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Binder and Binder® has been helping its clients ever since 1975. They currently operate in every State in the US. Their full name is Binder & Binder® – The National Social Security Disability Advocates® LLC. They provide 24/7 telephone information services.

B&B fees are usually 25% of past-due benefits. They will only get paid if they are successful. In the majority of cases, their fee is will be capped at $6000. This cap is set by the Commissioner and is always subject to change.

B&B does not have any hidden expenses. The only expenses that their client’s have are usually the cost of the medical reports that they need to get from their doctors. They do not charge for your phone calls, travel to the hearing, or routine overhead. You can post your reviews of Binder & Binder below or try to contact them directly via their site.


17 Responses to “Binder & Binder Reviews”

  1. TA Smith says:

    I hired Binder & Binder about 2 years ago and had no problems. They were attentive, responded quickly, and won my case – and, I didn’t even have a diagnosis. They sent a representative to my hearing and did a great job. However, once you have won, they will not talk to you. But, overall, they did a good job for me.

  2. rdm says:

    In small communities local attorneys are the most effective way to get your benefits. It is better to meet face to face with your attorney rather than talk over the phone with an advocate (not usually a lawyer) someone out of state. A lawyer will attend your hearing and be there for you. Binder and Binder is not likely to appear and even if they appear, the person will be unknown to you and you will not have had a chance to get prepared by them for your hearing. An experienced attorney is light years better to assist in your case.

  3. Paul says:

    Binder & Binder is now sending me invoices from companies that are going to get my medical records. The first invoice was for a doctor who I saw once & had nothing to do with my case…I am not willing to pay bills that have no relevance to my case…
    Does any one have any thoughts… suggestions.
    B&B has not even talked to me about anything.
    They just started sending invoices that require payments in order to get records.
    I have not worked in over a year because of my illnesses.

  4. Tracy says:

    We are getting ready to see if Binder and Binder will take our case after they read the Dr’s opinion letter. My husband has been disabled since 2007 it took us 2 years just to get the first check and now 5 years later SSI wants to say he is no longer disabled because ???? Have no idea, his health has not improved and never will! We have already been declined twice and now can only get a hearing if we are represented. Those of you that warn against Binder& Binder did you go to a local attorney or is there another service that is better? Please help the 60 day clock is ticking. Oh an by the way my husband needs his defibulater replaced in 4 months funny how SSI just drpooed him HUH? I guess they figure @ 44 they are looking at a million dollars or more by the time he dies unless he drops now which is totally possible because of the enornous amount of stress. SS IS A BUNCH ON BS!!!

  5. Rodney says:

    And I’m very concerned about the man talking about ending his life. I have been there. I fight off those thoughts everyday. Yes, of course it’s hard to live in a 22 year old body that is ridden with disease beyond it’s years and be in constant pain, and sometimes I think it would be easier to end it, but I fight it off. I live. Please, don’t end your life. My heart goes out to you man.

  6. Rodney says:

    I have been very confident in binder and binder up until this point, reading all these negative reviews. Now I am terribly frightened. I don’t care if they put me through the ringer, they have the letter of support from my primary/pain management physician, and all I want is to win the appeal. And now I’m scared after reading all this stuff. I’m scared enough as it is. I suffer from BiPolar Disorder, PTSD, Degenerative Disk Disease, and 2 bulging disks causing moderate-severe and constant pain, for which I have to take narcotics, heavy doses of anti-anxiety medication (above textbook doses), and the strongest muscle relaxant there is (Carsiprodol.) I have a very strong case. My doctor agrees, and backs me 100%. He has always been a kind doctor and said anything I need to win this case, he will do for me. Tell me, is something I need to do to find a new advocate? I honestly don’t care if they send a lawyer or an “advocate” as long as they win. I should win, any fool could see with both physical and mental (both severe) I should win on the first appeal. Although, it’s pathetic the SS admin. denies everyone who applies. It even says in the denial letter, “it is clear from your records that you have these conditions, and they affect your ability to work, but you should be able to adapt to work in a low skilled environment.” I am living in my parents basement. Don’t you think I would work if I could? Just to get out of this hell hole, this ultra-conservative religious hell hole, where they believe gayness is caused by demonic possession, and mental illnesses don’t make you unable to work. I CAN’T work. I called binder and binder because they’re advertising that they win more cases than anyone. I felt confident in them until all I read on the internet is negative with a few positives. Should I be worried? I’m not screwing the system… I just can’t work. I need help. I thought they were the best people to go to….

