Casting360 aka Talent6 Reviews aka is a website service that was made for entertainment industry hopefuls to connect with casting directors, producers, filmmakers and photographers. They claim to have over 100,000 live talent portfolio pages.

Here is a recent press release stating how was fined $45,000 for False Advertising:

San Francisco, California, United States of America September 16, 2010 — San Mateo County consumer protection authorities are warning aspiring actors around the nation to be extra careful when pursuing their dreams of stardom after they fined a South San Francisco talent agency Casting360 also known as Talent6 for breaking state laws.

The District Attorney’s Office Consumer Protection Unit said it opened the investigation into the Casting360 and Talent6 websites, after about 200 would-be entertainers complained about the company to the Better Business Bureau.

The website links actors to potential auditions and charges them a fee upfront, then automatically charges them nearly $30 per month if they do not cancel, said Deputy District Attorney Chuck Finney. The site did not explain the contract to customers and in some cases advertised auditions that did not appear to exist, he said. The sites also used various employment sites advertising for actual jobs and then engaging in a “bait & switch” tactic.

The DA’s office sued the company in San Mateo County Superior Court last month, claiming it violated two sections of state business and professions law that outline misrepresentation and unfair practices. Each violation comes with a $2,500 fine per victim.

Judge Stephen Hall issued a judgment Thursday in which the company will pay a $45,000 fine to the DA’s office and its president will meet with Finney every four months for the next two years to discuss complaints against the company that consumers filed with authorities. The agency is also banned from advertising casting call opportunities “unless true” and from charging monthly fees without a customer’s consent. In Many cases the company made it nearly impossible to cancel the service and double billed thousands of victims.

Finney said the company has paid back nearly everyone who complained. But his office was concerned the salespeople were working on commission and not divulging the full agreement to actors, or doing whatever they could to seal a sale. Casting360 and Talent6 Call Centers are located In Moldova, a former Soviet Bloc republic. The company maintains a small administrative presence in the USA.

“Would-be actors need to really make sure that they understand what the relationship is,” with talent managers, Finney said. “Young people are so star-struck that they think there is just a great opportunity out there.”

Attorneys for the company did not return calls for comment Friday. In the ruling, the company and its president, Igor Reiant, agreed to pay the fine and meet the judge’s demands. (source)


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  1. Victor says:

    come on! i have been a member for a year now, and when you call them to sign up THEY ACTUALLY TELL YOU ABOUT THIS 1.98 PAYMENT AND THE MONTHLY FEE AFTER 14 DAYS, si it`s your choice to cancel your premium membership in order not to pay the 34 something bill. gosh

  2. Carol says:

    Thanks to you wonderful people, I’ll be goimg to my bank on Monday and having them NOT allow these scammers to take advantage of me. I should have known better when “Ama” hung up on my daughter when she heard she wasnt 18. Thank you! I wish that I had a cake for every one of you who shared your nightmare!

  3. Teish says:

    They are scam artists LOL the agent I spoke to said his name was Thomas Muller and he said their agency was 100% legit and made it sound all too good, but when he said he would have to charge my card @ thee moment I protested and the f**ker hung up on me.

    When I called back they said Google them hahahahaaaa why’d they say that???

  4. Katie says:

    I was only informed about a 1.98 fee for a portfolio, and was emailed an invoice for 1.98 and also another for 1.00. I was never told of any Monthly fee . When i called to cancel my account the lady tried to upgrade my account. WTF. smh. shoulda known better!!!!!

  5. isamart123 says:

    hi, i called this casting360 place at month ago about yes they said it was1.98 for the portfolio which i never even set up or anything because i actually forgot. But i just took a look at my email and it said Thnkx for your purchase or something like that and it was like 30 sum bus. I there anyone that can help me in getting them to give me my money back?? Please!!

  6. NeNe says:

    A male advisor from Casting 360 told me that they weren’t associated with talent 6 but I was wondering how they got my number after cancelling my account with talent 6 sffter being ripped off.

  7. NeNe says:

    Talent 6 is a fraud..When I first signed up for it I gave one one of the advisors my credit card number and she said that I would only have to pay a $56 fee for my profile..I asked her was that a one time fee that I have to pay and her response was YES and that I wouldn’t have to pay nothing else..She never said anything about me having to pay $56 monthly…So as 2 months went by, I stopped logging on my account with talent 6 because I wasn’t receiving any msgs or feedback from any casting directors or etc..(I wahad a profile on talent 6 for only six months but only got on it the first 2months.) As time went by I was getting overdrafts on my credit card not knowing where it came from until I talked to someone one at my bank and they showed me where talent 6 was taking a $56 fee out of my account every month so I called and talked to customer service at talent 6 and Told them my situation and asked them to delete my account but they didn’t refund my money back on my card.

  8. Linda says:

    Hi, I am Linda and I am a member of casting360 and I have no idea what you people are talking about. casting360 is a great website

  9. Josh says:

    I really like them, no matter what people say
    casting360 is a great place for actors, models, dancers and any talented people

  10. Kacey says:

    gosh.. why are you guys so surprized that they ask for your credit card of this is a paid service? this is the way world goes.. get used to it..

    I paid for casting360 and enjoyed all its offers.. not a scam at all.. where else will you find soo many casting calls?

  11. Amanda says:

    I just love this website! It helped me so much.. I got many paid gigs from it and I learned a lot from video lessons they offer.

  12. Nichol says:

    I knew it was a ripoff as soon as he asked for my credit card information so I just hung up right in his face. I’m so glad I decided to research this before I did anything!!! I knew it was just too good to be true.

