefuls to connect with casting directors, producers, filmmakers and photographers. They claim to have over 100,000 live talent portfolio pages.

Here is a recent press release stating how was fined $45,000 for False Advertising:

San Francisco, California, United States of America September 16, 2010 — San Mateo County consumer protection authorities are warning aspiring actors around the nation to be extra careful when pursuing their dreams of stardom after they fined a South San Francisco talent agency Casting360 also known as Talent6 for breaking state laws. Read more