Attendance Office/Law firm-Attorneys

This place caled my parents home twice wile I wasn’t there stating that they are called the Attendance Office/Attorneys at law regarding case number 897970 from this # 888-424-0510. When I get to my parents home I was totally pissed because I have heard of this place running scams and scaring families. I call the # back and it rings like 4 times and goes beep beeep beep beep. That just didn’t sound right to me. Could you please find out for me who the idiots are. This crap happened to me atleast 4 times last year from 4 different companies stating that I owe them money. Then when you go online — these people dont even exist. I tried to file a complaint to the BBB but if you dont know where the company is located the site won’t let you go any further. I also did reverse phone lookup— and all it tells me is that is a toll free #. Please help so that I can resolve this mess. I don’t need any lies or scams!

By: nene

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