  13. Sam says:

    How come u are so naive and stupid.. how can be a scam if they have advertising on newspapers and TV ?? and this guy or girl mimi told u that he registred and then google it and saw that its a scam. and called the member support department and cancel it. HOW COME U CAN BE SCAMED AND THE CANCEL THE SERVice??? are u idiots or what? if it was a scam they didnt told u about the 34.90 and all the information u idiots!

  14. Kiley says:

    *Roman Garmer, that is. I could barely even hear the man over the extremely loud background noise, much less understand him.

  15. Kiley says:

    Just got off the phone with this company. “Roman Farmer” became extremely rude when I informed him that he was not getting my credit card info.

    An actual reputable casting company would be super.

  16. AA says:

    yup, Casting360 is still on my S— list. Just filed a BBB report, in addition to the hundreds already on there. Can’t believe companies still let them advertise anywhere. What a crappy joke.

  17. AW says:

    Thanks everyone for the heads up. I almost gave Angela Keller (yea right) from San Fransciso (NOT) my until I looked this up.

  18. Clothing Wil says:

    Thanks for the heads up everyone… I’ve used both talent6 and casting360 but I was hiring models for a gig. I did find a couple decent ones but alot never showed up to casting from that company. I assume they thought my event was a scam. Either way I don’t want my company being associated with people who scam their clients so thanks again

  19. Lalo says:

    I signed up for Casting 360 and they asked for my card info and I was dumb enough to give it to them! They charged me 1.98 and I was okay with that until they charged me $34.99! I am pissed off because no dumb representative would help me out. All they said was, “Since you paid $35 already, just take advantage of it.” I responded, “I wasn’t aware of getting charged this amount of money” and all he did was cut me off saying the same annoying thing! SCAM is the only way to describe these people! I just called back for the 5th time to cancel my account, this time it was a lady and she kept telling me not to cancel and to take advantage because I already paid. For your information, I didn’t pay, you guys screwed me over, now that’s what happened.

    Don’t sign up for this SCAM! It only brings more problems and jacks your money!

    God Bless,

  20. Ferret says:

    Yup they somehow found an outdated version of my film and just renewed the dates and added a compensation to it – i suppose to make it look like they are more involved then they are. Well sure enough to say, I’ve been having dozens of people just showing up to the studio unannounced and unintentionally bothering people. Just keep away I would say. I haven’t had any money stolen, but I can vouch for how they find their castings.

  21. Sylvia says:

    They ripped me off…I had discontinued my account before the deadline and they said they would not charge me one fuckin penny and they’re charging me 16.99 monthly plus the overdraft which totals into 52.00 a month! Where can I file a lawsuit on them? I feel so stupid for letting them rip me off! But Karma is a bigger bitch then i’ll ever be and they will definitely pay for it! DON’T FALL FOR IT YOU GUYS!!!!

  22. Cinny says:

    I’m PISSED. I just got a call from these people from Castings360 & I thought something seemed fishy when they asked for my credit card #.

    So I googled them & found THIS & a bunch of other sites talking about those scam artists!!

    I AM PISSED, i hung up on the lady in her FACE!

    Something didnt seem right when I could hear ppl in the background. what professional has a noisy background?? if they are indeed in an office??

  23. Jicu says:

    CASTING 360-Moldova Chisinau Bulgara 33/1

  24. alex says:

    when you call them they only tell you, you pay $1.98 one time fee service fee, no mentioning of 36.99 a month later on. enough said

  25. Diana says:

    I just got ff the phone with Michael from casting360 and I am glad i didnt give him my card info. He made i seem like it would only be a $1.98 fee for a portfolio but he didnt say about extra charge til my mom asked. These people make me sick.

  26. mimi says:

    It got me. I was suspicious when they asked what my credit card info was, but being a naive young 20 yr old (then) I went along with it. Immediately after getting off the phone with the so called “casting agent” named Sam Rau I became worried that this may be a scam. Call it good intuition or not, I googled the info and looked it up on the BBB site. Needless to say I found exactly what I was spectulating a S.C.A.M!!! I called and canceled the pending transactions as well closed that account. Lesson learned I will never give out personal info, nor fall for faulty web-scam sites again.

  27. michelles mom says:


  28. Lancy Mullins says: claims to have over a million members but doesn’t claim to have a single famous person from their ranks???

    Not one person in the past 7 years they claim to have been helping talents has had any success? If they had, don’t you think they would be on the main page.

    I also called ABC and CW and asked about Casting360. The CW told they had actually sued Casting360 to remove them from their site.

    Whole thing is false.

  29. Karen James says:

    Casting360 is changing it’s name to

    Everything associated with it is a scam. Just Google it.

    Thousands of people across several years are not all wrong.

  30. le says:

    yep, it is a total scam. when you sign up they try to also sign you up for a mail order shopping service called Bargain Link and say that you’ll get a free giftcard from walmart or target. that never comes.

    Also, most of the jobs on Casting 360 don’t pay cause they are student directors or photographers who just want to practice or get experience. One photographer did contact me and he too was a scam artist named Henry from “Fame Talent Agency” who was just to get me to pay $500 for a photo shoot with him even though I already had great photos. He said they were crap and wouldn’t get me jobs in Hollywood.

    So yeah, Casting360 is a scam. Don’t waste you money!

  31. veronica says:

    its a F****** SCAMMMM!!!

  32. Total BS Rip OFF! says:

    It is a total Ripoff, I cannot express enough! Stay away from Castings360!

  33. Jony says:

    Total scam! I was with talent6 and they ripped me off and refused to give me any of my money back. They suck its bs!

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