Brainetics – Paid, but still have not got anything ( 2 Reviews)

Via the Internet I saw this advertisement of Brainetics and was very impressed how it could help my grand children and….myself
The price was $299.50 and could be paid in installments, but I preferred to pay in one lump sum on my Mastercard.
All this happened on 21st of May. I even had a phone call from a Danielle in New Zealand, Auckland, confirming my address.
Up to now, 9th June, I still have not received the program.
I reckon it’s all a scam and I had been stupid to believe the ad.
I won’t buy anything anymore from the internet.
(I had been caught before which cost me about $700 for a used Apple Macbook)
By: Philip Grobben

Brainetics Bad Information ( 2 Reviews)

I think the Comments facility on this Website is a Scam.

I came here wanting to know about the pros and cons of Brainetics. Instead, the majority of comments have never tried the product, make wild assumptions and accusations obviously with no experience of the product and are a total waste of my time.

The Scam or Legit Info site needs a moderator who can get rid of this ill-informed, unreliable and time-wasting, irrelevant comment and just give us comments from people who have actually experienced the product. Read more

Braintetics ( Leave a Review)

If you purchase the $14.99 program and not return it in 30 days they charge you $149.99 on your card without telling you they try my card 10 times my bank found it suspicious activity on put stop on then so make sure they Read more

Brainetics I want a refund ( 1 Review)

Brainetics is so a scam how can people really use it? the man mike byster is only paid to to this it is fake! let nobody ever fall for it again i want a refund! give me my money back! let know parents ever have to buy there children this stupid thing again! just get your kid a ds so they can play real brain games not some math scam!
By: nick

Brainetics ( Leave a Review)

I am really looking forward to purchasing Brainetics, but, you don’t have to order it online or through customer service anymore!!!!!!! You can go to good old fashioned WALLY WORLD & get it for $99 1 time!!!! SO FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT MAYBE SKEPTICS LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION? Is this cheaper than Sylvan, I think so, I am willing to give it a shot. If you would have created this & got paid off it you would have a different review!!! Did you hear the results he got from appearing on 20/20? Over 400,00 hits on email & FB seperately!!!!

Brainetics Refused to Cancel ( 1 Review)

This is a scam! They did not ship my order for weeks and when I called to cancel, they shipped it and charged my credit card and refused to cancel the order. The whole thing is a scam. Just some math tricks and some flash cards… for $150. Beware customers … this is a major scam

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What can you tell me about the Brainetics? Is it a scam?

I watched the infomercial and was amazed! One of the searches turned up “Brainetics Scam”. Does anybody have any experience with this program? I bought brainetics from a TV ad and I was told the $19.90 was for the 30 day trial and if I wanted the full version it cost $239.60. They did not mention about if I don’t return it. so my understanding was, once the trial version expires and I am not interested in the full version then that’s it. But they already started charging me the full version price! The only number that I have is a US one. Does anyone have their Australian agents’ number?

By: Daniso