Brainetics Bad Information

I think the Comments facility on this Website is a Scam.

I came here wanting to know about the pros and cons of Brainetics. Instead, the majority of comments have never tried the product, make wild assumptions and accusations obviously with no experience of the product and are a total waste of my time.

The Scam or Legit Info site needs a moderator who can get rid of this ill-informed, unreliable and time-wasting, irrelevant comment and just give us comments from people who have actually experienced the product.

Here, here to Sarah for providing her “truth” on the subject and to the University that will be hosting a session by the founder of Brainetics. It would be helpful if this website could verify these entries. I am still looking for people who have tried it and had problems that would make the system a scam.

In response to a comment about NASA, my friend is an Electronics Engineer and worked on telemetry for NASA during the moonshots. He visited the section that developed the technology that he used for each space flight to the moon. Expecting the team to comprise many hundreds of people he was surprised to find it was only five people. He said he had difficulty communicating with them in electronics principles as their mental capacity and grasp of the subject seemed so far ahead of his level. Calculators did not make the difference in this case. Why wouldn’t the same be true for mathematics?
By: PeterT


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  1. madatbrainetics says:

    I decided to try the trial, upon receiving it I realized that it was really a bunch of math tricks, which is fine to get kids excited and more inerested in Math. However, we called to have it returned because it wasn’t what we needed. We were told that the remaining balance would not be deducted from our account. 1 week later, the remaining balance was deducted and the product had already been returned. Also, when we called to return it, they offered to take 50 dollars off right away! So apparently, if you want to keep yours you can get a discount by saying you want to return it!

  2. Ronald says:

    Regarding the product:

    It is a pure waste of money. The math portion is nothing more than a collection of simple procedures for handling very specific arithmetic problems. Most of these specific problems seldom come up in everyday life, nor would they come up in the class room either.

    It seems impressive that someone could solve 3 digit long division problems to 7 decimal points until you realize that the only thing he teaches is how to divide by 91 and 137. These two numbers have simple patterns so once you know the trick for them, they are easy to solve. However, ask this guy to divide something by 139, 140, 141… or any other numbers for that matter, and he will have to use a calculator or pencil and paper like everybody else.

    Bottom line: How often do you think your child is going to have to divide by 91 or 137?? Probably never.

    He has a few other tricks: squares in the 40′s and 50′s, multiplying numbers in the 90′s, and multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers in your head, taking the 5th root of six digit numbers (but only if they are perfect 5th roots, and btw, you would still have no idea if they actually were perfect 5th roots-an inconvenient reality that he doesn’t actually tell these kids), and a few others that also never come up in real life or even in the class room. The truth of it is this: Most of these short cuts can be found online for free, and most aren’t worth the time to learn.

    The only one of these that has real value is multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers in your head. For the most part though, the 10 seconds it takes to do it in your head is roughly equivalent to the 10 seconds it takes to do it on paper the normal way.

    As for dvd 5, he does stuff with language and memory. He starts off with a game of taking 6 to 12 letter words and has the kids visualize the letters in alphabetical order. What is the value of this?? Who knows! He then talks about mnemonic aids and memorizing lists of 10 items by inventing a story. Good techniques, but nothing you can’t learn for free

    These videos would be worthwhile if they were posted for free on YouTube. Beyond that, save your money. In fact, many of the techniques actually are posted by other users on YouTube for free.

    This isn’t exactly legal, but If you feel that you need to get this product, don’t bother with the trial period, automatic billing scam, and shady return policy. Go to and download it for free. If you think it is worth buying then, go purchase it for the outrageous price of 150 bucks.

    Final word on this: He is NOT teaching math. He is teaching a few trivial short cuts that have little real value for BASIC arithmetic.

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