  7. Visara says:

    Not sure what everyone’s problem is…
    I hired Binder and Binder for SSDI and in a few months, they won my case.
    Their fee was 6,000 dollars and that’s what they took.
    They’re polite, knowledgeable and very diligent.

    If you lost your case, or Binder and Binder dropped you as a client, that’s your fault; not theirs. Your case obviously wasn’t strong enough to win. Get over yourselves.

    Binder and Binder is a great company and I would use them again, no second thoughts about it.

  8. Jim says:

    They were accessible, gave me advice when it came to gathering paperwork. I felt I could and did call them at any time. I don’t think the fee was too much as it was regulated. They even sent advice on Malpractice Firms in my area. My case was approved and I would use them again.

  9. Manhattan Bride says:

    I just found this and thank goodness I did before I hired these people! THEY AREN’T EVEN REAL LAWYERS! If you are considering hiring them please check this link out first: I just saw that the Senate is wanting Social Security to look at all of the cases that have been represented by Binder and Binder. Some people may even have to pay their won benefits back. If I were you, I would NOT trust these guys. Just look what they did to the guy on the website linked above.

  10. Maggie V says:

    STEVE BUTLER! Please respond to this posting! Nothing in this world is worth ending your life!!!!! I understand you’re frustrated at the whole system, but please, don’t do anything impulsively. There must be someone that can help you out.

  11. Dyan says:

    Is anyone besides me concerned that Steve Butler posted on July 1st @1:25 am that he planned to end his life?

  12. Mark says:

    Scam. They asked for the paperwork etc. Contacted me once on the decline letter from Disability. Did so. Nothing else happen, from that calls etc. They never called back ever again. Months and months waiting endless calls to them no response waste of time. Which they told me I had a case,from the previous hrs of work etc. Nothing. Big headache. Malpractice should be filed like the rest say. Chose someone else other than Binder&Binder

  13. joanne says:

    Binder and Binder are a total scam. they wasted my husbands time, by making promises and then after we were vested in their scheme and the time had expired they told us they could not help us. my husband then took over his case and won but we received less money then we would have if they had not lied and followed through within the time limits as promised. They should be prosecuted for malpractice.

  14. tammi says:

    So far Binder&Binder has done a great job for me. My court hearing is 4 days away . I spoke with the att.representing me and things seem good. I have kept in good contact with my case worker. kept every bit of info and reciepts for Dr. visits and all info from SS. So I hope the outcome shows that you also have to work alittle to get what you want , if you want to call that work….

  15. Steve Butler says:

    SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM. They throw mud (cases) at the wall & hope some of them stick. Mine did not. 2007 they told me I had a very good case. First application- denied, second- denied, judge hearing-denied, VA appeal-denied.
    They never had a meeting with me in their office so I did not find out until all was over that they had not collected any info from my doctors & did not send a lawyer to court with me as they promised.
    Then they send the Dear John letter saying I had a very weak case & they are now dropping me as a client.
    It was not until I got some of the info back that one clinic had sent a report on the wrong person & they had not got info from even half the doctors I had seen.
    From 2002-2006 I spent $50,000 out of pocket for my condition trying to get help.
    I am now broke with nothing more I can do except end my life.

    Thanks Binder & Binder

  16. Chuck says:

    Moderation complete yet?

  17. Chuck says:

    Here is the scam that can happen because it did to me. I signed with Binder & Binder. I sent them all the info they requested. My case involved a workman’s compensation lump sum payment. I did not expect to win my case. After about five months I got a call from the local social security office telling me that I had been approved for social security disability. I went to the local office and the lady entered all my figures in the computer. After the first calculation I was told that the off-set for my workman’s comp. payment had left me with a 0 payment. The lady then said wait a minute and she re-entered the figures and this time she said I would get about $1496.00 per month. I was amazed and I thought something was wrong. I asked her to confirm it and she said it was correct. She said I would receive this payment for the rest of my life or until my medical condition improved. I called Binder & Binder and ask them to make sure this was correct and they assured me it was. Well 6 months later I get a letter from the social security headquarters stating that I had been overpaid and the payments would stop and a mistake had been made at the local office. I had built my life around this payment and now it is gone and I am ruined. I called Binder & Binder and the rep told me that the local social security offices frequently make mistakes. She also said that Binder & Binder require a $6000.00 retainer to work on over-payments. So you can see that now Binder & Binder have collected their fee for my disability case. I should not have received anything from social security and I will have to repay them around $15,000. I don’t have that kind of money. I am now screwed as far as future payments from SSD or regular social security. Binder & Binder have their money and I cannot afford anymore legal fees. Does anyone have any advice????

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