Ronda Polka

Military 6 LC d/b/a Country Cove Trailer Park,
this trailer park is doing business and isnt even registered with St.Lucie County,Fl. they are ilegally running a business out of there home,things are not getting fixed in the trailer park that needs to be done,i know someone that fell through the floor and this person is disabled and has a child and they still havent fixed the hole.another person their septic pipe broke and all they did was put lyme down to mask the smell,they also have children.if anyone has any thought of moving into this trailer park,please for you and the safety of your children do not move here.
By: just me

Aliases- Tawana Starr, Tawana Starr Spratt, Star Le’ Flare, Tawana L. Spratt (maiden) Tawana L. Ferguson (married)


Tawana has as many addresses as she has aliases! When I researched her name through a people search (paid) I found out that she has 18 addresses listed, and atleast 6 with her and her husband’s name. Her “company” Dreamz Model and Talent Agency, also has numerous addresses. One of which turned out to be a UPS store on Chagrin Road in Shaker Heights, Ohio (An employee worked there for four years and said it was never an agency before then.) The other turned out to be a professional building in Cleveland Heights on Lee Blvd. where businesses rented out suites. Once again, no one heard of her, and no suite number was ever given to her agency. I believe she goes around using faulty addresses to make her agency seem legitimate. But anytime she wanted to talk business, collect money, or hold auditions you would always have to meet her at Shaker Library. Read More…

AC of KC

i was looking for someone to repair my heat pump. i was contacted by a rep. of this company who told me he could do the job for less. he said he would be out that day but called some time later and said he ran out of time so could we do it the next day and gave me a specific time. he did not show nor has he returned any of my calls. He uses in his ad’s Christian speak and quotes Scripture on his home page. I am a Christian so i was eager to give my business to a fellow believer. My wife warned me that some businesses use this tactic but that was often used as a hook to take advantage of the too trusting Christians. I think i was hooked and caught!
By: rick

Service Magic/Home Advisor

I was a Service Magic professional for a number of years and after paying for leads that almost universally ended up being dead ends, I finally terminated my relationship with them. The facts are I paid for well over 200 leads from these guys over the last 5 years and the VAST majority of them ended up being bogus – either from customers who were uncomitted to moving forward with a project of any sort or I was simply never able to reach the customer in the first place. Easily 1/3 of the leads I paid for resulted in a dead end – no contact and I am out $60 – and the majority of the other leads were from folks who were obviously kicking the tires with no intention of excuting a project with anyone. MAYBE 12 leads from these guys over 5 years actually resulted in a project. Not a great batting average.

After several phone calls complaining about the quality of the leads they were sending, I finally had enough of their rhetoric and excuses. I understand the business model they sell – I’m only paying for an introduction and nothing more. I also understand that they sell a lead several times so it is a beauty contest once I actually meet with a customer. My contention is that Service Magic does a horrific job screening potential consumers before they sell a lead because there is an inherent CONFLICT OF INTEREST in their business model – no customer, no lead to sell, no cash flow. They will tell you otherwise but they also will not offer refunds when confronted with the undeniable reality that they sold yet another bogus lead. They best you can get is an ‘in-store’ credit for yet another lead. Really, if you want to test the veracity of these folks, sign up and give it a whirl for yourself.

When you call to file a complaint, they are extremely defensive of their reputation and will not seriously listen to your feedback. The morons I spoke with on the phone continuously shrilled the company line about how sorry they were to see me go, what could they do better, that other professionals were not having the same problem, blah, blah, blah. But ultimately, Service Magic is simply unwilling to meet you halfway and really is unwilling to do much about the poor quality of the leads they send. Don’t believe me – take a look at the volumes of complaints on this and similar consumer fraud sites. .

In the end, a business relationship with Service Magic really is a one sided affair that amounts to a take-it-or-leave-it attitude on their part. So buyer beware – you often pay to play in professional services but there is a lot of room for improvment with these guys. Spend your money somewhere else and avoid the headaches.
By: marshu

Your Baby Can Read – This is not a scam !!!!

I have purchased your baby can read complete kit including Spanish

DVDs / flash cards / and books

I just had to let you know, I’m very very impressed with my granddaughters development, her speech , word recognition, colors , numbers, alphabet are so much more advanced than the other children her age, she is now 14 months and has a very clear understanding of what you are saying and doing, and can duplicate your actions, and words we started teaching her sign language at six months, she could tell you when she wanted milk by flexing her fingers open and shut, the meaning is milk, touching her finger tips together with both hands signifies more, touching her fingers to Read More…

Dekel and Associates/ Service Magic

what a ripp off I used service magic to get pool contractor
$45,000 later I have a pool with a major leak .

service magic acts like they never heard of me .

they did replace the water heater circuit board for free , after 1 yr
but now they dont know me . I do give the that credit

100 circuit board versus a 45.000 concrete waste of money
do the math Read More…

Horizon International LLC

They contacted me about my timeshare and said they have a buyer that is willing to pay $39,000.00
By: Tracy Johnston

Service Magic

Service Magic is a scam! We hired a contractor they recommended to remove tree downed by storm. We paid half up front ($750) and the job was just BARELY started. Didn’t come out to finish job – contractor said “consider it services rendered” and hung up on us. Had to pay $1,225 to get job finished. Service Magic’s resolution process is a joke! Sent them ALL the documentation they requested only to have them tell us our request for refund was not considered fair or reasonable! Service Magic is more crooked than a dog’s hind leg. Beware!
By: clydesmom

Globa Village Holdings Limited South Africa

i recently went on the internet to search for a job, i found a very interesting job on the wowjobs website. i sent me straight to the Urgent vacancies the company was looking to employ for. i took the chance of sending them an email and got my response in less the an hour. it was two forms i neede to fill out for the interview process. i called the HRD of the company and he explained everything to me. i completed and sent the forms the following day and he called me shorlty after that, he sent me an email shortly after that saying that i needed to pay a interview deposit. i called to find out what thiswas all about and he explain (every thing sounded legit and true) so i deposited the money. Day after he sent me an email saying that i needed to pay another money for the interview packege to be delivered to me. i deposited the money again.
after that i tried calling him and phone was not available. when i keep calling he drops the phone on my ear.

Now i am convinced that the company is a fraud and edge anyone not to apply for a job there.

Your Baby Can Read

I received it as a gift and I really like it. We never watch the dvd’s but the books and flashcards are great, my one year old cannot get enough of them. She can’t read, but it’s helping us teach her body parts, animals, object identification and some verbs. I think it will give her a leg up in the long run.  There are a lot of people that claim that this is a scam, but the fact remains that you need to work with your child and this is a tool that helps you.  There is nothing out their that is going to do the work for you.  Your Baby Can Read is a great help and guideline for an involved parent to give their kids a jump start with reading and jusgt learning in general.  Beyond paying for a private teacher to come over and work with your kids, there is nothing out thee that will do all the work for you.
By: Lo

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