Aliases- Tawana Starr, Tawana Starr Spratt, Star Le’ Flare, Tawana L. Spratt (maiden) Tawana L. Ferguson (married)


Tawana has as many addresses as she has aliases! When I researched her name through a people search (paid) I found out that she has 18 addresses listed, and atleast 6 with her and her husband’s name. Her “company” Dreamz Model and Talent Agency, also has numerous addresses. One of which turned out to be a UPS store on Chagrin Road in Shaker Heights, Ohio (An employee worked there for four years and said it was never an agency before then.) The other turned out to be a professional building in Cleveland Heights on Lee Blvd. where businesses rented out suites. Once again, no one heard of her, and no suite number was ever given to her agency. I believe she goes around using faulty addresses to make her agency seem legitimate. But anytime she wanted to talk business, collect money, or hold auditions you would always have to meet her at Shaker Library.

This lady claims to have connects to MTV, VH1, BET, Bravo, eChannel, Fashion Weekly, and all sorts of networks. She gave the impression that those who were the handpicked lollipops would be filmed by these major networks. Not only that but she boasted of how she would be filming a commercial pilot for her 2012 Miss Ohio Beauty Pageant as well as her Ohio Badd Girls Reality show and cast it on all these different entities of major networks. Hmm… ?ALL THESE MAJOR NETWORKS WITH THIS ONE REALITY SHOW? Unheard of. I called these networks and told them what was going on and if anything was legitimate or true. They said no and that if any if this was so it would be publicized through commercial and web. They also said they knew of no Tawana Starr, and transferred me to MTV’s Legal Department which is apart of the same entity as VH1 (BET, BRAVO, eChannel, are three separate entities). They then told me that she could get into trouble for soliciting money using their name. To sum everything up, they asked me for her info, and to e-mail all the posts to them;)

She also has a invisible company called CREATIVE MINDZ MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT which is her record label. Don’t waste your time. She has no studio to even offer you studio time. Myself being a musician and singer I was well connected to Cleveland’s music scene. I sing background vocals for a lot of groups and artists for their projects. And I know many relevant and extraordinary Cleveland musicians, who have worked with people in the industry. Those being musicians for Toni Braxton, Tye Tribbett, Kim Burrell, I can go on and on. A good friend of mine I’ve known for 3 years now (whom she didn’t know I knew JOKES ON HER) was working with me in their studio (a great studio by the way) and I told her about them. She hit them up on social network and tried to get connected by throwing my name in stating she was managing me (SHE’S NOT MY MANAGER, WE NEVER SIGNED DOCUMENTS) and wondered if they would work with another of her artists. Hmm… Where’s the Creative Mindz Music Ent. Studio??? You’re telling me you’re a label, and don’t even have your own studio??? Not only that, but you don’t have access to one for your own talent??? When I asked her about it she claimed that a friend mentioned him to her. But yet, she didn’t mention her friends name in the email, it was my name she mentioned. ONCE AGAIN, WHERE IS YOUR STUDIO OR YOUR STUDIO CONNECTS AT???

This lady planned a trip to Atlanta which was supposed to have happened June 14-17 for a Talent Mingle and Fashion Show which cost $378.00 to be apart of. It never happened due to Gall Bladder and Kidney stones she says. Her sickness and upcoming surgery dates interfered with the travel dates. In the end she never had the surgery done because she claimed the Lord made her better. I have yet to receive my money back.

She had a Miss Ohio Beauty pageant which was supposed to have happened in May. $20 app. fee, $130 pageant fee, $50 talent fee. The pageant never happened. I paid her in March. I have yet to get all my money back.

Basically, the difference between her and I is that, I actually do have connects who know people that know people. And basically they said and I quote “DON’T TOUCH THAT LADY WITH A TWO FOOT POLE” “THAT TAWANA STARR IS BAD NEWS” This is what they are saying!!! That she’s known around Cleveland for scamming people and owing money. Her reputation is for dirt. I mean really!!! I gave her money for two events which never happened. She has helped me with absolutely nothing on the business side, and really has nothing to offer anyone. You’re better off getting your gigs on or It’s way more consistent and it emails you everyday about a new auditions for different events and cast calls across the nation.

This lady claims to be a manager but you can go weeks without hearing from her. I noticed how she always has an excuse when it comes time to give back my money on dates she designates. I only went to her for one thing which was the pageant. She pulled me into this Ohio Badd Girls escapade and heard me sing then wanted me to be apart of Creative Mindz Music Ent. Then liked my look and wanted me to model for Dreamz Model and Talent Agency. Every event this lady has had has been mediocre with a small following. I don’t see any of her visions going anywhere, mainly because a lot of people don’t want to deal with her. I mean her reputation is Michael Jackson BAD. NONE of my connects want to work with her. Some have told me she’s reached out to them, but they will not respond back. And those that would have worked with her, won’t after hearing my story.

At the end of the day business is business my money went into her hands as an investment six months ago. If plans fell through on her end then a refund is in order. I’m not going to call names but I will say is that business with this lady TAWANA STARR has definitely been lousy as hell. And just through my experience of doing business with her, I say ***DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH TAWANA STARR*** Here is the info I researched. You can look it up if you want. And call the television networks if she is still using them for solicitation. It’s not right and its misleading.

BET Legal Line: 212-205-3000
Bravo Network Legal Line: 212-664-0847
MTV Legal Director:

Dreamz Model &Talent Agency
16781 Chagrin Blvd. Cleveland Ohio, 44120

Dreamz Model & Talent Agency
2490 Lee Blvd. Cleveland Heights Ohio, 44118
(no suite number listed)

Google 2012 Miss Ohio Beauty Pageant


By: Inspector Gadget


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  1. Lena Bowes says:

    This lady made a claim that she was a talent scout/representative for SMG Global Music Group, but when I called and asked for her (just to make sure her claims were legit) they said she didn’t work there and never worked there. They really hit the roof when I told them that she was holding paid auditions under their name. Watch out for her!

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